Despite coming from a family of renowned singers, actors, and Spanish-Filipino singer Enrique Iglesias never wanted his family name to become a cornerstone for his musical success. The King of Latin Pop made his debut into music as a regular artist and climbed the stairs of stardom like any other musician.

Having sold over 130 million records worldwide and with over 150 number-one songs, the Grammy Award-winning has accumulated an estimated net worth of $100 million.

The article below talks about how Enrique Iglesias went on to become Enrique Martinez and then back again with a million-dollar fortune.

Birth Of Enrique Martinez

Enrique Iglesias was born as the third and the youngest son of Julio Iglesias and Isabel Preysler. His father was a Spanish singer while his mother served as a socialite and a magazine journalist. His mother’s aunt is Neile Adams, an actress, who is the first spouse of actor Steve McQueen.

Spanish Filipino Singer, Enrique Iglesias
Caption: Enrique Iglesias

Image Source: NYC Monthly

Enrique never wanted his father to discover his plans to become a singer and also didn’t want to use the surname Iglesias to help him move forward with his career. Instead, he adopted the name, Enrique Martinez, and identified himself as a singer from Guatemala.

The Spanish singer borrowed cash from his family nanny, Elvira Olivares, to record a demo tape. The tape consisted of two English songs and a Spanish song.

After recording the tape he approached Fernan Martinez, his father’s previous publicist. The tape helped him land a recording deal with Fonovisa Records.

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From A Singer To The King Of Latin Pop

Enrique dropped out of the University of Miami and traveled to Toronto to record his debut album, Enrique Iglesias. The album has sold over 6 million records worldwide and earned more than $1.6 million.

Album cover of Enrique Iglesias' Enrique Iglesias
Caption: Album cover of the album Enrique Iglesias

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The album included songs like Trapecista, No Lores Por Mi, and Por Amerte which went on to top the Latin Billboard charts. Further, the album helped him win a Grammy Award in the category for Best Latin Pop Performance.

Like other musical crossover artists namely Ricky Martin and Gloria Estafan, Enrique also started singing songs in the English language and grabbed the attention of actor Will Smith who asked him to contribute to the soundtrack of Wild Wild West. In the movie, he sang the song Bailamos, which is sung in Spanglish.

By the end of 2000, Enrique recorded two other albums Vivir and Cosas Del Amor which had earnings of  $1,200,000 and $100,000.

In 2000, the Spanish-Filipino singer signed a record deal worth $68 million with Interscope Records. He recorded his first English album titled Enrique, which had estimated earnings of $13 million. The album included a cover song of Bruce Springsteen’s Sad Eyes.

His other albums are enlisted below along with their earnings:

  • Escape (2001) – $13,200,000
  • Quizás (2002) – N/A
  • 7 (2003) – $300,000
  • Insomniac (2007) – $1,100,000
  • Euphoria (2010) – $4,800,000
  • Sex and Love (2014) –  $480,000

He is one of the best selling Spanish singers and has sold over more than 130 million records across the world. Enrique’s 5 songs have reached Billboard Hot 100 which included 2 songs on #1.

Iglesias is the record holder for having 27 songs in the Spanish language which have been listed in Billboard’s Hot Latin Tracks charts. Further, the singer has had 14 number-one singles on the Billboard’s list of Dance/Club Songs chart, a feat which hasn’t been achieved by any male artist. For these, he has been named the King of Latin Pop and King of Dance by Billboard.

Tours And Concerts

In 2011 he toured fro the promotion of his album Euphoria and performed in 38 venues. The overall earnings from the tour were estimated to be $30 million.

He also toured with Jennifer Lopez in the Dance Again World tour in 2012. The estimated earnings from the sales of the tickets were calculated to be $52.6 million.

Enrique’s Lifestyle As A Millionaire

Enrique resides in his $26 million house in Miami with his wife, Anna Kournikova who is a professional tennis player, and twins Nicholas and Lucy.

Enrique Iglesias' Miami House
Caption: Enrique Iglesias’ $26 million Miami House

Image Source: YouTube

Before that he owned another house in Miami, which he bought for $1.8 million in 2015. The property was listed for $4.8 million in 2018.

Iglesias owns a BMW X3 of $41,000 to chauffeur him around.

He believes in leading a very healthy lifestyle which comprises mostly playing sports, swimming and surfing in the ocean.