What is Tom Cruise’s net worth?

Tom Cruise is an American actor and a film producer who is best known for playing the role of Ethan Hunt in the Mission: Impossible movie series. The three-time Golden Globe Award winner is amongst the highest-paid actors in the world and his films have earned over $3.9 million alone in North America.

The American actor has an estimated net worth of $600 million. The article below deals with Tom’s net worth, his salary, earnings, and all other income sources.

Net Worth Details- Earnings, Salary other Income Sources

As of 2022, the Jack Reacher actor has accumulated a net worth of $600 million. He has earned his entire wealth from his career as an actor in movies and endorsement deals with many brands.

He started his career with the role of Billy in the 1981 film Endless Love. Since his career debut Cruise has acted in several films.

He had his career breakthrough from the film Risky Business and Top Gun.

Tom Cruise is best known for his roles in films like A Few Good Men, opposite to Demi Moore, Interview with the Vampire, with Brad Pitt, Knight and Day, The Last Samurai, Oblivion, Jack Reacher, and Edge of Tomorrow, starring Emily Blunt, to name a few.

He is popular as the action hero Ethan Hunt in the Mission: Impossible series. He has acted in all the six series of the franchise and has worked with Jeremy Renner.

Tom received a Golden Globe for portraying the role of Ron Kovic in the film Born on the Fourth of July. He won his second Golden Globe from the film Jerry Maguire and his third from Magnolia.


Some of Tom Cruise’s highest grossing movies have been enlisted below:

Endless Love 1981 $32,492,674
Risky Business 1983 $63.5 million
Top Gun 1986 $356.8 million
The Color of Money 1986 $52.3 million
Rain Man 1988 $354.8million
Days of Thunder 1990 $157.9 million
A Few Good Men 1992 $243.2 million
Interview with the Vampire 1994 $223.7 million
Jerry Maguire 1996 $273.6 million
Vanilla Sky 2001 $203.4 million
Minority Report 2002 $358.4 million
War of the Worlds 2005 $591.7 million
Knight and Day 2010 $261.9 million
Jack Reacher 2012 $218.3 million
Oblivion 2013 $286.2 million
Edge of Tomorrow 2014 $370.5 million
The Mummy 2017 $410 million

Although the salary he received from each of the above-mentioned movies hasn’t been disclosed yet, it can still be assumed that he was paid handsomely.

His movie Mission: Impossible series have also made impressive income at the box-office:

Mission: Impossible 1996 $457.7 million
Mission: Impossible 2 2000 $546.4 million
Mission: Impossible III 2006 $397 million
Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol 2011 $694.7 million
Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation 2015 $682.7 million
Mission: Impossible – Fallout 2017 $791.1 million

His earnings in the year 2005 were estimated to be $31 million while in 2009 it was $33 million.


Tom Cruise’s salary from his different acting projects have been enlisted below:

  • Taps (1981)- $50,000
  • Risky Business (1983)- $75,000
  • Legend (1985)- $500,000
  • Top Gun (1986)- $2,000,000
  • The Color of Money (1986)- $1,000,000
  • Rain Man (1988)- $3,000,000
  • Cocktail (1988)- $3,000,000
  • Days of Thunder (1990)- $9,000,000
  • Far and Away (1992)- $13,000,000
  • A Few Good Men (1992)- $12,500,000
  • The Firm (1993)- $12,000,000
  • Interview with the Vampire (1994)- $15,000,000
  • Jerry Maguire (1996)- $20,000,000
  • Mission: Impossible (1996)- $70,000,000
  • Eyes Wide Shut (1999)- $20,000,000
  • Magnolia (1999)- $100,000
  • Mission Impossible II (2000)- $75,000,000
  • Vanilla Sky (2001)- $20,000,000
  • Rock of Ages (2002)- $5,000,000
  • Minority Report (2002)- $25,000,000
  • The Last Samurai (2003)- $25,000,000
  • Mission Impossible III (2006)- $75,000,000
  • Valkyrie (2008)- $20,000,000
  • Knight and Day (2010)- $11,000,000
  • Mission Impossible-Ghost Protocol (2011)- $12,000,000
  • Jack Reacher (2012)- $7,500,000
  • Oblivion (2013)- $20,000,000
  • Edge of Tomorrow (2014)- $23,000,000
  • Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation (2015)- $25,000,000

The salary he received from these movies is all part of his immense wealth.

Fact: Cruise claims that he never worked for money.

Instagram and Endorsement Deals

He is quite active on Instagram under the username @tomcruise where he has over 3 Million followers. He earns about $6,617.25 – $11,028.75 from every post on social media.

There is no information regarding Tom’s endorsement deals.

Assets: Houses, Cars, Bikes, Insurance, Tax, and Charity

After his marriage with Katie Holmes in 2006, Tom spent $30 million to buy the Telluride estate. The value of the property is now $59 million.

He earned $33,000 in 2011 form the sale of his Old Mill Farm, which was spread 15,800 sq feet.

That same year he bought a mansion in Beverly Hills, which he named The Cruise Beverly Hills mansion at the price of $35 million. The house was later sold in 2016 at the price of his $49 million.

Cruise sold his New York condo in 2013 at the price of $3 million.


Tom is a car enthusiast and his garage houses a couple of cool luxury rides, which have given below along with their current market value.

  • BMW 7-Series- $96,950
  • FORD MUSTANG SALEEN S281- $25,500
  • Bugatti Veyron- $3 million
  • Ford Excursion- $12,907
  • Ford Mustang Saleen- $73,214
  • Chevrolet Chevelle SS- $55000
  • Chevrolet Corvette C1- $5900
  • Porsche 911- $91,100
  • Cadillac Escalade- $83,795
  • Mercedes-Benz S Class- $169,450
  • Mercedes CLK W209- $11,000
  • 1949 Buick Roadmaster- N/A
  • 1979 Porsche 928- N/A
  • Chevy Chevelle SS- N/A


Besides cars, Tom also likes to cruise around in two-wheelers and has a cool collection of bikes.

  • Vyrus 987 C3 4V- $103,769
  • Ducati 999R- $31,495
  • Ducati Desmosedici RR- 72,500


Cruise is a philanthropist and has supported the charitable causes of NGOs like Jackie Chan charitable Foundation, Children’s Hospice & Palliative Care Coalition, Hollywood Education and Literacy Project (H.E.L.P), Barbara Davis Center for Childhood Diabetes and Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation.

He has supported causes like adoption, AIDS & HIV, Disaster Relief and Creative Arts.

There is no information regarding insurance policies that Tom Cruise follows and also there are no details as to the amount he pays as tax for such a huge net worth.

Tom Cruise’s Personal Life- Age, Education, Spouse, Divorce, Height, and Weight

He was born as Thomas Cruise Mapother IV on 3rd July 1962 in New York, United States. He is the son of Mary Lee and Thomas Cruise Mapother III.

He has three sisters named Cass, Lee Anne, and Marian. He is of American nationality and his ethnicity is white. His religion is Christianity.

As a child, he attended Robert Hopkins Public School and Henry Munro Middle School. He later graduated from Ridge High School.

Tom Cruise has been married thrice in his lifetime and has also been divorced three times.

He married Mimi Rogers on May 9, 1987, whom he later divorced on 4th February 1990.

He then married Nicole Kidman on 24th December 1990. Together they adopted two kids; Isabella Jane and Connor Antony. They got divorced in 2001.

Cruise then married Katie Holmes on 18th November 2006. They have a daughter named Suri. They got divorced on 9th July 2012.

Apart from his wife he also had relationships with Rebecca De Mornay, Patti Scialfa, Cher, and Penelope Cruz.

Height and Weight

He stands tall with a height of 5 feet and 7 inches (170 cms) and has a body that weighs about 67 kgs (148 lbs). Before his career debut, he had a bad teeth alignment.