Lauralee Bell, an American soap opera actress is best known for portraying Christine Blair in The Young and the Restless (1986- Present). Born with a silver spoon, Bell is the daughter of soap opera creators late William J. Bell and Lee Phillip Bell.

Turned professional since 1970, Bell has also appeared in films as well; she worked in Carpool Guy (2005), Their Killer Affair  (2017), and Nightmare Tenant (2018).

How Much Is Lauralee Bell’s Net Worth In 2022?

According to Celebrity Net Worth, 53-year-old Lauralee has a net worth of $200 million as of October 2022. Indeed, she earned a considerable sum of money through acting.

But, it’s can be denied that inheritance of her parents’ (now late) fortune played a major role to earn her multi-millionaire tag. Her parents co-created the longest-running soap opera The Young and the Restless.

At the time of death in April 2005, Bell’s father William J. Bell had a net worth of $30 million. On the other, her mother Lee Phillip (died in February 2005) allegedly owned $87 million.

Did you know? Lauralee once co-owned a boutique named On Sunset; it closed in 2009.

Career Fame With ‘The Young and the Restless’: How Much Is Bell’s Salary?

From1983 to 2006, she had a contract role in The Young and the Restless, starring Peter Bergman, Sharon Case, Joshua Morrow, and Melody Thomas Scott.

In 2010, Bell again joined the series as recurring roles alongside Marla Adams, Catherine Bach, and Doug Davidson. The current cast of the series includes Michael Mealor (2018- Present), Donny Boaz (2019- Present), Brytni Sarpy (2019- Present) to name a few.

Even though Lauralee never opened up about her salary from the series, she indeed makes in the 6-digit figure per season.

Reportedly, a newcomer in Soap Opera can earn $1,000-per-episode. With 5 years of experience, the actor can easily collect $3,000-an-episode. The veterans with 10 years of experience earn $5,000-an-episode & even higher.

Other TV Acting Credits

Most notably, Lauralee appeared in The Young and the Restless, But besides this, she also worked in other TV series working alongside David Caruso, Mario Lopez, and Nathan Fillion.

She made guest appearances in Walker, Texas Ranger (1998), Pacific Blue (1999), CSI: Miami (2006), and Castle (2012).

Moreover, Bell worked in TV films too; namely Past Sins (2006), Just Ask Mike (2008), and Mistress Hunter (2018).

Any Upcoming Project Of Lauralee Bell?

As per IMDB, the Chicago, Illinois-born actress is working on her upcoming TV films. She is set to star as Daphine in V.C. Andrews’ Ruby (2020, post-production), while another movie V.C. Andrews’ Pearl in the Mist, is currently filming.

Residence & Real Estate Ownership?

Currently, Lauralee lives with her husband Scott in Bel Air, Los Angeles house, purchased in 1999 for $5.8 million. Later, she bought the next-door property of late actress Majel Barrett-Roddenberry for $10 million.

Then, Bell demolished Roddenberry’s house & renovated to expanded her residence within it.

Her Parents 2 Houses Sold In 2020 With Massive Profits

Reportedly, Lauralee’s parents owned a collection of real estate, mainly in the Los Angeles area. After the death of her parents, Lauralee Bell along with her sibling inherited their massive real estate.

As per Variety, in 2013, the late Bell couple’s two Mailbu colonies were sold to Octogenarian casino tycoon Sheldon Adelson, for $13.3 million.

In early July 2020, NBA star LeBron James paid $39 million (close to asking price) for Bell-owned 2.5-acre estate in Beverly Crest. Reportedly, Lauralee’s parents bought the property back in 1986 for $2.9 million.

Moreover, in mid-July 2020, the late Bell couple’s other residence in Malibu Colony sold for $18.275 million. Earlier, in April, the Cap-Cod style 3-bedroom property came in the market for $21 million.

Actually, William and Lee Phillip Bell had bought the estate in 1989 for $4.365 million.

Mother Of 2 Children: Who Is Lauralee Bell’s Husband?

The Young and the Restless actress enjoys a blissful relationship with her husband Scott Martin, a photographer. They married on October 4, 1997, & are together ever since.

Moreover, the couple shares 2 children together. Their first child, son Christian James Martin was born on January 17, 2001, & later welcomed daughter Samantha Lee Martin (b.October 28, 2002).

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Family Background, Age, and Height

Lauralee Kristen Bell was born on December 22, 1968, in Chicago, Illinois, the USA. As of July 2020, she is 53 years old and has a height of 5 ft. 6 inches.

Her parents William J. Bell and Lee Phillip Bell were soap-opera creators, both died in 2005. Their famous for creation is The Young and the Restless and its sister show The Bold and the Beautiful.

Bell has 2 brothers, Bill Bell, Jr., and Bradley Bell; they oversee the family business.

Bradley is the executive producer & head writer of The Bold and the Beautiful. On the other, Bill serves as the president of the family’s Bell-Phillip Television Productions.