Idris Elba, an English-born actor, producer & musician is among Top-20 highest-grossing actors with global box office collection over $9.8 billion (report of May 2019).

Elba got his career breakthrough from the HBO series The Wire (2002- 2004) & gained further fame portraying DCI John Luther in crime-drama TV series Luther (2010- Present).

Having portrayed Nelson Mandela in the biopic Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom (2013), the Golden Globe-winning actor ‘s movie career shined after playing Heimdall in Marvel movies: Thor film series, Avengers: Age of Ultron (2015) and Avengers: Infinity War (2018).

How Much Is Idris Elba’s Net Worth In 2020?

Professional since 1994, Idris’ acting venture in movies, as well as TV, indeed became a key to his massive fame & fortune. According to Celebrity Net Worth, 47-year-old Elba has a net worth of $25 million as of March 2020.

No doubt, his appearance in commercial-hit films: Thor film series (2011, 2013 & 2017), Avengers (2 films; Age of Ultron in 2015 & Infinity War in 2017), Star Trek Beyond (2016) & Hobbs & Shaw (2019), gained him access to a hefty payroll.

Idris Elba professional since 1994, is a millionaire & owns $25 million net worth in 2020
Idris Elba professional since 1994, is a millionaire & owns $25 million net worth in 2020

Source: Independent

As per IMDB, for playing Brixton Lore in the 2019 film Fast & Furious Presents: Hobbs & Shaw alongside Dwayne Johnson and Jason Statham, Idris earned a whopping salary of $8 million.

Moreover, since 2010, Idris works in BBC crime-drama series Luther starring Ruth Wilson, Steven Mackintosh, Saskia Reeves, and Paul McGann.

Aside from a lead role in the series, he also works as its associate producer earns $1 million, according to The Richest.

Acting Career Success: TV Series & Movie Box Office

Already associated with National Youth Music Theatre, Idris gained on-screen debut in 1994 through TV series: 2point4 Children, Space Precinct & The Bill (1994- 1995).

In 1996, he gained a significant role through The Governor, a short-lived TV drama series & worked in Insiders (1997) & Family Affairs (1997). In 1999, Elba made his film debut in French film Belle Maman.

His major career breakthrough came through TV series The Wire (2002- 2004) where he played Russell Bell & appeared in 37 episodes.

Elba plays John Luther in TV series Luther since 2010
Elba plays John Luther in TV series Luther since 2010

Source: Radio Times

Thereafter, following a series of TV gigs including guest roles in CSI: Miami (2003) & The Office (2009), Idris landed in the main role, DCI John Luther, in crime drama series Luther (2010- Present).

As for a fact, the series Luther earned him 4 nominations for Golden Globe Award (won one) & also won him one Screen Actor Guild Awards.

Moreover, out of 5 Primetime Emmy nominations, 4 of them are from his role in Luther but is yet to win any.

Did you know? Initially, Idris did odd jobs like tire-fitting & night shifts at Ford Dagenham. Later by the age of 19, he worked as DJ & pursued acting in during his early twenties.

Films & Box Office Collection:

Idris, in 2007, earned his first lead role in the film through Daddy’s Little Girls & also appeared as in minor-role in the box-office hit American Gangster (2007) starring Denzel Washington and Russell Crowe.

Then, Elba’s got the role of Heimdall (the sole protector of the Bifröst in Asgard) in the Marvel movie Thor (2011) & would appear in its film series: Thor: The Dark World (2013) & Thor: Ragnarok (2017).

The 3 film series featuring Chris Hemsworth, Natalie Portman (no roles in Ragnarok) & Cate Blanchett made a total of $1.9481 billion.

Idris Elba played Heimdall in Thor film series & 2 of Avenger movies (in 2015 & 2017)
Idris Elba played Heimdall in Thor film series & 2 of Avenger movies (in 2015 & 2017)

Source: Tumblr

Moreover, Idris’ character Heimdall appeared in other Marvel films: Avengers: Age of Ultron (2015) & Avengers: Infinity War (2018).

Some of his other appearances in commercially hit-films include: Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance (2011), Prometheus (2012) 
Pacific Rim (2013), Star Trek Beyond (2016) and Hobbs & Shaw (2019).

Reportedly, by May 2019, Elba became one of the Top-20 highest-grossing actors with his films grossing $3.6 billion in North America only- totaling over $9.8 billion worldwide.

Check out Edris Elba’s film box-office collection:

Movie Budget Box Office
American Gangster (2007) $100 million $266.5 million
Thor (2011) $150 million $449.3 million
Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance (2011; the role of Moreau) $57-75 million $132.6 million
Prometheus (2012; the role of Captain Janek) $120-$130 million $403.4 million
Pacific Rim (2013; played Stacker Pentecost) $180- $200 million $411 million
Thor: The Dark World (2013) $170 million $644.8 million
Avengers: Age of Ultron (2015) $444-$495.2 million $1.403 billion
Star Trek Beyond (2016) $185 million $343.5 million
Thor: Ragnarok (2017; portrayed Krall/Balthazar Edison) $180 million $854 million
Avengers: Infinity War (2018) $316- $400 million $2.048 billion
Hobbs & Shaw (2019) $200 million $760.4 million

Interesting Fact: In 2016,  he was awarded OBE (Officer of the Order of the British Empire).

Music Career: 3 EPs & 1 Album

Aside from acting, Idris also got his hands in the music industry & has released 3 EPs- debut EP, Big Man, was released in 2006 & album Idris Elba Presents mi Mandela was released in November 2014.

List of Idris’ EPs:

  1. Big Man (2006)– 4 songs
  2. Kings Among Kings (2009)– 6 songs
  3. High Class Problems Vol. 1 (2010)

Also, he co-produced Jay-Z’s 2007 album American Gangster.

As for a fact, in May 2018, Elba DJ’d the reception of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.

What Is Idris Elba Currently Doing?

Meanwhile, the London-born 6 ft. 2.5 inches tall actor is busy with his upcoming projects:

  1. Concrete Cowboys (2020, as Harp) alongside Caleb McLaughlin
  2. The Suicide Squad aka Suicide Squad 2 (2021) starring Margot Robbie & Viola Daviscurrently under post-production.

Furthermore, Elba is set to share the screen with Tilda Swinton in the upcoming epic fantasy romance film Three Thousand Years of Longing (currently filming).

Owns House In London: What Car He Drives?

Currently, Idris Elba lives in his house in East London, England, which he bought in March 2016 for £2.5 million.

In February 2017, the English actor as well as DJ made highlights after his plans to renovate his house & build an underground studio in his basement, fired up neighbors.

Since no publicly disclosed statements or update on the issue is out.

Idris Elba's house in Hackney, London
Idris Elba’s house in Hackney, London

Source: Daily Mail

An avid fond of cars, Elba owns Toyota Avalon and Jaguar XE (worth $80,000).

Divorced 2 Times & Lives With 3rd Wife: Any Children?

The Luther actor has been married 3 times & now, lives with third wife Sabrina Dhowre, a model. The duo met at a party during the shooting of the film The Mountain Between Us (2017) in Vancouver, British Columbia.

After dating nearly a year, they got engaged in February 2018 & exchanged vows on April 26, 2019.

Idris Elba and his third wife Sabrina Dhowre
Idris Elba and his third wife Sabrina Dhowre

Source: MSN

The duo is yet to share any children.

Prior to Sabrina, the English actor already married twice & divorced both. First, he was in marital relationship with Kim Nørgaard from June 1999 to 2003; they even welcomed daughter Isan Elba (born in 2002) & Kim has her custody.

Thereafter, he had short-lived marriage (only 4 months) with second wife Sonya Hamlin; they married on April 9, 2006, but divorced on August 11, 2006.

Idris Elba is also father to a son named Winston (born in 2014) shared with ex-girlfriend Naiyana Garth.


Idris Elba was born Idrissa Akuna Elba on September 6, 1972, in Hackney, London, England, the UK. His father Winston, a worker at the Ford Dagenham plant was from Sierra Leonean while mother Eve had Ghanaian descent.

Idris Elba & his mother Eve
Idris Elba & his mother Eve

Source: Daily Mail

Raised in Hackney and East Ham, Elba attended a local school but left in 1988 to pursue acting & was accepted at National Youth Music Theatre- thanks to Prince’s Trust grant of £1,500.

The English actor credits Prince’s Trust as the main factor for ignition of career success & in 2009, became its anti-crime ambassador.

Now, Elba also has associations with other non-profit organizations: Cancer Research UK, ONE Campaign and Staying Alive Foundation.