Jeff Bezos Donated $100 Million To Hunger During Coronavirus Pandemic

Amazon Founder Jeff Bezos Donates $100 Million To Alleviate The Food Scarcity In American Households Amidst Coronavirus Pandemic. World’s richest man, Jeff Bezos steps up to help the USA fight food scarcity while it struggles to cope with the Coronavirus cases. Bezos donated a whopping $100 million to Feeding America, a foundation that feeds over 40 million people a year in America.

Michael Sterling-Wife, Instagram, Twitter, Height, Age, Net Worth, Children

Michael T. Sterling, an American attorney, who formerly served as Assistant United States Attorney in the Northern District of Illinois and in Atlanta Workforce Agency. Along with his career establishment in law, Sterling is famous as the husband of Eva Marcille, a fashion model & winner of the 3rd Cycle of America’s Next Top Model. As of April 2020, Michale has a joint net worth of $4 million with his wife Eva & lives in Alpharetta, Georgia.

Johnny Morris-Wife, Business, Height, House, Charities, Age, Net Worth

Johnny Morris, an American-born businessman got a billion-dollars shower with his venture Bass Pro Shops, founded in 1972 that specializes in sales of hunting, fishing, camping & other outdoor recreation merchandise. As of April 9, 2020, Johnny has a net worth of $3.4 billion; the father of 4, currently lives in Springfield, Missouri with his wife Jeanie.

Dan Cathy-Wife, Religion Height, Business, Age, Net Worth, Children

Dan Cathy

Dan Cathy, an American businessman, is the CEO & Chairman of Chick-fil-A, a fast-food chain, established in 1967 by his father S. Truett Cathy. Formerly, he was President & COO of the food chain until 2013 & later became its CEO onwards (2016- Present). Cathy’s Chick-fil-A franchise made $10 billion in revenue in 2018. As of April 9, 2020, Dan has a net worth of $4.5 billion & lives in Atlanta with his wife Rhonda; they are parents to 2 children & grandparents of 3.

Larry Ellison-Wife, Height, House, Business, Age, Cars, Net Worth, Children

Larry Ellison, the co-founder & CTO (Chief Technology Officer) of Oracle Corporation, is famous for his gigantic wealth accumulation & lavish expenses. Formerly, the CEO of Oracle, Ellison, is an American business magnate, investor as well as a philanthropist. Starting with an investment of $2,000 in 1977, the New York native’s database software and technology corporation now stand with equity holdings at billions of dollars. As of May 6, 2020, Ellison has a net worth of $65.9 billion & owns several properties, luxury cars, private jet & yacht. Currently, he ranks #5 in Forbes 400 2019 & #5 among Billionaires 2020.

Marc Benioff-Wife, Donations, Height, House, Founder, Age, Net Worth

Marc Benioff

Marc Benioff, an American-born internet entrepreneur is co-founder, Chairman & currently the sole CEO of Salesforce, a cloud-based software company. Since the foundation of Salesforce Inc. in 1999, the company over the course of 2 decades, turned into a multi-billion dollar firm & has a $138.322 billion market cap. As of April 10, 2020, Marc Benioff has $6.6 billion net worth- through a 4% stake in Salesforce. The father of 2, lives in San Francisco with his wife Lynne; he also owns a 5-acre estate in Hawaii, bought in 2000 for $12.5 million.

Matthew Haag-Family, Girlfriend, Height, House, Game, Age, Net Worth

Matthew Haag

Matthew Haag is an American former-competitive-gamer-turned-entrepreneur. Best known by his pseudonym, “Nadeshot” or “NaDeSHoT”, he was one of the best Call of Duty players, taking home the 2014 eSports Player of the Year distinction, as well as an MLG X Games 2014 gold medalist, and a Call of Duty XP World Champion. He is the founder and CEO of 100 Thieves, an eSport gaming company that spawned an apparel brand in its namesake.
As of April 2020, Matthew Haag is worth $10 million.

Coronavirus Can Transfer Via Cash-Rumor Or Truth? Global Effect Of COVID-19

According to various verified sources, cash is one of the dirtiest things we use as it changes hands constantly. The average lifespan of a bill can be 4 to 15 years according to the US Federal Reserve so most bills of cash are a festering ground for viruses. Money changes hands regularly and can contain a lot of pathogens but can the coronavirus be transferred via cash?

As COVID-19 Wreaks Havoc, Some Acts That Will Restore Your Faith in Humanity


At a time when it is getting increasingly difficult to stay optimistic as the COVID-19 death toll exceeds 114,000, people all over the world are sharing stories of good samaritans who stand as a beacon of hope for people in this time of crisis. They do not have millions of dollars in their bank accounts, nor do they have millions of followers; they are normal people with the courage and the generosity to contribute in any way they can.
Here are some instances of people who have restored our faith in humanity amidst the horrors of COVID-19.

Kal Penn-Family, Wife, Height, House, Movies, Age, Net Worth

Kal Penn

Kal Penn has worked as a civil servant but is best known for his roles in various Hollywood projects. He worked in the iconic comedy movie Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle, later also starring on the sequels Harold & Kumar Escape from Guantanamo Bay and A Very Harold & Kumar 3D Christmas. Penn is also known for playing the role of Dr. Lawrence Kutner in the medical drama House and appearing in a recurring role on How I Met Your Mother