The Economic Impact Caused By Coronavirus Can Lead To Global Crisis

Like all epidemics, the Coronavirus also has had a huge negative effect on health sector and human life as a whole, the virus originated in China which is the biggest economy in the world bar the USA, it was also one of the fastest-growing economies in the world with its economy growing by 6.1% in 2019. CNN reports that US stocks fell around 7 % before coming to a halt, similarly, The Dow Jones fell around 2,046 points. Nasdaq also plunged around 5.4 %.

Effect Of Coronavirus On The Movie Industry: Dropped More Than 45%

Coronavirus has not only disturbed the major leagues and the stock market of the United States, but it also has changed the lives in Hollywood. Amid the threats of COVID-19, Hollywood’s Box Office has plunged to the lowest level in the time period of over two decades.  The movie world took an indefinite break after the ticket sales in North America hit their lowest levels in more than two decades. As per a source, the ticket sales only generated $55.3 million in a week from Friday to Sunday.