Late Kansas City Chiefs’ Lamar Hunt owner was a member of the Hunt family, who is one of the richest families in the world. Hunt founded The Kansas City Chiefs and was also a prominent founding member of the American Football League (merged with the NFL in 1966).

The Hunt family owns some of the biggest oil companies in the world, and they earned their fortune from the investments made by the late patriarch of the Hunt family, H.L. Hunt.

The late H.L. Hunt had 15 children; among them, Lamar Hunt was the founder of the Kansas City Chiefs who won the Superbowl in 2020. As per the sources, they earned from the win.

Lamar also inherited $700 million ($3.6 billion) as per Casino when his father passed away.

What Is The Hunt Family’s Net Worth And Income Sources?

According to data from Forbes, the family was worth a combined $15.3 billion.

The late H.L. Hunt accumulated a lot of wealth during his lifetime, and he is the primary reason for the family’s immense wealth.

Hunt founded the American Football League
Hunt founded the American Football League

Source: Wiki

The most famous business owned by one of the Hunt’s is the Kansas City Chiefs, but in addition to this, the family members have a lot of businesses to their name.

HL Hunt himself had an oil company, and it is his early investments that made him worth $2 billion at the time of his death in 1974 (aged 85).

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With the profits from the oil company, he invested in businesses like publishing, cosmetics, and even pecan farming.

One of the most interesting businesses they have invested in is the underground business complex in Kansas named SubTropolis.

Journey To Becoming A Billionaire 

When HL Hunt first started out, he took a $50 loan from someone he knew and headed to Arkansas. There he began trading in various leases, and he was well of by 1930.

HL Hunt was an oil tycoon who passed away in 1974

He was still not done, though, as he invested $30,000 on 4,000 acres of land that promised to be rich in oil. The filed turned out to be one of the richest oil deposits in the USA, instantly making him a billionaire.

Not all well for the though as after his death, two of his sons tried to corner the world silver market, causing a steep downfall in silver prices.

After this loss, the family also invested in a sugar business that flopped and reduced almost a third of heir wealth at the time.

How Many Members Are There In The Hunt Family?

HL Hunt got married three times and had 15 children out of which most have passed away. The following list is of his children.

  1. Swanee Hunt
  2. Helen LaKelly Hunt
  3. June Hunt
  4. Ray Lee Hunt
  5. Hugh S. Hunt
  6. Lamar Hunt
  7. Helen Lee Cartledge Hunt
  8. William Herbert Hunt
  9. Haroldina Franch Hunt
  10. Howard Lee Hunt
  11. Nelson Bunker Hunt
  12. Lyda Bunker Hunt
  13. Caroline Rose Hunt
  14. L. “Hassie” Hunt III
  15. Margaret Hunt Hill