How Rich Is Child Millionaire Ryan Kaji, His Net Worth 2022?

Ryan Kaji is a 11 years old YouTuber who runs a YouTube channel Ryan Toys Review with his parents Loann Kaji and Shion Kaji. His channel has over 19 million subscribers on his YouTube channel and has over 28.89 billion total views as of May 2020. For sure, Kaji family owns millions of dollars net worth.

In 2016-17, Ryan was listed as the 8th highest-paid YouTube star according to Forbes pocketing a hefty amount of $11 million.

Ryan Kaji’s Net Worth: Salary, Career, Income Sources & Earnings

Ryan has prospered exponentially in his career as a YouTuber. Although his net worth is not disclosed to the public yet, he surely has a fortune in seven digits.

Kaji generates his fortune from his career from his YouTube business.

As per Socialblade, Ryan earns around $45.7k to $2.3M per month to $1.7M to $28M per year from his YouTube channel.

Likewise, their second YouTube channel i.e. Ryan Family Review earns $43.4k to $694.9k per month to $521.2k to $8.3m per year.

Ryan Kaji: YouTube Career

The first grade YouTuber Kaji began his YouTube channel in March 2015 after he grew his interest in YouTube while watching other toy review channels like EvanTubeHD. Later Ryan’s mother left her job as a chemistry teacher to work on the YouTube channel as full-time.

In 2017, Ryan’s parents signed a deal with which does the marketing and merchandise for Ryan’s YouTube channels. He became the first child YouTuber with a product line due to his large audience.

Here is a list of subscribers that Ryan’s channel gained and lost throughout the following years:

Year Subscribers
2016 5 million
2017 10 million
2018 17 million
2019 19 million

Endorsements Deals and Instagram Earnings

In 2018 New York Toy Fair, Ryan ToysReview announced a toy line Ryan’s World in corporation with Bonkers Toys and

On 6th August 2018, the toys were first released at Walmart and later on Amazon and Target.

The Ryan’s World bright-colored slime is sold for $4-5per inch, $9 per Ryan’s action figure, and French fry-shaped squishy toys for $18. Likewise, his other toys like Shiney Silver, Glitter Gold, and Molten Orange cost $5 per piece.

His Aladdin themed Ali and Abu Build-A-Bear cost around $60.

Ryan reportedly received around $11 million from his ad revenue in between 2016 to 2019. Similarly, he earned a jaw-dropping amount of $22 million of revenue from his products and videos in 2018.

Ryan has over 19.9k followers on his verified Instagram account. As per Influencer Marketing Hub, he earns around $125 to $204 per paid post from Instagram.

Ryan Kaji: Assets, House, Cars, Lifestyle, Tax & Expenses

With a jaw-dropping earning, Ryan and family surely live a lavish lifestyle.

The family recently bought a new two stored house which includes a swimming pool, mini-giant water slides, indoor courtyard, and many more features. Although the house price is not revealed, the house is surely worth of million dollars.

As a child, Ryan owns each and every kind of toy car a kid could imagine. He has collected Marvel and DC themed superhero cars. While his parents surely own some expensive cars.

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The Kaji family is indeed living a lavish lifestyle. Their expenses are mainly based on foods, accommodations, childcare, education, toys, and others.

Regarding the information about Ryan’s insurance details are not available. Ryan is too young for tax payment however, he surely pays a certain amount from his massive earnings.

Moreover, the Kaji family might also be involved in charity works which is not revealed yet.

Ryan Kaji’s Personal Details: Age, Parents, Family, and Twins

Ryan Kaji was born on 6th October 2011 in California, USA to parents Loann and Shion Kaji. He lives with his family and twin sisters Emma and Kate.

As of 2022, Ryan is 11 years old. Ryan is studying in the first grade currently.