Joey Jordison is an American music personality best as the former drummer and co-songwriter of the American heavy metal band Slipknot (1995- 2013) and later in Murderdolls (2002- 2004, 2010- 2011).

The former co-founder member of Slipknot, Jordison has also worked in bands like Scar the Martyr, Vimic and Sinsaenum.

Jordison is a versatile artist who moonlighted as record producer, songwriter, and played multiple instruments such as drums, guitar, bass and percussion.

Net Worth of Joey “Superball” Jordison

Jordison who is currently with his fifth band Sinsaenum, embraced music at an early age after his parents sat him down in front of the radio. Initially he learned to play guitar, later expanding his skills to playing drums after he was gifted his first drum kit when he was 8.

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Joey has a net worth of $5 million as of February 2020.

Co-Founded Slipknot In 1995 & Left In 2013

On November 1995, Jordison was invited to attend the rehearsal of the band called The Pale Face. After a couple of sessions, Jordison immediately joined the band.

Thereafter with his band members: Shawn Crahan and Paul Gray, Joey co-founded Slipknot, later joined by Corey Taylor, Craig Jones, Mick Thomson, Sid Wilson and Jim Root.

Band members slipknot
Heavy Metal Band Slipknot

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As for a fact, Jordison suggested that the band to change their name Slipknot. Later in 1999, they release the debut self-titled album Slipknot  that became 2-time RIAA Platinum certified.

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The band’s line changed throughout the years as some members left while adding new ones.

The complete list of the members of the band is:

Member’s Name Years Involved
Corey Taylor 1997 – present
Joey Jordison 1995 – 2013
Shawn Crahan 1995 – present
Jim Root 1999 – present
Paul Gray 1995 – 2010
Sid Wilson 1998 – present
Chris Fehn 1998 – 2019
Mick Thomson 1996 – present
Jay Weinberg 2014 – present
Craig Jones 1996 – present
Alessandro Venturella 2014 – present
Anders Colsefni 1995 – 1997

Jordison stayed with the band until 2013, when he was apparently fired from the band due to his declining ability to play drums caused by a neurological disease called transverse myelitis.

The earnings of his projects with Slipknot are:

Year Band Album/Record Earnings
1999 Slipknot Slipknot $2,490,000
Welcome to Our Neighborhood $1,000,000
2001 Slipknot Iowa $1,485,000
2002 Murderdolls Beyond the Valley of the Murderdolls $1,200,000
2002 Slipknot Disasterpieces $4,100,000
2004 Slipknot Vol. 3: The Subliminal Verse $1,678,000
2005 Slipknot 9.0: Live $500,000
2006 Slipknot Voliminal: Inside the Nine $1,000,000
2008 Slipknot All Hope Is Gone $1,423,000
2010 Slipknot (sic)nesses $1,000,000
2012 Slipknot Antennas to Hell $16,000

Post-Slipknot Career

After splitting up with the Slipknot in 2013, Jordison has been a part of multiple projects including Scar the Martyr, Vimic and Sinsaenum. Even during his time with the Slipknot, Jordison was involved with a horror metal band called Murderdolls.

The musician has also collaborated with other bands such as Korn, Metallica, Rob Zombie, and Ministry.

Personal Life

Nathan Jonas Jordison was born on 26 April 1975 to Steve and Jackie Jordison in Des Moines, Iowa. He is the elder brother to two sisters: Anne and Kate. Jordison started to indulge in music at an early age playing guitars and drums.

His parents divorced when Jordison was young and he lived with his mother who married another man.

Joey Jordison
Joey Jordison without his mask

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Jordision worked in a local music store after dropping out of school and pursued a career in music by forming multiple local bands before finally being established with the Slipknot.

Jordison has been battling with acute transverse myelitis since the beginning of 2010. This eventually served as the reason for the exile of the musician from Slipknot. The 44-year-old musician also had a visit to the emergency room in 2012 after he burst his appendix right before a concert.