Two Men Aged 31 And 29 Have Been Arrested For £50 Million Burglary From Tamara Ecclestone’s London Home.

  • British socialite & model Tamara Ecclestone’s Kensington home was targeted by burglars a month ago in January.
  • Thieves stole over £50 million i.e., $65,698,000 worth jewelry within an hour of time
  • Two out of three suspects arrested over the theft on Jan 30. 
  • As per sources, £80,000 ($105,104) Cartier bangle wedding gift was among the stolen goods.      

British model and socialite Tamara Ecclestone’s house was hit by a wave of thieves in December 2017. The burglars reportedly took over £50 million ($65,698,000) worth of jewelry from the house.

The thieves broke into the mansion from the back garden fence and made their way up to the safe containing the luxurious items.

Tamara, her husband Jay, and daughter Sofia had left the house a few hours prior to the burglary for their Christmas holiday.

As per sources, the thieves were caught in action by a security guard before fleeing with valuable items like £80,000 Cartier bangle wedding gift, expensive rings, and earrings.

Ecclestone's £80,000 Cartier bangle wedding gift was among the stolen itemsImage Source: BBC
Ecclestone’s £80,000 Cartier bangle wedding gift was among the stolen items

Image Source: BBC

The 36-year-old television personality also owns two engagement rings worth £250,000 ($328,463.75) each. However, it is yet to confirm if the two rings were among the stolen goods.

In a similar way, the multi-millionaire also owned diamond studded earrings worth of £50,000 ($65,696) per pair. A huge set of watch collections with Hublot, Cartier pieces, and Rolex worth up to £100,000 ($131,392) per piece.

The robbery happened after confidential documents about the house; drawings of each room were uploaded on a council website after the couple submitted a planning application to renovate their house.

The application was reportedly submitted to Kensington and Chelsea Borough Council after the F1 heiress, and her husband purchased the property back in 2011.

Tamara Eccleston house is worth of $54 millionImage Source: The Sun
Tamara Eccleston house is worth of $54 million

Image Source: The Sun

On 31st January 2020, a man, aged 29, was arrested at Heathrow Airport on suspicion of his involvement in the theft. A few hours later, another man, aged 31, was arrested in East London on suspicion of the robbery conspiracy.

Both of these men were kept in custody for investigation overnight.

The robbery shocked the whole country as Tamara’s house comes under one of the most secure houses in London on one of the safest streets with 24/7 security guards and several check posts.

However, it is not the first time that thugs targeted the Ecclestone family. Back in 2010, Tamara’s father, Bernie Ecclestone, was mugged of £200,000 ($262,760) worth jewelry right in front of his girlfriend.

Similarly, back in 2017, Tamara’s ex-brother-in-law James Stunt filed a case claiming him being the victim of £90 million ($118,248,300) robbery in his Belgravia home.

Tamara with her husband Jay and daughter SofiaImage Source: Daily Express
Tamara with her husband Jay and daughter Sofia

Image Source: Daily Express

According to Celebrity Net Worth, the F1 heiress is currently worth $300 million. She is the daughter of Bernie Ecclestone, who is the former chief executive of the Formula One Group and Croatian model Slavica Ecclestone.