In the evolving world with modern technologies, Cryptocurrency, finance has been a backbone for the development; while the ease in financial transactions has gained a major preference, especially online.

Surely, the majority of people are familiar with online transactions like Paypal, but with growing time, the lean towards the cryptocurrency has become quite popular.

Well, Cryptocurrency is a digital asset which uses decentralized control on strong cryptography algorithm with a secure financial transaction. The most famous and globally known cryptocurrency is Bitcoin, which came up in 2009 as open-source software.

Till date, more than 4,000 alternate cryptocurrencies have been released; some famous ones are Zcash (ZEC), Monero (XMR), NEO, and Litecoin (LTC).

Can We Earn Through Cryptocurrency?

Yes, of course. Cryptocurrency along with ease for transactions and has made a platform for business trading, quite similar to stock exchange; with some advanced trading system.

Some Proceedings Before Earnings:

First of all, we will need a crypto exchange, followed by the procedure of registration and some funds deposit online. But, be sure to check on various online sources and pick up a trustworthy exchange.

Then, to store, send and forward the cryptocurrencies, a crypto wallet is mandatory. Well, every cryptocurrency has its own wallet like Bitcoin Core Wallet, Ethereum Wallet or MyEtherWallet.

And to earn via e-currency, it’s certain that some research on sources and to find out a tool for cryptomarket will come handy.

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How To Earn From Cryptocurrency?

As for a fact, the cryptocurrency use has been a dilemma to all, though it’s not hard as it sounds. It simply works on the principle of a chain, preferred as block-chain which binds cryptocurrency users through links.

Moreover, unlike other transactions, it focuses on the reduction of service charge, making a person-to-person connection for the exchange; particularly excludes the big hands of the third party.

Also, if you want to cash your cryptocurrency, one can transfer it to banks accepting cryptos.

Check out the list of the ways to earn through cryptocurrency:

  1. Buying & Selling Cryptos: Once we get through initial proceedings of creating a crypto wallet, making money is now based on the instincts before making a move. First, an individual has to buy crypto and hold them, until the price rate of the currency grows. After a secured and a fair market level, one can sell his cryptocurrencies and earn profits. Well, the right move in the right time is indeed! The lack of sources, news, and mismanagement can lead them to be swallowed by the whales of the market.
  2. Staking: Surely, blockchain is a base for the transactions of cryptocurrency. And staking has become a quite popular and easy way of earning. Basically, Staking means to hold crypto-coins 24/7 which earns an individual or organizations rewards for maintaining a blockchain network.
  3. Promoting Through Microtasks: Well, cryptocurrency has been used in many organizations across the United States, which rewards with crypto for viewing videos, surveys, and downloading apps. Probably, some of us have experienced the alike system while playing online games and watching ads for coins.
  4. Day-To-Day Trade: Not for beginners, but an effective way to earn if one gets a handy assumption on the market move of the cryptocurrency. It’s a day-to-day transaction moving on from one crypto to another and profiting one ahead of the service charge taken for transformation from one platform to another. But be sure to tackle the loss as the crypto market are volatile and can fluctuate most often.
  5. Use Of Cryptocurrencies For Payments: Use of cryptos are much likely its promotion. So a merchant or business owner can get the dual benefits: crypto appreciation and rewards.
  6. Blogging For Crypto Websites: If you are quite interested in blogging, writing for a crypto website can entertain you with cryptocurrencies. For instance, an individual can earn Steemit dollars writing for the website Steemit.
  7. Mining: Last but not least, mining is a way to earn cryptocurrencies though not a lucrative one.
    If someone wills to do mining, it will need an initial investment including ASIC and GPUs plus the additional supporting hardware, which will reward his/her wallet as an active constituent in the blockchain network.

List of Cryptocurrency Values as of June 30, 2019, 5:22 AM, Washington D.C.

Currency Value Per Coin
Bitcoin $11,755.46
Ethereum $308.97
Maker $665.52
Litecoin $132.33
Bitcoin Cash $433.97
Zcash $110.88

Is There A Risk In Cryptocurrency Investment?

Undoubtedly, we do know profit and losses are 2 sides of a coin, so if we seek profit then we do have to face loss too. Losses in crypto transactions can be minimized & in some cases avoided as well.

It needs to have well-managed transactions with convenient sources to avoid frauds. Research on the cryptocurrency market must be done for further profit-making moves while selling the cryptocurrency.

For beginners, a small investment in crypto-currencies can earn them experience along with a notable fund. Isn’t it worth to try anything rather than what if?