What Is YouTuber Rhett James McLaughlin’s Net Worth In 2020?

Best known for his work with co-star and lifelong friend Link Neal on their show Good Mythical Morning, Rhett James McLaughlin is a YouTuber and internet personality. From his work as a YouTuber, he has amassed a net worth of around $16 million as of January 2020.

Even before he got all the fame and fortune, he was an engineer with a steady income but found that making YouTube videos was his calling. McLaughlin was interested in making videos from a very early age and even made a short film in high school with Neal.

Started His Professional Career As An Engineer

Rhett studied and graduated as a civil engineer; he then worked in the engineering field for some time. He joined Black & Veatch, and Link joined IBM; however, after a while, both quit their jobs to make videos full time.

Rhett and Link are some of the highest earning YouTubers as of 2019

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The duo started their first YouTube channel on June 5th, 2006. After this, Link created the documentary Looking for Ms. Locklear, which became their breakthrough and inspired them to continue their work as video creators.

On September 17, 2008, they started the channel Good Mythical Morning, which skyrocketed their fame after the friends started hosting the show of the same name as their channel. As of January 2020, they have more than 6 billion views on their channel and over 16 million subscribers.

Moreover, they also run other YouTube channels, including the sibling channel to their main channel Good Mythical MORE which has over 850 million views and 3.8 million subscribers in January 2020. They started this channel on December 13, 2013.

They also acquired the entertainment network Smosh in 2019, where Anthony Padilla formerly worked, and Ian Hecox still works.

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How Much Money Does Rhett McLaughlin Make From YouTube?

Rhett and Link are undoubtedly YouTube superstars, and due to the millions of subscribers and billions of views on their various channels, they are also one of the highest-earning YouTubers of all time.

In fact, they were the fourth-highest earning YouTuber in 2019, raking in a staggering $18 million. Similarly, in 2015 they earned $4.5 million and $5 million in 2016 as per various online sources.

Also, in 2015, he was listed 6th by Forbes in THE WORLD’S TOP-EARNING YOUTUBE STARS 2015.

According to SocialBlade, their 2nd channel generates $1,800 – $29,000 per month or $21,800 – $348,000 per year.

What Kind Of House Does The Multimillionaire YouTuber Live In?

McLaughlin bought a $1,425,000 mansion in La Crescenta, California, the USA around the same time is friend Neal bought a $1,265,000 home in the same city.

McLaughlin’s California house cost more than $1.4 million

Rhett’s house covers over 3,214-square-feet on a .29-acre lot. The house has greenery all around it and has a swimming pool. The house has been constructed in an updated modern traditional design.

What Cars Does Rhett Have?

The YouTuber shared a video of him driving what seems to be an off-road Toyota Cruiser, but the exact make and model of this car are not available.

Rhett’s off road Toyota car

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He is pretty much fond of his car and is often seen driving it.

Instagram And Sponsorships Also Generates A Substantial Amount Of Money For Rhett

As a celebrity, McLaughlin has a huge fan following, especially on social media. As a matter of fact, he has over a million followers on Instagram as of January 2020.

From this huge number of followers, Rhett earns around $2,451.75 – $4,086.25 per post made on the social media platform.

What’s more, he also has sponsorship deals with multinational companies like Wendy’s, McDonald’s, Toyota, and Gillette.


Rhett James McLaughlin was born on October 11, 1977, in Macon, Georgia, the U.S. to father Jim McLaughlin and mother, Diane McLaughlin. He grew up with a brother named Cole McLaughlin. He is 42 years of age as of January 2020.

McLaughlin’s physical features as iconic as his content, and in an interview, he said that he would pay $1000 dollars to keep his beard if he had to. Similarly, he stands at 6 feet 7 inches (201 cm) tall.

McLaughlin and Link met on September 4, 1984, when they started school at Harnett County at Buies Creek Elementary School. They have remained friends ever since.

McLaughlin and his wife Jessie McLaughlin wedded in 2001
McLaughlin and his wife Jessie McLaughlin wedded in 2001

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Rhett James McLaughlin married Jessie McLaughlin in 2001 (maiden name Jessie Lane); the couple has two sons together named Locke and Shepherd.