P.J. Soles became famous after appearing on the 1978 horror film Halloween. She started her career in 1973 and has become a popular name among fans of TV and movie. Although not a superstar, she has worked in various cult classics.

Soles has also worked extensively on television too, in fact, she has appeared in several television films including ‘Zuma Beach’, ‘Shake, Rattle and Rock!’, ‘Alexander: The Other Side of Dawn’, etc.

How Much Is The Net Worth Of P. J. Soles?

P.J. Soles has a net worth of around $1 million as of April 2020. She amassed this net worth from a career in acting that has spanned over 47 years.

P.J. Soles' fortune in 2020 is around $1 million
P.J. Soles’ fortune in 2020 is around $1 million

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She is best known for her work on television and she became a fixture in the slasher/horror genre in the late 1970s.

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Career Insight

Her first on-screen role was on Blood Bath in 1976, the same year she also appeared on Carrie. Two years later, Our Winning Season and Halloween came out. Halloween would become her career-defining role.

Soles is best known for her work on Halloween
Soles is best known for her work on Halloween

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She portrayed Lynda van der Klok on the flick which became a cult classic. She was a welcome fixture in the cinema for a long time. In 1979, she worked on 3 films, Old Boyfriends, Breaking Away and Rock ‘n’ Roll High School.

Private Benjamin came in 1980 that featured her as Pvt. Wanda Winter. Then, in 1981 saw the release of Halloween: Extended Edition.

She starred alongside Bill Murray on Stripes in 1981, the same year ‘Soggy Bottom, USA’. In 1984, she worked on the other 3 films, Listen to the City, Innocent Prey, and Terror in the Aisles. Then, in 1985 she was cast on Sweet Dreams.

In 1988, she played roles in Saigon Commandos and B.O.R.N. The actress appeared in Alienator in 1989 and after 2 years she worked on Soldier’s Fortune. She took a short break from The Power Within in 1995.

She played the role of Madge Cronin in Uncle Sam in 1996. Little Bigfoot came out in 1997 and she was cast in Jawbreaker in 1999.

In 2000, Blast and ‘Mirror, Mirror IV: Reflection’. A year later, she played a role in Kept. The actress appeared in four movies ‘Pee Stains and Other Disasters’, ‘Murder on the Yellow Brick Road’, ‘The Devil’s Rejects’, and ‘Death by Engagement’.

The next year, she was cast in The Tooth Fairy in 2006, similarly, Ray of Sunshine and No Place like Home, Dead Calling, etc.

Some of her other popular films are The Butterfly Room, November 1st, Halloween, etc.

Her TV career started back in 1973, with Love Is a Many Splendored Thing. She starred in another series 3 years later with The Blue Knight. She worked on Romance Theatre in 1982.

The show “Simon & Simon” featured her in an episode in 1983 and 1984. She later appeared in Cheers and Airwolf.

Short Biography

J. Soles was born Pamela Jayne Hardon on July 17, 1950, in Frankfurt, Germany to Cornelis Johannes Hardon II and Nancy Hardon. She has German and American citizenship. She attended the International School of Brussels. She moved around a lot when she was a child.

Dennis Quaid and Soles were married in the past
Dennis Quaid and Soles were married in the past

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Soles later joined Briarcliff College and transferred to Georgetown University. She pursued acting after getting inspiration from the Actors Studio in New York City.

She has been married three times in the past, first to J. Steven Soles, tied the knot with him in 1973 and divorced in 1975.

After this, she married Dennis Quaid in 1978 and they later split in 1983. Skip Holm and she married in 1983 and they got divorced in 1998.