How Much Is Jules Asner’s Net Worth?

Jules Asner, the model turned entertainment journalist is famous for her work in Revealed with Jules Asner, E! News Live and Wild On! Asner is professional since the age of 16, firstly as a model and then as a journalist.

With her career of over 3 decades, Jules indeed has earned a massive sum as one of the proficient personality in America. She owns the net worth in the range of $10 million.

Moreover, she also wrote the novel Whacked and wrote the screenplay for Soderbergh’s film Logan Lucky.

Jules Asner’s Net Worth: Income Sources & Earnings

Famed as the long-time E! Personality, Jules started her career as a model and had signed to Elite Models when she was 16. But her career came to prominence after she began to work on TV, most notably in the interview show Revealed with Jules Asner (2001-2003).

The massive fortune began to shower on Asner after she began to work as an entertainment journalist for the channel E! News.

According to various online sources, Jules Asner has a net worth of $10 million.

Her net worth is often compared with the Emmy-Award winning journalists like Dana Fowle ($900,000-$1.2 million), Linda Schmidt ($1-$1.5 million), and Cynne Simpson ($1 million).

Ever since Jules has been a prominent TV figure and allures all with her influential speech and event coverage. However, the entertainment journalist is yet to open up about her actual earnings.

Well, the average salary of entertainment reporter in the United States is around $40,500-$56,200, so is alleged to be her income range.

Till date, Asner has worked for many other famous tabloid show Hard Copy, and TV programs Live by Request, Good Morning England, and Wild On!

Novel & Movie Contribution

Jules Asner is the author of the novel Whacked, a bestseller on Amazon. Well, Miramax Books purchased the publishing rights of her novel, however, put curtains over the deal amount.

The novel released on June 3, 2008, is available on Amazon: $10 for Hardcover and $11.35 for a paperback.

Apart from these, Asner also wrote the screenplay for film Logan Lucky (2017) by Soderbergh. The film made the gross collection of $48.5 million over the budget of $29 million.

In addition to that, she had uncredited rewrite work on the 2012 film Magic Mike; made on the budget of $7 million and grossed $167.2 million.

Any Endorsement & Charity?

For now, the details on her endorsement deals or earnings from sponsorships is not out. But probably has the potential to collect massive sum, if she signs deals.

For a fact, Jules Asner is not active on social media platforms like Instagram and Twitter, where other celebrities command thousand or even tens of thousand dollars per sponsored post.

As her daily life updates, Asner’s charity and donation works is low-key but reportedly has associations with many non-profit organizations. Hope the detail will be out soon.

Assets, Lifestyle & Expenses

Married twice in her life, Jules Asner currently lives with her second husband Steven Soderbergh in their luxurious mansion in Los Angeles, California.

As pre Virtual Globe Trotting, the couple bought the 2,832 sq. ft. property featuring 4 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms in September 2005 for $2.15 million.

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Well, the median house price in Los Angeles is $570,500, along with a house insurance premium of $1,360 which is 37% more than the state mean.

Surely, owning such a hefty fortune and as the wife of millionaire filmmaker Steven Soderbergh (worth $40 million), Asner lives a lavish lifestyle and owns a jaw-dropping property empire.

However, regarding her asset collection including cars, Jules Asner is yet to disclose the details.

It’s sure that with massive earnings and enjoying the daily life luxury, she does have huge expenses. The list of Jules’ expenditure includes costly clothes, travels, and tax payments.

Expenses On Tax

As we all know, either they are celebrities or an ordinary citizen of the USA, all are liable to pay taxes: property tax and income tax. Well, as per calculation from, Jules Asner’s house in LA, CA calls out 0.793% of its assessed value as property tax, which will be $17,000 upon its value of $2.15 million.

In addition to that, she does have to pay income tax which snatches away $19,650 upon the annual revenue of $100,000.

Jules Asner
Source: YouTube

Well, those neglecting the tax policy are convicted criminals and are subjected to fines and legal punishments. Check out the famous celebrities’ tax invasion in history.

Jules Asner’s Personal Life: Age, Education, Family  & Married Life

Jules Asner, born on February 14, 1968, to Lee White, is an American by nationality and is of white ethnicity. The native of Tempe, Arizona, the USA, Asner’s birth name is Julie Ann White.

She graduated from McClintock High School in Tempe in 1986 and enrolled at the University of California, Los Angeles where he obtained a degree in Political Science.

For a fact, during her early modeling days, Asner shared a bunkroom with Cindy Crawford, an American model, and actress.

As of June 2022, her age is 54 and has a height of 5 ft. 10 inches (178 cm).

Married Life, Husband & Divorce

Well, Asner has been married twice in her life and currently lives with her second husband Steven Soderbergh. Steven is an American filmmaker, screenwriter, and producer.

The duo exchanged vows on May 10, 2003, and is together ever since, without any mishaps of divorce. Even it’s been 16 years since their marriage, Steven and Asner are yet to share any children.

But she is the step-mother to Steven Soderbergh’s daughter, Sarah.

Prior to Soderbergh, Jules was in a marital relationship with Matthew Asner, a film producer. The duo married in 1992 but divorced after 4 years in 1996.

Did you know? Since the age of 11, Jules has been 5 ft. 10 inches tall.