Mark Levin is a multitalented author who also works as a lawyer and radio personality. He is well known for hosting multiple radio shows and his active participation in politics. In fact, he is famous as a conservative who regularly and harshly criticizes democrats.

In addition to this, he also made waves when he changed his formerly anti-Trump views and showed content into pro-Trump content after Donald won the Republican nomination and, subsequently the presidency.

How Much Is Mark Levin‘s Net Worth? 

As of January 2020, Mark Levin has made a net worth of around $5 million as per various online sources. The majority of his earnings come from his career as a journalist and host. Similarly, his book sales have also contributed to his riches.

Mark is worth $5 million as of January 2020
Mark is worth $5 million as of January 2020

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He is a very high earner, and the news portal Politico once claimed in 2014 that, Levin earned more than $300,000 per year when he was president of the Landmark Legal Foundation, a non-profit organization. Levin left the position only in 2018 but remained a board member at the organization.

Levin has two houses in the USA, one of them is located in Jupiter Island, Florida, the US where the average price for a house is $5,218,028.

The other home is in Leesburg, and the median price for a house in Leesburg is $562,974. Similarly, the living cost in Leesburg, Virginia, is more than $120,000.

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Career In Law

After graduating from college, he started working at Texas Instruments. After actively practicing law for a while, he served as a legal adviser to President Ronald Reagan during his administration. After this, he started privately practicing law.

Levin practices law in addition to his career as a TV show and radio host

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In a similar fashion, he has also worked in government and independently to advocate for various Conservative values.

In 2001, he was awarded the Ronald Reagan Award by the American Conservative Union. He had worked with the law firm Landmark Legal who specializes in public interest advocacy.

The union recognized his work with the firm, after filing a complaint against the National Education Association for not revealing their political spending in their Internal Revenue Service documentation.

The complaint eventually led to the NEA and other smaller associations of a teacher’s revealing more than 100 million in political spending.

Professional Work On TV And Radio

Levin got a radio show to himself on WABC in 2002. The show aired on Sundays only but later got a more frequent time slot.

His radio shows have always had a lot of focus on conservative ideals and principles, but he has also used the platform to give aid to families of soldiers both alive and dead.

Controversial Sponsorships

In 2012, during the election campaigns, Levin was paid $757,000 by Koch brothers-backed Americans for Prosperity in order to run their ads. After this, he took money to run ads for Tea Party Patriots.

Similarly, in 2014, $427,000 worth of his books were bought by Simon & Schuster a firm, the Senate Conservatives Fund financially backed that.

Short Biography

Mark Levin was born Mark Reed Levin on September 21, 1957, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, U.S to Jack E. Levin and Norma Levin. He went to Cheltenham High School and graduated in 1974.

Levin is married to Julie Prince as of January 2020

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He then enrolled at Temple University Ambler after his graduation from high school. He graduated with a BA in Political Science when he was just 19 years old. He then went on to get a J.D. from Temple University Beasley School of Law in 1980.

He is married to Julie Prince as of January 2020 and has two children named Lauren Levin and Chase Levin.