Late Canadian actor John Candy was a well-known name for fans of comedy and films. He spent 22 years in show business and was a leading comedian during his time. He worked extensively both on TV and film.

Some of his best known-works include Stripes, Splash, Cool Runnings, Summer Rental, etc. Before this, he worked on small roles on TV shows but at the time of his death was a very popular comedian who had gotten the lead parts in many films and shows.

What Was The Net Worth Of John Candy At The Time Of His Death?

John Candy was valued at $15 million at the time of his demise in 1994. The bulk of his wealth was thanks to his career in show business.

His first on-screen appearance was a role on Cucumber in 1972 then, an uncredited role in Class of ’44 followed. Then after another minor role, he was cast in a regular role on Dr. Zonk and the Zunkins.

Career Insight

After getting the regular role in Dr. Zonk and the Zunkins, he was cast in another show The David Steinberg Show in 1976. The same year, he was also made a part of the ensemble at 90 Minutes Live.

He was a regular character on Coming Up Rosie from 1976 to 1977 and played Johnny LaRue along with other characters on Second City TV which was one of his first long-running roles on TV.

In 1980, he worked on the T film The Courage of Kavik, the Wolf Dog. He made an uncredited appearance on Saturday Night Live in 1981.

The comedian continued his turn as Johnny LaRue on SCTV Network 90. After this, he worked on a number of TV films before voicing a regular character on Camp Candy. He narrated an episode of Shelley Duvall’s Bedtime Stories in 1992, the same year he played a role in Boris and Natasha: The Movie.

His last work on the small-screen was made for TV movie Hostage for a Day in 1994.

The star’s debut on film came in 1973 when he played Paule on the Class of ’44. Two years later, he appeared in It Seemed Like a Good Idea at the Time. Similarly, he played roles on Tunnel Vision, The Clown Murders, and Find the Lady in 1976.

He followed up this with a performance on The Silent Partner in 1978. The star played roles in ’Lost and Found’ and ‘1941’ in 1979.

In 1980, he played roles on Top Kid, Deadly Companion, and The Blues Brothers. Some of the other films he worked in the early 80s are It Came from Hollywood, National Lampoon’s Vacation, Going Berserk, Splash, etc.

Similarly, he was cast on ‘Armed and Dangerous’ and Little Shop of Horrors. He gave what would become one of his best-known roles in 1987 when he worked on “Planes, Trains, and Automobiles”.

He was a minor character on Home Alone in 1990, after a few film roles, he worked on Wagons East and Canadian Bacon, both these films were released after his death.

Short Biography

John Candy was born John Franklin Candy on October 31, 1950, in Newmarket, Ontario, Canada to Sidney James Candy and Evangeline Candy. 

He went to Neil McNeil Catholic High School and later went to Centennial College. He also joined McMaster University after that.

Candy was married to Rosemary Margaret Hobor from April 28, 1979, until his death.

Cause Of Death

Candy passed away on March 4, 1994, after suffering from a presumed Myocardial infarction. He was on vacation from filming (Wagons East) in Durango City, Mexico.

The day before his death, he called his friends telling them that he would sell his Canadian Football League team, Toronto Argonauts. He had even contacted his assistant who invited him to play golf.

Both of his films that were unreleased at the time were released posthumously and honored him. He also had some unfinished works. He was set to collaborate with Sylvester Stallone.

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