Late actor Ricardo Montalbán was a well-known actor who had a lot of acting credits to his name and was incredibly popular during his acting stint. The Mexican-born actor had an extensive career in show business that was decorated and respected.

The actor also became a household name for his work on the Planet of the Apes and the original Star Trek. His performances in sci-fi, comedy, and various other genres made him popular as a versatile actor.

What Was The Net Worth Of Ricardo Montalbán At The Time Of His Death?

Ricardo Montalbán had a net worth of around $10 million when he passed away. The majority of his wealth was accumulated from his career in acting.

Montalbán's  fortune at the time of his death was $10 million
Montalbán’s  fortune at the time of his death was $10 million
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Over a seven-decade long career, he earned a considerable amount of money. The iconic actor was known for his incredible credits and roles in sci-fi classics.

Salary And Earnings

Montalbán has a lot of iconic roles to his name. He also worked on Alice Through the Looking Glass in 1966 for which he was paid $10,000 ($79,000 when adjusted for inflation). Similarly, the actor has also worked in some global hits.

A lot of his films have grossed a lot at the box office. Here is a list of the box office collections of his movies over the years.

Year Box Office Collection Movie
2006 $49,610,898 The Ant Bully
2003 $167,851,995 Spy Kids 3-D: Game Over
2002 $119,721,296 Spy Kids 2: The Island of Lost Dreams
1988 $78,041,829 The Naked Gun: From the Files of Police Squad!
1984 $28,100,000 Cannonball Run II
1982 $95,800,000 Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan
1972 $9,700,000 Conquest of the Planet of the Apes
1971 $12,300,000 Escape from the Planet of the Apes
1969 $8,000,000 Sweet Charity
1966 $3,700,000 The Singing Nun
1957 $26,300,000 Sayonara
1951 $5,500,000 Across the Wide Missouri
1949 $3,450,000 Neptune’s Daughter
1948 $3,200,000 On an Island with You
1947 $3,500,000 Fiesta

He once filed a lawsuit against the producers of Fantasy Island claiming he was entitled to five percent of the profits but the producers said the show lost $11 million. Later, they settled out of court.

The Final Home Of Ricardo Montalban

Montalban’s last residence was a mansion located in Los Angeles, California, US. The house was designed by Ricardo Legorreta in 1985. The property has 6 bedrooms, 5.5 bathrooms, a guest suite, a motor court for 15 cars, a swimming pool.

Montalban passed away at his home in LA
Montalban passed away at his home in LA
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Ricardo signed the house to his wife’s trust who gave it to his daughter when the actor passed. The house changed hands again and was signed over to Patrick McKillen’s trust for $9 Million.

Later, McKillen renovated, remolded and sold the property for $39,000,000 to Malaysian billionaire Jho Low in 2012.

Career In TV

Montalban started as an actor in 1956 with small role in General Electric Theater. Then a year later he worked as Jean LeBec in Wagon Train. In 1958, Frances Farmer Presents featured him in an episode.

A lot of small roles on shows like Alfred Hitchcock Presents, The Dinah Shore Chevy Show, Hamlet, The Lloyd Bridges Show, followed before he got a prominent role on Dr. Kildare. He played the role of Khan Noonien Singh on an episode of Star Trek.

Similarly, he was cast as David Valerio on Executive Suite in 1976. And in 1978 he was given the role of Satangkai in How the West Was Won. The same year, he was cast in Fantasy Island which would become his most prominent role on TV.

Some of his other well-known TV shows are The Colbys, Heaven Help Us, Freakazoid!, etc.

Short Biography

Ricardo Montalbán was born Ricardo Gonzalo Pedro on 25 November 1920 in Mexico City, Mexico to Jenaro Montalbán and Ricarda Merino. He had 3 siblings Carmen, Pedro, and Carlos.

Montalbán with his wife and kids
Montalbán with his wife and kids
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Regarding his relationships, he was married to Georgiana Belzer from 1944 to 2007. Belzer passed away on November 13, 2007.


Montalbán passed away on January 14, 2009, in his LA home. He was 88 years old at the time. The cause of his death was revealed to be congestive heart failure caused by his age.