What Is The Net Worth Of Roger Waters?

Roger Waters is an English songwriter, singer, bassist, and composer with a net worth of around $340 million. He is best known for being the co-founder of the progressive rock band Pink Floyd along with Syd Barrett and the band’s core songwriter.

He is regarded as one of the greatest composers in modern music. He also has a solo career, modest in comparison to Floyd

Net Worth of $340 Million: What Is His Career And Income Sources?

Waters formed the band with Nick Mason and invited Richard Wright after meeting in London. The two joined the band in 1963 followed by Syd Barrett in 1964. The group initially went by the name of Abdabs, Tea set before finally settling on Pink Floyd in 1966.

The group then recorded their debut EP, ‘Piper at the Gates of Dawn’ released in August 1967. Soon, Barrett left the band due to his mental instability and was replaced by David Gilmour. Under Gilmour’s guitar playing and Waters’ direction for their songs, Floyd reached massive heights, becoming one of the biggest bands of all time.

Roger Waters Live
Roger Waters Live

The band sold over 250 million records lending greatly to the co-founder’s net worth of $310 million.

Albums Release Year Sales (units)
The Dark Side of the Moon March 1, 1973 45 million
Wish You Were Here September 12, 1975 13 million
Animals January 21, 1977 5 million
The Wall November 30, 1979 19 million
The Division Bell March 28, 1994 3 million

Waters left the band in 1985. He then started working on his other solo albums, having already released one a year prior to his Floyd leave.

  • The Pros and Cons of Hitch Hiking – 1984
  • Radio K.A.O.S. – 1987
  • Amused to Death – 1992
  • Is This the Life We Really Want? – 2017
  • The Soldier’s Tale – 2018

He had also sued the remaining members of Pink Floyd in 1986 for using the band’s name and image even after his resignation. However, the matter was settled out of court in 1987.

Assets: House & Cars

Roger is fond of cars and also owns several real estate properties across United States which are worth millions. Here are the list of his properties and car collection.

He Owns a $14.995 Million House In Manhattan

Waters paid $14.995 million for a townhouse in Manhattan in 2008. The over 6,000 square feet property was first listed for $1 million higher than what he paid for.

Roger Waters' $15 million house in Manhattan
Roger Waters’ house in Manhattan

The House features 3 full and 3 half baths, a double-height living room, a full-floor master suite and a glass wall looking over a landscaped garden, loft space, and two terraces.

His Ferrari 365 Daytona was Stolen

Roger owned a 1973 Ferrari 365 Daytona which was stolen. The car is worth around $1.8 million in today’s market. Unexpectedly Roger was bummed about the incident, “I don’t have any other sport cars, that was the one.”


Waters sold his $7.2 million house in London and gave all the money away to Crisis, a charity that cares for the homeless. He has also performed in numerous charity shows and is a constant helping hand for refugees.

Waters performing in a charity show with Gilmour
Waters performing in a charity show with Gilmour

His charity, Roger Waters Foundation donated $300,000, funding the Fuller Center homes for Veterans.

Tax And Insurance

Waters’ tax and insurance details are unknown. However, considering his net worth, we wouldn’t be surprised if he has a clean financial record.

The Personal Life Of Roger Waters

Roger Waters was born on September 6, 1943, to parents Eric and Mary Waters. He is the youngest of two boys. His father was a miner, labor party activist, a communist party member, and a devout Christian.

He attended Cambridgeshire High School along with Gilmour and Barrett and the University of Westminster with Mason and Wright.

Relationships And Spouses

Roger married his childhood sweetheart Judith Trim, a famous potter. The two had no children and got divorced in 1975. Trim died in 2001.

He tied the knot to Lady Carolyne Christie, the niece of the 3rd Marquess of New Zealand in 1976. The two have two children together; Harry who is also a musician and India Water who is a model. The two got divorced 16 years later in 1992.

Roger Waters with his last ex-wife Laurie Durning
Roger Waters with his last ex-wife Laurie Durning

His two other marriages were with Priscilla Phillips in 1993 with whom he has a son Jack and Laurie Durning in 2012. The two marriages ended in 2001 and 2015 respectively.

Age & Height

Roger Waters is 77 years old and stands 186 cm or 6 feet 1 inch.