Matthew Haag, known professionally by the pseudonym “Nadeshot” or “NaDeSHoT” is an American former competitive gamer who made his name in the first-person shooter(FPS) video-game franchise, Call of Duty.

The eSports Player of the Year 2014, an MLG X Games 2014 gold medalist, and a Call of Duty XP World Champion, Matthew officially retired from competitive gaming on April 4, 2015, and has since been a content creator and entrepreneur. Among his accomplishments is his founding of the eSport gaming company, and lifestyle and apparel brand, Hundred Thieves/100 Thieves.

As of April 2020, Matthew’s net worth is $10 million.  

How Matthew “NaDeSHoT” Haag Made His Net Worth?

Matt enjoyed gaming casually like almost all teenagers do and went semi-pro in the first-person shooter, Halo 2. He tried his hand at the third-person tactical shooter, Gears of War and narrowly missed making the cut into a Major League Gaming (MLG) tournament.

He adopted the moniker “Nadeshot” from a move in Halo, and went pro at age 16 in the first-person shooter, Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare. He started performing as part of the Genesis clan and was took home the fourth place win with the clan at the MLG National Championship 2009.

Matthew and his Optic Gaming brethren
Matthew and his Optic Gaming brethren

Source: Reddit

He was recruited by OpTic Gaming in June 2010 and played Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare 2 with the OpTic clan, bagging the eighth-place honours at the MLG Online National Championship and the MLG National Championship 2010.

Matt subbed in when a clan member fell ill during the Call of Duty: Black Ops season and the impromptu team finished third at MLG Dallas 2011. He was dropped by OpTic, whereupon he joined Team EnVyUs and finished eighth at MLG Anaheim and third at MLG Raleigh. He also played for Surreal Legacy for two events closing out the MLG Call of Duty: Black Ops season.

With Call of Duty: Black Ops II on the horizon, Matt joined OpTic as a permanent member and became the first Call of Duty: Black Ops II champions.

The next big season happened in 2013-14 with the release of Call of Duty: Ghosts. A major roster change saw Matt step in as the captain of the OpTic clan. He led his team to a third-place victory at the Call of Duty World Championships.

Despite being the underdogs, they were able to win the MLG X Games with Haag winning the Gold Medal and his first MLG Championship.

He was named the eSports Player of the Year at The Game Awards 2014 by audience vote.

After another dominant showing in the Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare season, Matt announced that he was stepping down as the captain and retiring as an active performer as he took on the responsibility of handling the business side of OpTic and focused on full-time content creation.

Post-Retirement And Hundred Thieves  

Matt started his own eSport team, Hundred Thieves/100 Thieves, in 2017 to compete at the Call of Duty World League during the Black Ops III circuit.

The gaming league has since expanded into an apparel brand and gone on to recruit professional players to compete in other games such as League of Legends, Fortnite Battle Royale and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.

Matt is the CEO and handles the major operations of the organization. The company has also ventured into apparel and lifestyle branding, specializing in designing apparel for gamers.

Canadian rapper, Drake, is a investor in 100 Thieves
Canadian rapper, Drake, is an investor in 100 Thieves

Source: The New York Post

100 Thieves really began gaining steam when high-profile celebrities like the Canadian rapper Drake and record executive Scooter Braun, as well as business magnates such as Marc Benioff and Dan Gilbert, became major investors in the organization.

100 Thieves also has working relations with such brands as Red Bull, Rocket Mortgage, Razer, Totino’s, Cash App, NZXT, and Secret Lab.

Matt has also ramped up content creation since his retirement. On YouTube, his primary account has 3.2 million subscribers, and he routinely receives a million views on average. It is estimated that he earns somewhere between $3.5K – $55.3K monthly through video views.

He has a secondary channel as well, with 970k subscribers that primarily focus on his gaming exploits. Through his secondary channel, he is estimated to earn $5.9K – $94.9K per month.

Personal Life

Before he became Nadeshot, an eSport legend, he was Matthew Haag: the youngest son of Jeffrey and Christina Haag.

Matt was born on August 3, 1992, in Palos Hills, Illinois, and spent his formative years there with his parents and his older brother and sister.

He studied at Amos Alonzo Stagg High School and graduated in 2010. He also successfully completed a two-year business course from Moraine Valley Community College. To make ends meet, Haag took up a job as a McDonald’s waiter before his competitive gaming career took off.

Matthew and his girlfriend, Haley
Matthew and his girlfriend, Haley

Source: Twitter

Matthew has been in a relationship with Haley since September 2019.