Kevin Harrington is an American businessman, investor, and business executive known for having launched more than 20 businesses and over 500 products generating more than $5 billion in sales and revenue worldwide.

Harrington has been an eminent entrepreneur for the last four decades. As of 2020, he is estimated to have a net worth of $450 million, which is a grand success for one who started with a $25 thousand investment.

How Did Kevin Harrington Make His Money? Career Highlights

Kevin Harrington regarded as the original shark of the American Business reality TV series Shark Tank along side
Lori Greiner, and Barbara Corcoran, and the proud founder cum CEO of TVGoods Inc.

He founded Harrington Enterprises in 1998, which now owns and operates dozens of companies dealing with education, technology, marketing, training, product distributions, and blockchain initiatives.

Kevin Harrington In Shark Tank Image Source: Twitter @Kevin Harrington
Kevin Harrington In Shark Tank 

Image Source: Twitter @Kevin Harrington

Moreover, he has also been part of prestigious companies like Jung Guns Entertainment LLC, Celcius Inc.,, StarShop LLC, Global Leaders Organization, and many others.

Likewise, having released more than 500 products, Kevin’s most of the products have been a huge success, including The Food Saver, The Great Wok Of China, Ginsu Knives, The Flying Lure, to name a few.

His other notable ventures that have grown over $100 million in sales over the years are Quantum International, TV Goods, Reliant International, Infusion Brands International, Entrepreneur’s Organization, and the Electronic Retailing Association.

Kevin Harrington disclosed his future plan through his Linkedin recently. He updated:

Currently, I am working with companies to increase distribution; analyze electronic retailing opportunities; effectively market on digital, social media, TV, radio, or print; source manufacturing; celebrity relationships; open up my Rolodex; and we have been able to 10 X the stock price of several public companies.

Besides investing in companies, he has also authored a number of books.

Book Name Kindle Edition Paperback
Key Person of Influence: The Five-Step Method to Become One of the Most Highly Valued and Highly Paid People in Your Industry $9.99 $13.89
Put a Shark in Your Tank: Actionable Steps to Business Success $0.99 $24.95
Act Now!: How I Turn Ideas into Million-Dollar Products $53.86
The 100 Best Spare-Time Business Opportunities Today Hard Cover: $21.99 $2.46

He gets royalties and revenue from the sales of the books too.

Lifestyle: Can Money Buy Happiness?

Sixty-three years old shark investor has invested in real estate. He owns a mansion in St.Petersburg, Florida, the United States. The Florida house features a swimming pool, jacuzzi, home office, bar, sports room, library, gaming room, and it’s own spa.

Kevin is seen driving 1969 Chevrolet Camaro Yenko worth at $220 thousand in the present market.

Short Biography

Kevin Harrington was born on 15 October 1956 in Cincinnati, Ohio, the United States. As of 2020, he is 63 years old and holds an American nationality & belongs to the white ethnic background.

He is 163 cm (5 feet 3 inches) tall and weighs around 64 kg (141 pounds).

Father Of One

Kevin Harrington is married to Crystal Harrington. They together have a child, son Brian Harrington.

In an interview, Kevin disclosed that he is passionate about his wife’s happiness and children’s future.