Lou Ferrigno, the 1974 IFBB Mr. Universe titleholder, is an American actor, fitness trainer, and former bodybuilder. With the release of documentary Pumping Iron (1977), Ferrigno came to limelight and later gained further fame for portraying The Hulk in the CBS series The Incredible Hulk (1978). 

The Brooklyn-born bodybuilder appeared as himself in 20 episodes sitcom The King of Queen (2000- 2007). Lou, currently, the special deputy of Delaware County, Ohio, Sheriff’s Department, also owns a fitness equipment company Ferrigno Fitness.

How Much Is Lou Ferrigno’s Net Worth?

Professional since 1971, Ferrigno’s endeavors in body-building, acting, and fitness training grabbed him huge fame and fortune. According to Celebrity Net Worth, 68-year-old Lou has a net worth of $12 million as of January 2020.

In the early 2010s, the former body-builder had a fortune of $6 million as per The Richest.

Inspired with comic-characters Spider-Man and the Hulk, the Brooklyn Technical High School attendant initiated his career in bodybuilding soon after graduation.

American actor and former bodybuilder Lou Ferrigno is a millionaire, owns $12 million
American actor and former bodybuilder Lou Ferrigno is a millionaire owns $12 million

Source: Hollywood Life

However, the earnings from the bodybuilding were not enough for him and went to work as a sheet metal worker in a Brooklyn factory for three years, earning $10 an hour.

In the 1990s, Lou returned to bodybuilding and finished 12th and 10th in 1992 and 1993 Mr. Olympia, respectively, and retired in 1996.

Currently, Ferrigno is the owner of a fitness equipment company Ferrigno Fitness. In May 2018, US President Donald Trump appointed Lou as a member of the Council on Sports, Fitness & Nutrition.

Quest To Beat Schwarzenegger: Documentary ‘Pumping Iron’

Following four years of the victory in 1969 IFBB Mr. America, Lou competed in 1973 IFBB Mr. Universe and won, being the youngest bodybuilder ever to hold the title at the age of 20.

In 1975, Ferrigno’s quest to beat his rival Arnold Schwarzenegger in the 1975 Mr. Olympia gained him massive attention; it became the basis of the documentary Pumping Iron (released on January 18, 1977).

Lou Ferrigno and his bodybuilding rival Arnold Schwarzenegger, his quest to beat Schwarzenegger is featured on documentary Pumping Iron
Lou Ferrigno and his bodybuilding rival Arnold Schwarzenegger, his quest to beat Schwarzenegger is featured on documentary Pumping Iron

Source: Instagram @theofficiallouferrigno

However, he finished 3rd in the competition behind Schwarzenegger (winner) and Serge Nubret (2nd place); the total prize money for the contest was $2,500.

In addition to this, Lou’s other documentary Stand Tall (released in 1997) was based on his quest to beat Robbie Robinson and Boyer Coe in 1994 Masters Olympia, where he finished 2nd to Robinson.

Reportedly, Ferrigno received $5,000 in prize money from the competition while Robinson took home $10,000 along with the title.

After 1996, he retired from bodybuilding and focused on acting career.

Acting Career: Cast of ‘The Incredible Hulk’

Lou Ferrigno appeared as The Hulk in the CBS TV series The Incredible Hulk (1977-1982) alongside Bill Bixby and Jack Colvin.   

Moreover, the Ferrigno voiced in the uncredited roles in The Avengers (2012) and Avengers: Age of Ultron (2015) until Mark Ruffalo (current the Hulk) replaced him in voice-over since Thor: Ragnarok (2017) featuring Chris Hemsworth.

Lou Ferrigno as The Hulk in the TV series The Incredible Hulk (1978)
Lou Ferrigno as The Hulk in the TV series The Incredible Hulk (1978)

Source: E Online

The former bodybuilder appeared in 20 episodes of the CBS sitcom The King of Queens (2000- 2007) and made guest appearances in Reno 911! (2004), Adventure Time (2010- 2016), and Sonny with a Chance (2010).

Ferrigno also worked in the 2009 comedy film I Love You, Man starring Paul Rudd, Jason Segel, and Rashida Jones. The movie made on the budget of $40 million, collected $91.6 million worldwide.

Did you know? For ‘The Incredible Hulk’, 6 ft. 5 inches tall Lou Ferrigno got the role over Arnold Schwarzenegger after the latter’s height at 6 ft. 2 inches deemed not tall enough.

Residence Worth Millions Of Dollars & Cars

The 2-time IFBB Mr.Universe titleholder currently lives in Pismo Beach, California, with his second wife, Carla Ferrigno. The duo bought the property in September 2019 for a reported $2.9 million.

The 2-story Mediterranean-inspired house built in 1980, features 5 bedrooms and 5 bathrooms along with a 7,000 square feet of living space, 3 fireplaces and a swimming pool.

As reported, the property was in the market for $3.99 million in January 2019, for which Lou bargained for $1.09 million less.

Lou Ferrigno's currently lives in Pismo Beach house, bought in 2019 for $2.9 million
Lou Ferrigno’s currently lives in Pismo Beach house, bought in 2019 for $2.9 million

Source: LA Times

Ferrigno purchased the Pismo Beach house soon after he put his Santa Monica house for sale, asking $3.9 million. Originally built in 1929, Lou and his wife Carla paid $547,000 for the residence in 1980.

Indeed, the millionaire actor and former bodybuilder lives a lavish lifestyle and owns a collection of luxury cars. As per sources, he drives Volkswagen Beetle GSR and Camaro SS 540.

Donated $50,000 To Muscular Dystrophy Association

The millionaire bodybuilding figure Ferrigno is an active charity worker and has associations with many non-profit organizations like Muscular Dystrophy Association, National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, Starkey Hearing Foundation and St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.

In 2012, he appeared in Season 5 of The Celebrity Apprentice and donated $50,000 to the Muscular Dystrophy Association.

Lost 75%-80% Hearing: Bullied In Childhood

Ferrigno was born Louis Jude Ferrigno on November 9, 1951, in Brooklyn, New York. His father Matt Ferrigno, a police lieutenant was of Italian descent while mother Victoria was a homemaker.

With a serious ear infection, Ferrigno lost 75-80% of his hearing by the age of 3 and began using hearing aid since the age of 5.

Due to hearing loss, he reportedly was bullied in school and was called “deaf Louie, deaf mute.” However, Lou believes that the loss got him a quite handy shape on his senses.

Lou went to St. Athanasius Grammar School and Brooklyn Technical High School.

Father Of 3 Children With Second Wife

Lou Ferrigno married 2 times in his life and divorced once. Currently, he enjoys a blissful relationship with his second wife, psychotherapist Carla Green who later began personal trainer.

They exchanged vows on May 2, 1980, and welcomed 3 children: Shanna (born in 1981), Louis, Jr. (1984) and Brent (1990).

Lou Ferrigno and his second wife Carla Ferrigno
Lou Ferrigno and his second wife Carla Ferrigno share 3 children together

Source: Zim Bio

Prior to Carla, Lou was in a marital relationship with Susan Groff from May 27, 1978, until their divorce in 1979. They didn’t share any child.

Interesting Facts On Lou Ferrigno

  1. He left the job as a sheet metal worker in a Brooklyn factory after a friend and co-worker accidentally cut off his own hand.
  2. Ferrigno was Michael Jackson’s personal trainer.
  3. He appeared with Stan Lee, becoming only 2 actors to appear in Hulk (2003) and The Incredible Hulk (2008).
  4. Lou is an avid Instagram and Twitter user with over 173K followers and 67.9K followers respectively as of January 2020.
  5. Lou Ferrigno has a YouTube channel, Ferrigno FIT, created on January 27, 2012, and has over 4.16K subscribers as of January 2020.