What Is The Net Worth Of Joaquin Phoenix?

Joaquin Phoenix is an American actor, producer, and activist with a net worth of around $60 million. He is best known for starring in the Hangover series and starred as the Joker in the 2021 film under the same name.

For his work in film and TV, Joaquin has won a Grammy Award, a Golden Globe Award, and three Academy Award nominations.

Net Worth Details: Career And Income Sources

Phoenix started his acting career alongside his brother and his sister in the film SpaceCamp. He shortly left acting until turning 20 and returned in 1995.

Since then, he has played in many big-name blockbusters and some of them are listed below:

Movie Budget Box Office
The Village $60 million $256.7 million
To Die For $20 million $21 million
The Immigrant $16 million $5.9 million
Walk the Line $28 million $186.4 million
Gladiator $103 million $460.5 million

Joaquin’s co-stars include Robert De Niro, Alec Baldwin, among others. He is now a DC actor with the likes of Nicole Kidman, Jason Momoa, Margot Robbie, Christian Bale, and Ben Affleck to name a few. He topped People’s magazine being the highest-paid actor for 2019, with an estimated $82 million earning.

Joaquin has also served the role of director and producer. He directed music videos for Ringside, She Wants Revenge, People in Planes, Arckid, Albert Hammond Jr, and Silversun Pickups.

He has served as one of the executive producers of a TV show called 4Real. He is also listed as a producer of We Own The Night. He also produced the opening track of Pusha T’s “My Name is My Name” alongside Kanye West.

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However, he stated:

“While it was widely reported that Pusha T used my beat and that I produced his song, I can’t take any credit. A friend’s son played me his music, and all I did was make an introduction to Kanye’s camp.”

He has also produced a pro-vegan health show on Netflix and a documentary about LGBT teenagers in summer camp.


Joaquin’s Assets: House & Cars

Phoenix just bought a $1.3 million house in LA that spans an area of 2,511 square feet. He bought his main 3,753 square foot house in 2006 for $4.8 million and sit right beside his new house.

The details of Phoenix’s cars are unknown, however, he has been spotted with a yellow Ducati.

Charity And Endorsements

Phoenix is a social activist and supports a number of charities and humanitarian organizations. He is on the board of directors for The Lunchbox Fund, a non-profit organization that provides daily meals to students of township schools in Soweto of South Africa.

Joaquin has been a vegan since the age of 3 and is an animal rights supporter. He has been on campaigns for PETA and in Defence of Animals.  

Animal Rights Activism

He has collaborated with many animal rights organizations to spread awareness about animal abuse and promote veganism.


He doesn’t wear animal skin clothes and requests movie costumes to be made out of synthetic materials. He narrated Earthlings in 2005 for Nation Earth. He narrated his second documentary for the channel along with fellow vegan celebs, Ellen DeGeneres and Jessica Chastain.

Recently, he participated in a vegan movement carrying dead animals around the world’s largest cities.

Tax And Insurance

Joaquin Phoenix’s tax and insurance details are unknown but based on his net worth and earnings, it can be estimated that he has all of his tax and insurance needs to be met.

The Personal Life Of Joaquin Phoenix

Joaquin Phoenix was born on October 28, 1974, in San Juan, Puerto Rico, the US to parents John Lee Bottom and Arlyn Phoenix. He is the third of five children; River, Rain, Liberty, and Summer.

He also has a half-sister named Jodean from his dad’s previous relationship. His parents followed the cult Children Of God but renounced from the cult and changed their last name to Phoenix.

As a child, he along with his siblings performed in the streets until being discovered by Iris Burton, who gave each of them acting work in TV shows and commercials.

Relationships: Wife Or No?

Phoenix has dated the following women:

  • Abbotts co-star Liv Tyler (1995 to 1998)
  • South African model, Topaz Page-Green (2001-2005)
  • DJ Allie Teilz (2013-2015)

He is currently in a relationship with actress Rooney Mara.

Alcoholism And Accident

In April 2005, Joaquin checked into rehab for alcoholism but now has controlled his drinking habits.

On January 26, 2006, he flipped his car which was reported to have been caused by brake failure. Shaken and confused, he was helped by a man out of the car, who was later revealed to be German film director, Werner Herzog.

It was accounted that Phoenix was about to light a cigarette in the car but was stopped by Herzog who saw oil leaking in the cabin.


Age & Height

Joaquin Phoenix is 48 years of age and stands 173 cm or 5 feet 8 inches tall.