What Is The Wealth Of Rapper Tom MacDonald?

Canadian rapper Tom MacDonald is best known for releasing his song Wannabe on his YouTube channel. Similarly, he is also recognized for his other singles such as Helluvit, WHITEBOY, Trying to Kill Me, and Coronavirus.

According to the Celebrity Net Worth, Tom MacDonald has an estimated net worth of $100,000 in June 2020.


Canadian rapper Tom MacDonald began his rapping career in 2009 and till 2013, he really struggled hard to earn the limelight in the music industry. Eventually, in May 2014, he uploaded his first video titled “Wannabe” on his YouTube channel.

The same year, MacDonald came to the spotlight after he released his song, Dear Rappers which has 5,179,173 views as of 2020. Gradually, the music sensation began releasing numerous albums and singles like Dream People & the Whiskey Wars, See You Tomorrow, Lee Ann’s Son and earned more fame.

Rapper Tom MacDonald is worth $100,000
Rapper Tom MacDonald is worth $100,000

Image Source: Raw Music TV

Additionally, 31 years old rapper’s other successful singles such as Who I Am, Helluvit, Castles, If I Change, Bout It, Coronavirus, Trying to Kill Me, I Don’t Drink, I Can’t Sleep, Sober, WHITEBOY, and others.

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Besides that, Tom had a feud with the rapper Mac Lethal and then he uploaded the diss track titled Mac Lethal Sucks which has recently 7,410,911 views on his YouTube.


Trying to Kill Me rapper Mac Donald has a website hangovergang.com where he sells his merchandise.

Tom MacDonald's Offended Merch
Tom MacDonald’s Offended Merch

Image Source: Amazon

His merch collections include t-shirt written 1 Million Offended, Hang Over Gang, I Don’t Drink, Demond, and Signature which price starts from $30.

Tattoos With Meanings

Coronavirus singer Tom loves inking his body. There probably might be a body part left to tat on his body.

MacDonald has written “HOG” under his lower lips and “EMILY” above his left eyebrow. Similarly, he inked his last name on his left forearm.

Tom MacDonald's tattooed body
Tom MacDonald’s tattooed body

Image Source: P-Interest

Moreover, there is a picture of a roaring lion inked on his heart. Likewise, he tattooed hook and wrote “misunderstood” just above the lion.

How Much Does Canadian Rapper Earn From His Social Media?

As of June 2020, Tom has 39.3K followers on Twitter and 1,399,154 followers on Facebook. Also, he is available on Deezer and TuneIn.

Similarly, MacDonald is active on Instagram along with 224K followers. As per the Influencer Marketing Hub, he earns around $671.25 to $1,118.75 per sponsor post with an engagement rate of 3.53%.

Furthermore, the Canadian music sensation created his own YouTube channel titled Tom MacDonald on May 11, 2009. Recently, the channel has 926K subscribers with 174,656,491 total views.

According to Social Blade, Tom earns $2.6K to $42.2K per month and $31.7K to $506.7K per year.

Personal Life

Tom MacDonald was born on September 21, 1988, in Canada. His mother is Lee Ann MacDonald while the identity of a father is yet not available.

6 feet 1 inch tall MacDonald is in a relationship with the pop singer Nova Rockafeller. As per the report, the couple began dating in 2017.

Tom MacDonald and his girlfriend, Nova Rockafeller
Tom MacDonald and his girlfriend, Nova Rockafeller

Image Source: Instagram @hangovergang

Tom frequently uploads his girlfriend picture with him on his Instagram. The duo really shares a strong bond and spend their spare time with each other.