Vincent Cassel is one of the known French actors who rose to fame following his role in the 1995 film La Haine. The role in the movie also brought him two Cesar Award nominations. Cassell became the international star with a breakout performance in Ocean’s Twelve (2004).

Vincent gained further acclaim portraying in Black Swan (2010). His other successful projects include Jason Bourne (2016), HBO series Westworld, and more. Besides, Cassel has also deserved credit for his work in several acclaimed animated projects such as Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs, The Little Prince, and Ice Age: Collision Course.

How Much is Vincent Cassel Net Worth?

Vincent Cassel’s net worth as of 2023 stands at $40 million, as per Celebrity Net Worth. His movies and TV roles play a major role to earn such a tremendous figure.

What is Vincent Cassel Salary?

Vincent Cassel was paid $783,000 from the movie L’instinct de mort. In 2010, the actor received a $245,000 salary from his role in the movie Black Swan.

Similarly, Cassel earned $54,000 from A Dangerous Method.

Movies and TV Roles

Vincent Cassel initiated his career portraying Max in Metisse in 1993. He played in Adultery: A User’s Guide, La Haine, and Jefferson in Paris in 1995.

He played Gilles de Rais in The Messenger: The Story of Joan of Arc in 1999. Subsequently, Vincent became the part of several other highly successful movies shows such as Mesrine (2008), One Wild Moment (2015), It’s Only the End of the World (2016), and more.

In 2020, the actor landed the role of villain Engerraund Serac on the hit HBO series Westworld.

Some box office hit movies, Cassel starred in are following,

Movie Budget – Box Office Cast Member
Black Swan (2010) $13 million – $330.4 million Natalie PortmanMila Kunis, and Barbara Hersh
The Little Prince (2015) $77.5 million – $97.5 million Jeff Bridges, Rachel McAdams, and Paul Rudd
Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs (2009) $90 million – $886 million Ray Romano and John Leguizamo
Jason Bourne (2016) $120 million – $415.5 million Matt Damon, Tommy Lee Jones, and Alicia Vikander

Awards and Nominations

Vincent Cassel got several nominations for his role in Mesrine like Cesar Award, Lumieres Award, Golden de Cristal Award, and Tokyo International Film Festival Award.

Similarly, the actor was nominated for Screen Actors Guild Award for his role in Black Swan. His performance in It’s Only the End of the World won him the Canadian Screen Award.

Grew Up in a Family of Multitalented

Vincent Cassel was born on 23rd November 1966, in Paris, France. He is the son of Sabine Litique, a journalist, and Jean-Pierre Cassel, an actor.

His brother Mathias Cassel is a rapper.

Relationship Status

Vincent Cassel has been married twice. He first tied the knot with his wife Monica Bellucci on 3rd August 1999. The couple also has two daughters Deva, born in Sep 2004, and Leonie, born in May 2010. They divorced in August 2013.

For the second time, the actor married Tina Kunakey on 24th August 2018. They also have a daughter Amazonie who was born on 19 April 2019.