American musician Sid Wilson is best known as the DJ for American metal band Slipknot. The DJ uses the stage name DJ Starscream, he has been professional since 1992 and has done a lot of solo work in addition to his work with Slipknot.

Additionally, he is also an actor who worked in films like Welcome to Our Neighborhood, Disasterpieces, Rollerball, Voliminal: Inside the Nine, among others.

Sid Wilson’s Net Worth, Earnings, And Income Sources

Turntablist for Slipknot Sid Wilson is worth $20 Million as of February 2020. The musician has worked in the industry for over two decades and is an established name among musicians.

Sid Wilson is worth $10 million
Sid Wilson is worth $10 million

Source: Louder Sound 

He is also one of the highest-earning heavy metal musicians in the world. Although the figures of his salary are not available in the public domain, the average heavy metal musician earns $10.24 per hour.

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Record Sales And Earnings From Records

With Slipknot, the musician has done a lot of work and has sold millions of records all over the world. The band has earned millions from their album sales.

Year Earnings Album/Record
1999 $2,490,000 Slipknot
$1,000,000 Welcome to Our Neighborhood
2001 $1,485,000 Iowa
2002 $4,100,000 Disasterpieces
2004 $1,678,000 Vol. 3: (The Subliminal Verses)
2005 $500,000 9.0: Live
2006 $1,000,000 Voliminal: Inside the Nine
2008 $1,423,000 All Hope Is Gone
2010 $1,000,000 (sic)nesses
2012 $16,000 Antennas to Hell
2014 $177,500 5: The Gray Chapter

The band is also one of the highest-earning metal bands in the world who earn from concerts and tours all over the world.

Awards With Slipknot

Wilson joined Slipknot in 1998, 3 years after the band was originally formed in 1995. Wilson became the DJ and keyboardist of the band after he joined and was immediately loved by fans.

Wilson wearing his signature gas mask while performing
Wilson wearing his signature gas mask while performing
Source: Tumblr

After joining the star along with Corey Taylor, Joey Jordison, Shawn Crahan, etc., went on to release multiple platinum records and win a lot of awards, including the Grammys. The list of their awards that they have won is in the list below.

Award Year Song
Grammy 2006 Before I Forget
Kerrang! 2000 Wait and Bleed
Metal Hammer Golden God Awards 2008 Slipknot
NME Premier Awards 2000 Slipknot

Clothing Line With Slipknot

The band established a clothing line in 2008 called Tattered and Torn. It is the biggest source of money for Slipknot, and Wilson also gets a share from it.

The line is one of the best-selling merchandise lines for a band, and according to them, it is also a way for the fans to get something cool to wear for an affordable price.

Short Biography

Sid Wilson was born Sidney George Wilson on March 15, 1978, in Des Moines, Iowa, the USA to English parents. He is 43 years old as of February 2020 and is 5 feet 8 inches (174 cm) tall.

Wilson is 43 years old in February 2020
Wilson is 43 years old in February 2020

Source: The PRP

He was born with six fingers in each hand, but his parents prompted to amputate the extra fingers when he was just a child.

Wilson started loving Punk Rock music at an early age and slowly progressed his focus towards heavier music.

Regarding his relationships, he has not made his love-life public. Due to the fact that there is no information on his dating life and affairs, we can assume that he is single as of February 2020.

Sid also has a lot of tattoos all over his body. He is a huge transformers fan and has the Autobot logo and Decepticon logo tattooed in the fingers of his right hand and left hand, respectively.

In addition to this, he has the Wilson Family emblem tattooed on his chest and a body art piece dedicated as a tribute to the 9/11 attacks on his left arm.