Tony Alva is estimated to have a net worth of $15 million as of 2020. He makes his net worth from his professional career as an American professional skateboarder, entrepreneur, as well as a musician.

The 1975 USSA World Invitational Skateboard Champion is listed among the top 30 most influential skateboarders of all time by the Transworld Skateboarding Magazine.

Why Is Tony Alva Popular? 

Tony Alva was a member of one of the most famous and legendary Southern California skate team, The Z-Boys.

Being an avid pioneer of vertical skateboarding, Alva introduced a revolutionary and powerful skating style which was said to be the contrived traditional style of the era.

The Guinness World Record for barrel jumping, Tony AlvaImage Source: Instagram @thetonyalva1957
The Guinness World Record for barrel jumping holder, Tony Alva

Image Source: Instagram @thetonyalva1957

As a matter of fact, he started his skating career at the young age of 10 in 1968. After a few years of starting his career, he joined Jay Adams and Stacy Peralta and made the Z-Boys.

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The Z-Boys were among the fist skateboarders who started the art of skating on empty swimming pools. Moreover, he is one of the first skateboarders to successfully do a Frontside Air.

Average Salary Of A Skateboarder

According to a reliable source, a professional skateboarder is estimated to make anywhere between $5 thousand to $10 thousand per month.

On the other hand, top skateboarders like Tony Hawk, Rob Dyrdek, and Rick Howard make an average of $500 thousand per month.

Income Sources: Investments And Business Ventures

Pioneer of skateboarding, Alva boosts his net worth from his investments and business ventures. He has invested and collaborated with most profitable brands like Playboy Magazine, Rip Grip, Vans, and so on.

At the age of 19 in 1977, he became the first skateboarder to launch his own skate gear company, Alva Skates. Through his company, he provides quality products in the price range between $65.00 to $1,000.00.

Apart from that, he also has a short-lived career as a musician and TV personality. In the early 80s, he played bass guitar for California punk band Skoundrelz. With the band, he released three songs in 1983.

Tony Alva In GFP South America TourImage Source: Twitter @Tony_Alva_Pure
Tony Alva In GFP South America Tour

Image Source: Twitter @Tony_Alva_Pure

And, in 1977, Tony formed his own band named “General Fucking Principle” (G.F.P) with artists Tom Paul Davis, Greg Hetson, and Amery Simthe.

Later since 2013, he started playing for the Los Angeles band, His Eyes Have Fangs band.

Besides that, he has appeared in various movies and TV shows like Dogtown and Z-Boys, Lords of Dogtown, Bones Brigade: An Autobiography and so on.

Lords of Dogtown is his biography which was played late oscar-winning actor Heath Ledger.

Tony Alva’s Personal Life

Tony Alva was born on 2 September 1957 to the Dutch-Mexican family. He grew up in his hometown Santa Monica, California, the United States with his siblings Mark and Kathy Alva.

The 62 years old Alva is 182 cm (5 feet 9 inches) tall and weighs around 73 kg (160 pounds).

Is Happily Married:

Tony Alva is married to Victoria Alva.

Tony Alva and his wife Victoria AlvaImage Source: Fan Dango
Tony Alva and his wife Victoria Alva

Image Source: Fan Dango

The blissful couple is blessed with two children, Avalon Victoria and Zephaniah Levi.