Jim Carrey does not need an introduction for fans of comedy due to his unique energy-filled comedy style that helped him become an icon. Carrey was especially famous in the 1990s when he did films like Ace Ventura: Pet Detective, The Mask, Dumb and Dumber, etc.

In addition to his comedy career, he is also known for giving emotion heavy dramatic performances in films like Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, The Truman Show, etc. In 2020, after a long hiatus from feature films, he appeared in Sonic the Hedgehog.

How Much Is The Net Worth Of Jim Carrey?

Two time Golden Globe winner Jim Carrey has a net worth of around $180 million as of 2023. He made his riches mostly from feature films and TV shows, but a substantial amount of his wealth also comes from doing stand-up.

In fact, his career started out as a stand-up and sketch comedian. He started out on the TV show The All-Night Show but found his comedic breakthrough on TV in 1990 with the sketch comedy show In Living Color. Before this, Rodney Dangerfield gave him a chance after signing him as an opening act.

Harsh Financial Background And Homelessness

The star comedian had scaled the financial ladder as at one point when he was young; he was homeless after his father lost his job as an accountant.

He has also publicly talked about how his father traded his passion as a jazz musician for a stable job for their family, but all their financial security was lost after his father was fired from his job. At the time, Jim was only 12 years old.

Carrey also lived out of a VW camper van as a homeless person. His family parked the car on various sites as they struggled with homelessness. At the same time, he also used a tent to live on his sister’s front lawn.

Then, to support his struggling family, he worked as a janitor along with his brother, before quitting school at age 16 to pursue a career in stand up.

Earnings And Salary Of Jim Carrey

Despite being somewhat quiet in Hollywood in the past decade, Jim Carrey is a very well-paid actor. As a matter of fact, he was the first actor to get paid $20 million from a role.

The list of his earnings is below:

Year Earnings Source
1990 $25,000

(125*25,000= $3,125,000)

Salary From In Living Color (he did 125 episodes on the show)
1994 $350,000 Fees Received from Ace Ventura: Pet Detective
$540,000 Fees Received from The Mask
$7,000,000 Fees Received from Dumb & Dumber
1995 $7,000,000 Batman Forever (Salary)
$15,000,000 Ace Ventura: When Nature Calls
1996 $20,000,000 The Cable Guy
1997 $20,000,000 Liar Liar
1998 $12,000,000 The Truman Show
1999 $12,000,000 Man on the Moon
2000 $20,000,000 Me, Myself & Irene
$20,000,000 Grinch Stole Christmas
2003 $25,000,000 Bruce Almighty
2004 $10,000,000 Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
2006 $20,000,000 Earnings From That Year
2009 $30,000,000
2011 $20,000,000

Some of his movies have also grossed millions of dollars at the box office, in fact, Bruce Almighty (where he worked alongside Steve Carell) alone grossed over $485 million worldwide. During his career, he has also worked with some other A-list box office smashers like Ben Stiller, Verne Troyer, Matthew Broderick, etc.

Box Office Collections

Here is a list of the earnings of some of his most popular movies in the world

Film Box Office Collection
Bruce Almighty $485 Million
The Mask $352 Million
The Grinch $345 Million
Batman Forever $337 Million
Liar Liar $303 Million
The Truman Show $264 Million
Dumb and Dumber $247 Million
Yes Man $223 Million
Ace Ventura: When Nature Calls $212 Million
A Series of Unfortunate Events $209 Million
Fun with Dick and Jane $202 Million
Mr. Popper’s Penguins $187 Million
Anchorman 2 (cameo) $174 Million
Dumb and Dumber To $170 Million
Me, Myself & Irene $149 Million
Ace Ventura: Pet Detective $107 Million
The Cable Guy $103 Million
The Number 23 $78 Million
Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind $72 Million
Kick-Ass 2 $61 Million

Expensive Houses

The first property Jim Carrey ever owned in LA was a closet, literally. He was poor at the time, but those days are far behind him as he owns a lot of expensive properties all over the world.

Carrey once lived in a Malibu house, the property had 2 stories and accommodated Jim with 2,866 square feet of space. Like most Malibu beachside houses, the property also had a deck looking out to the beach.

He bought the property for $9.75 million in 2002 and later listed it for $14.995 million in 2011. Later in 2012, he dropped the price to $13.95, and the house sold at a price of $13.4 million in June 2013.

Another estate he owns is in the busy city of Manhattan, New York. He has a penthouse with six bedrooms located in the Big Apple.

The property cost him $13.65 million, a price fit for the architectural masterpiece made in 1824. A 2012 report valued the apartment at $19 million. His Manhattan house also has a solarium that provides a view of the bustling New York skyline.

Adding to this is a Los Angeles mansion; every celebrity seems to have a house in LA. The mansion is a serene palace-like estate located amidst thick brush. Similarly, he also has a house in Maui, Hawaii, where the average price for a house is around $697,842.

Owns A Private Jet

Like most stars that have been at the pinnacle of Hollywood in their careers, Carrey also has a private jet that costs around $25 million.  

Several online sources have reported the value of the Gulfstream V at $25,000,000. The maintenance cost of these planes can be very high. In fact, as per Investopedia, a cracked windshield of a plane can cost $45,000 to $70,000 to replace.

Similarly, as per the same source, operating costs can also run as high as $1 million.

Charity And Philanthropy

Jim Carrey is a passionate philanthropist; in fact, he supports over 10 charities and organizations. He also donated $1 million to 9/11 victims and also took part in a charity telethon for the tragic event called America: A Tribute to Heroes.

He also supported Aung San Suu Kyi and used his popularity to bring attention to the suppression of people in Burma (Myanmar).

Short Biography

Jim Carrey was born James Eugene Carrey on January 17, 1962, in Newmarket, Ontario, Canada, to Kathleen Oram and Percy Carrey. He has Irish, Scottish, And French heritage. The actor holds dual citizenship in Canada and the USA.

He grew up in Scarborough and went to Blessed Trinity Catholic Elementary School, later joining Aldershot High School.

Relationships: Is He Dating In 2020?

The actor-comedian has had a string of failed relationships in the past and has even been married twice, both of which ended in divorce. As of March 2020, he is not dating anyone but was in a relationship with Ginger Gonzaga in 2019.

They started their relationship in January 2019 and ended it in October of the same year. As for his marriages, he first got hitched with Melissa Womer. They got married in 1987 and divorced in 1995, in that duration, they gave birth to a daughter Jane Erin Carrey on September 6, 1987.

Later he dated and married Lauren Holly in 1996, but they called it quit just a year later in 1997. Holly was his co-star on Dumb And Dumber.

Similarly, another co-star he dated was Renée Zellweger; they fell in love on the set of Me, Myself and Irene. They were engaged from 1999 to 2000 but later separated.

Lawsuit And Emotional Impact Of Cathriona White’s Death

Jim Carrey was the center of a controversy after his former girlfriend Cathriona White passed away by suicide on September 28, 2015. She was a makeup artist. Her husband at the time of death, Mark Burton, filed a wrongful death lawsuit against Carrey.

In a similar fashion, Brigid Sweetman, the mother of Cathriona, also filed a lawsuit against him in October 2016. Sweetman and Burton claimed that Jim was physically intimate with Cathriona while he fully knew that he was STD positive.

They also accused him of allegedly providing White with drugs using his celebrity status to provide her with drugs used in her suicide.

Carrey released a statement saying that he was innocent in the matter. The lawsuit was dismissed on January 25, 2018.