Tim Sweeney, 50, is an American video gamer programmer, billionaire businessman, and conservationist who is known as the founder and CEO of Epic Games, which brought the world Fortnite.

Sweeney is also known for creating Unreal Engine, a game development platform. The multi-billionaire programmer is also involved in various kinds of charities and philanthropic works. According to various sources, Sweeney is worth $8 billion as of 2020.

A Short Biography Of Tim Sweeney

Timothy Dean Sweeney was born in 1970 in Potomac, Maryland, the United States of America. He is 50 years old as of 2020. He holds an American nationality and has white ethnic descent.

Tim Sweeney is an American Businessman and Gamer Programmer who is the CEO of Epic GamesImage Source: PC Games Hardware
Tim Sweeney is an American Businessman and Gamer Programmer who is the CEO of Epic Games

Image Source: PC Games Hardware

He went to Winston Churchill High School and later enrolled at the University of Maryland. Sweeney learned programming at a young age. Ate the of 11 to 15, he spent 10,000 hours learning programming and even completed several games which he never shared with others.

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Net Worth And Earnings-How Rich Is Tim As of 2020?

According to Forbes, Tim’s net worth is estimated at around $4.5 billion, Bloomberg estimated it at around $7.21 billion, whereas, Celebrity Net Worth estimated his worth at around $8 million as of early 2020.

As per various sources, Sweeney was worth $100 million, which eventually grew to $1 billion to $8 million in just six months following the release of his massively popular game called Fortnite.

Sweeney’s primary source of income is his successful career as a gamer programmer and CEO of a multi-million dollar video game and software company.

When Was Epic Games Founded?

While still in university, Tim founded a consulting business Potomac Computer Systems. He created his first action-adventure puzzle video game called ZZT and distributed it to his college mates and neighbors for feedback.

The game took off well selling few copies each day and making $100 per day. He then decided a name for his video game company and eventually renamed Potomac Computer System to Epic MegaGames.

Sweeney founded Epic Games while he was still in UniversityImage Source: Forbes
Sweeney founded Epic Games while he was still in University

Image Source: Forbes

Tim began working on his second game entitled Jill of the Jungle along with his four team members. He then partnered with a Canadian entrepreneur Mark Rein who helped him grow and manage the company.

After the mainstream success, the company relocated to North Carolina in 1999 and was renamed to Epic Games.

Tim went on to create games such as Gears of War series, Unreal, Infinity Blade, Solar Winds, Seek and Destroy, Epic Pinball, and many more.

The company’s biggest hit to date is Fortnite, which was launched in September 2017. The game crossed the $1 billion revenue mark in just ten months as of July 2018. The game became a global phenomenon after it was given away for free.

As of early June 2018, the game has been played by over 125 million people and made Epic Games generating $2.5 billion. Likewise, the number of players grew to 250 million by March 2019.

As of 2018, the company was valued at around $5 – $8 billion, whereas, today, Epic Games is worth $15 billion. The company valuation has risen enormously since the launch of Fortnite.

Fortnite was developed by Epic Games and released in 2017Image Source: Tri 7 Entertainment
Fortnite was developed by Epic Games and released in 2017

Image Source: Tri 7 Entertainment

In 2012, Epic Games sold its 40% stake to a Chinese game company Tencent Holdings for $825 million.

Did You Know? Fortnite is donating its yearly revenue earnings to fight global warming.

Charitable Life

Since the 2008 real estate collapse, Tim has used his wealth to purchase large areas of land in North Carolina in order to preserve biodiversity.

He owns around 50,000 acres of land in the state, including the Box Creek Wilderness, which he donated to the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, a 7,000-acre natural area with 130 rare and endangered wildlife species and plants.

Sweeney donated the Box Creek Wilderness to the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Image Source: MCV UK
Sweeney donated the Box Creek Wilderness to the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service 

Image Source: MCV UK

Moreover, he also participated in the expansion to Mount Mitchell State Park by donating 1,500 acres to a conservation project.

Is He Married?

The video game programmer is low-key and private when it comes to his personal life. Despite his fame and fortune, he prefers a private lifestyle and rarely talks about his love life in public.

Hopefully, Tim will let his fans and the public know about his love life/wife in the near future.