YouTube is among the most popular social media platforms in the world. Almost everyone in the world has access to it and it is used by almost all the popular celebrities and also it is a marketplace in itself. Well, YouTube is a trend now as well as a phenomenon. Well, casually you can say it is a visual Wikipedia.

We know that Youtube is a source of entertainment and at the same time, it is also a money-making platform. There are many multi-millionaire YouTubers out there, so, how do you think, they make money? How does Youtube decide on money? Stay with us to find all the answers.

A Short History Of YouTube

YouTube started as a business venture of only $11.5 million capital and $8 million investment. And in 2016, the $19.5 million company expanded to a $215 million office park in San Bruno. As of 2022, YouTube is on number 3th of the most used social media.

Some of the verified sources including Forbes reported that You Tubers earns in between $10 to $20 million on an average. They earn as per the views counts on their videos, advertisements, and sponsored videos.

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The more numbers of subscribers you get on your YouTube channel you earn more with each count. Moreover, there are rewards for your creations and videos and it’s called YouTube Creator Rewards, commonly known as YouTube Play Buttons.

The rewards are solely based on the channel’s subscriber count and there are three levels:

1. Silver Play Button – 100,000 subscribers

2. Golden Play Button – 1,000,000 subscribers

3. Diamond Play Button – 10,000,000 subscribers

In addition to that, the one to reach 100,000 subscribers is eligible to get a $500 gift card and a DSLR camera case.

According to a reliable source, You Tubers with the least of 100,000 subscribers can earn an average of $12,500 per upload. Similarly, an You Tuber with a million subscribers earns around $57,200 per upload.

Here is the list of a few of the Richest You Tubers based on their earnings released by NetworthBuzz!

5. Ryan Higa – $10 million

As of 2022, Ryan Higa has an estimated net worth of $10 million with an annual income of around $2 million. He firstly launched the self-titled channel on 20 July 2006 which as of now has a subscriber’s count of around 21 million.

According to verified source SocialBlade, he makes around $5.6k to $89.2k monthly and $66.9k – $1.1 million per annum.

4. Ryan ToysReview – $12 million

Another name on our list is Ryan Kaji. He is 8 years old You Tuber who was listed as the 8th highest-paid YouTube star according to Forbes. He runs YouTube Channels including Ryan ToysReview and Ryan Family Review.

A source reported that Ryan earns around $45.7k to $2.3m per month to $1.7M to $28M annually from his former YouTube channel. Similarly, from his latter channel, he makes around $43.4k to $694.9k monthly and $521.2k to $8.3m per year.

3. Lilly Singh – $17 million

YouTuber Lilly Singh is a multitalented personality having a net worth of $17 million as of 2022. She launched her channel on 29 October 2010 with the name IISuperwomanII. As of now, she has around 14 million subscribers.

SocialBlade reported that Lilly Singh makes around $5.8k to $92.3k per month and $69.3k to $1.1m per year.

2. Jake Paul – $23 million

In 2018, Jake Paul was listed 3rd highest paid You Tuber with an estimated net worth of $23 million. From YouTube, his main earnings are based on the views counts, ads, likes, and subscribers on his self-titled channel and other channel Team 10.

He pockets around $31.9k to $509.7k monthly and from $382.3k to $6.1m per year from his self-titled YouTube channel. Likewise, his other channel Team 10 earns $434 to $6.9k per annum.

1. Markiplier – $25 million

Markiplier is estimated to have a net worth of approximately $24 million as of 2022. He mainly makes his earning from the self-titled YouTube Channel. As a matter of fact, his channel is the 48th most subscribed channel on YouTube with 23.6 million subscribers.

His estimated monthly earnings are around $35.4k to $566.1k and annual income is around $424.6k to $6.8m.