How Lavish Is The Life Of First Billionaire President Donald Trump? 

President Donald Trump is estimated to have a net worth of around $3.1 billion according to Celebrity Net Worth, whereas, The Richest claims his net worth to be approximately $3.5 billion.

As per several sources, his fortune is in between $2.5 million to $3.5 billion. He accumulates his huge fortune from his career as an American politician, real-estate developer, an author, and a TV personality.

Years Net Worth
2007 $1.4 billion
2008 $1.5 billion
2009 $1.6 billion
2010 $2 billion
2011 $2.4 billion
2012 $2.9 billion
2013 – 14 $3.1 billion
2015 $3.5 billion
2016 $4.5 billion
2018 $4.1 billion
2019 $3.5 billion

Donald Trump is the current 45th president of the United States of America. He took over the position of Barack Obama and defeating his candidate Hilary Clinton in November 2016.

At the time, he entitled the chair with a salary of around $400 thousand per year in 2016. His salary increased dramatically and is earning around $60 million per year as of 2019 through his diverse career.

Sources: The Arizona Republic

Interesting Fact: When Donald Trump announced that he was running for the President, he revealed data that he has an estimated personal wealth of $9.7 billion. Moreover, various analyst claims his net worth to be $3 million to $9 billion.

As of 2019, a verified source Forbes billionaires verified Trump’s net worth at around $3.1 billion which made him the 715th richest persona in the world and 295th richest in the United States.

Donald Trump Income Sources

Donald Trump As The President Of The United States

As above discussed, he receives a salary of around $400 thousand for handling the position of the President in the United States of America. After taking the oath, in 2016, he promised that he would only take one dollar salary similar to Larry Page, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Michael Bloomberg, Elon Musk, among many others. But it was discussed that Trump taking only $1 salary.

Did You Know? Donald Trump raised over $957.6 million for the presidential campaign. Here are the full details.

For the first three months, he donated his salary to the National Park Service.

Donald Trump As A Brand

Business Empire

Donald Trump inherited his father’s business after his father died in 1999. A source reported that he got a fortune of around $60 million at that time.

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Trump further adds huge money to his net worth from his investments in several businesses and real estate. After his inheritance of his father’s real estate company, The Trump Organization.

Interesting fact: In 1968, at the time of his graduation, Trump received around $1 million as the untaxed gifts from his father.

Trump’s first investment as per Wikipedia was an unsuccessful investment into a commercial foray of around $70 thousand at the age of 23.

Regarding his total investments in business ventures including hotels, golf resorts, and other properties, his total assets cost totals $6.1 billion as of 2019 excluding approximately $116 million in financial investments and $663 million in miscellaneous funds.

So far, he has the millions and billions of investments according to his Trump’s disclosure documents. According to the same source, he has around 170 employment assets and 326 other assets. Moreover, out of those, his 20 to 30 assets are listed over $50 million.

Trump’s Business and assets Business Values
Trump Tower Triplex $70 million
Trump’s 1290 Avenue of the Americas $2.1 billion
Trump’s Spring Creek Towers $1.2 billion
Trump’s International Hotel $229 million
Trump’s 40 Wall Street $517 million
Trump’s Tower $386 million
Trump’s National Doral Miami Gold Resort $276 million
Mar-a-Lago Club LLC $290 million
Trump Tower Commercial LLC $470 million
Trump National Golf Club – Washington DC $200 million

Some of his other miscellaneous assets which list over $50 million are other golf courts in Westchester, Colts Neck and Scotland, 401 North Venture Wabash LLC, Trump Turnberry, The Trump Corporation, and many others.

Trump University And Foundation

Trump ran an American for-profit education company from 2005 to 2010. The Trump University offered courses relating to real estate, wealth creation, entrepreneurship, under the cost of around $1,500 to $35,000 per course.

Later, Trump and his university were filed a civil lawsuit calming that the Trump University made a false claim and defraud consumers with the name ‘University’ in 2013. He was also liable to change the name, Trump University to Trump Entrepreneurial Institute.

Back in 1988, he also established a US-based private foundation with the initial purpose of giving away the book Trump: The Art of the Deal.

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Professional Sports And Beauty Pageants

Furthermore, a reliable site reported that Trump is making over $70 million to $80 million from his licensing and branding deals. To date, he has signed many professional sportspeople including Doug Flutie for $7 million which made him the highest-paid pro football player in 1985.

Also, he tried to purchase the Cleveland Indians back in 1983 for $13 million but was denied even after increasing the offer to $34 million.

Besides that, Trump also earns from organizing several boxing championships, cycling stage race, and many other programs. He has even hosted the 1988 fight of Mike Tyson.

Apart from that, for around 19 years, Trump owned beauty pageants Miss Universe, Miss USA, and Miss Teen USA. He was the owner of the franchise from 1996 to 2015. Moreover, in 1999, he launched his modeling company, Trump Model Management which was also deliquesced after two years of selling the fashion industry.

Income As An Investor

Although Trump says that he was not enthusiastic to be a stock market provider, Trump has invested around $70 million of his income in share, stocks, bonds, funds, and other holdings.

His investments as of 2019 lists:

Investments Invested Amount
Advantage Plus $1 million to $5 million
AG Diversified Funds $1 million to $5 million
MidOcean Credit Opportunities $2 million
Paulson & Co. $4 million
Angelo, Gordon & Co. $5 million
Obsidian Fund $25 million to $50 million
Baron Capital Management $16.2 million

In 2015, he revealed a report that he collected over $22 million from his $16.2 million investment in Baron Capital. He further reported that he was currently holding the physical gold worth between $100 thousand to $250 thousand.

He mainly earns from his big investments in Bank of America Corporation, The Boeing Company, Facebook Inc. His investments have earned him:

Investment Income from Investments
Bank of America Corporation $6.7 million
The Boeing Company $3.96 million
Facebook Inc $3.85 million

In the like manner, he made somewhere between $33.4 million to $87.9 million back in 2015 which he reinvested in Coca-Cola, Nike, Apple Inc, Google, Johnson & Johnson, Facebook, Verizon Communications, and many others.

A source revealed that he is accounted to have invested around $78 million in several stocks, bonds, hedge funds, and financial market investments.

No. of Investments in Companies Bank Accounts Cash Worth
32 Barclays account $49,021 and $396,001
173 Deutsche Bank N/A
31 Oppenheimer $10,380,031 and $33,301,000
60 JPMorgan $1,251,008 and $2,617,000

Indeed he surely is making half of his income from the investments and shares returns.

Donald Trump As A TV Personality

Besides his presidency and investments, Donald Trump also makes his income for his celebrity appearances. His annual salary from the apprentice is reported to be $60 million per year.

Years Income Sources Earnings
2003 Salary from The Apprentice $50 thousand per episode
2004 Salary from The Apprentice $375 million per season
2011 Income from the Appearance $32 million
2013 Salary from The Apprentice $3 million per episode
2015 Income from the Appearance $213.6 million

Besides that, he has also made an appearance in movies and TV series like Ghosts Can’t Do It, The Nanny, Eddie, Zoolander, Marmalade, Home Alone 2: Lost in New York, 54, NightMan, and many others.

He has also produced TV series including The Apprentice, The Girls of Hedsor Hall, Pageant Place, and others.

Where Does President Donald Trump Live?


He is currently staying at The White House which is obviously not his own property. He owns few lavish mansions which are listed below:

Real Estates Price Features
Beverly Hills, California $25 thousand for rent 6 bedrooms
Mar-a-Lago Purchased in 1985 for $7 million N/A
Seven Springs $7.5 million Indoor pool, 60 rooms, 39 thousand square feet, 13 bathrooms, 12 bathrooms
Trump Parc, 106 Central Park South $100 thousand for rent 38-story Trump Parc condominium skyscraper
Trump Tower penthouse $100 million 3 stories, gold-trimmed furniture, marble floors

Moreover, his previous residences include:

House Location Features
Queens House New York City 24 rooms brick
Manhattan penthouse Phoenix, Upper East Side Manhattan Penthouse apartment
Greenwich mansion Greenwich, Connecticut 20,000 square feet purchased for $4 million
Trump Vineyard Estates Virginia 23,000 square feet, 45 rooms

His drool-worthy car collection includes:

Cars Price
2003 Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren $450 thousand
2015 Mercedes-Benz S600 $142 thousand to $168 thousand
1956 Rolls-Royce Silver Cloud $600 thousand
2015 Rolls-Royce Phantom $450 thousand
2011 Chevy Camaro Indy 500 Pace Car $46 thousand
24-Karat Gold Orange County Chopper $50 thousand to $150 thousand
2016 Cadillac Escalade $62 thousand
Tesla Roadster $200 thousand to $250 thousand
Mercedes-Maybach S600 $353 thousand to $406 thousand
Cadillac Presidential Limo “The Beast” $1.5 million
1993 Cadillac Allante $59 thousand to $77 thousand

Moreover, he previously owned cars like a 1997 Lamborghini Diablo VT for $299 thousand, 2007 Ferrari F430 ($82 thousand to $141 thousand) and many others.

Jets Collection


The aircraft was worth around $65 million to $80 million in 2002. Although Boeing 757-200 costs only $65 million, he spent around $100 million for the customization.

He has his jet equipped with Rolls Royce B211 turbofans, 43 seats, a dining room, bathroom, shower, bedroom, guest room, where most of the tongs are plated with 24-carat gold.

Previously, he was the proud owner of a Boeing 727. He owned the aircraft from 1997 to 2011. Trump bought the plane from Diamond Shamrock Corp. At the present market, the aircraft is available for $22 million but the one used by Trump himself as his private jet was scrapped in 2017 at Montreal-Mirabel International Airport.

Some of his other not exactly impressive but impressive jet collection includes Cessna Citation X ($23.3 million), and Sikorsky S-76 Helicopter ($13 million).

Interesting Fact: Donald Trump also owns a 282 feet yacht which cost him around $29 million back in 1987.

The Dispute On Donald Trump’s Net Worth

Indeed Trump claims his net worth to be $3 billion to $9 billion but sources claim it to be around $10 billion.

As per a reliable site, his fortune is only around $3.5 billion from which, he holds the assets worth $1.4 billion and has a debt of over $265 million.

He took the loan to purchase about 4 properties. He credited more than $50 million for buying and establishing Trump Tower, 40 Wall Street, Trump National Doral, and Trump International Hotel, Chicago.

Debt / Mortgage Estimated price
Trump Tower $50 million to $260 million
40 Wall Street $50 million to $262 million
Trump National Doral $50 million to $175 million
Second Loan of Trump National Doral $5 million to $25 million
Trump International Hotel Springing Loan $50 million
Trump International Hotel Chicago Term Loan $25 million to $50 million
Trump Plaza $5 million to $25 million

After summing up, Trump has an estimated debt of a minimum of $315 million to a maximum of $1.1 billion. He lost $1 billion in 10 years sue to drowned investments and amateur tactics.

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