How Much Is The Net Worth Of Harvey Weinstein?

Harvey Weinstein is an American film producer with a net worth of around 60 million. He is popular for producing Oscar-winning movies including Shakespeare in Love, The English Patient, Inglourious Basterds, and many others.

Weinstein had around $300 million net worth at the peak of his career. Lately, all the allegations and compensations have drastically decreased his net worth to $60 million.

Net Worth Details- Salary, Earnings, And Income Sources

As of 2022, Harvey Weinstein is estimated to have a net worth of around $60 million according to Celebrity Net Worth, whereas, The Richest claims his net worth to be approximately $150 million.

He started his career in 1970 with his brother Bob. They launched an independent film production company Miramax. Their first release was a music-oriented concert film, Rockshow. Later, on 30 September 2005, both the brothers sold Miramax and formed another production company, The Weinstein Company with the directors including Quentin Tarantino, and Robert Rodriguez.

Under this production company, he has produced blockbuster movies like:

Movies Budget Box Office
Pulp Fiction $8.5 million $213.9 million
Shakespeare in Love $25 million $289.3 million
Gangs of New York $97 million $193.8 million
The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring $93 million $871.5 million
The Hateful Eight $44 million $155.8 million
The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers $94 million $926 million
The English Patient $27 million $232 million
Good Will Hunting $10 million $225.9 million
Django Unchained $100 million $425.4 million
Inglourious Basterds $70 million $321.5 million

Did You Know? Harvey Weinstein was offered $80 million for the ownership of Miramax by Disney. In 1993, Weinstein sold the company to Walt Disney in between $60 million to $70 million.

Some of his other popular movies include Nine, Scream, Kill Bill: Volume 1, Scary Movie, Grindhouse, Tulip Fever, Spy Kids, The Current War and many other. Likewise, Weinstein has currently produced movies and TV series like Project Runway, Chandra Levy: An American Murder Mystery. As of August 2019, Harvey Weinstein has 328 producing credits.

Besides his producing career, he also tried his hand in acting. He appeared in the movie and TV shows An Alan Smithee Film: Burn Hollywood Burn, Doll & Em, Entertainment Tonight, and many others.

To date, Weinstein has won 22 awards and received 31 nominations. He has won the 1999 Oscar, BAFTA Film Award, Cinema Vanguard Award, Britannia Award, and other 18 Awards.

Interesting Fact: Harvey Weinstein’s company have around 65 BAFTA, 75 Oscars and $2 billion assets with the $100 million of profit.


On 5 October 2017, Harvey Weinstein was accused of sexually harassing, assaulting and raping more than a dozen of women including Actress Rose McGowan and Ashley Judd reported by The New York Times.

Did You Know? Actress Rose McGowan was offered around $1 million by Weinstein as the hush money.

Eventually, it was revealed that he allegedly raped Hollywood A-listers including Rose McGowan, Lysette Anthony, Mimi Haleyi, Dominique Huett, Paz de la Huerta, Zelda Perkins, Emma Loman, and other four women.

Moreover, the lawsuit of sexual allegations was filed against him by actresses such as Gwyneth Paltrow, Mira Sorvino, Angelina Jolie, Lena Headey, Alice Evans, and other 81 sexual assault cases.

Back in 2017 after the #MeToo movement was on hype, Zelda Perkins, a former assistant of Weinstein disclosed that she was given around $165,000 to remain quite on the matter.

In the same year, Jane Doe sued Harvey Weinstein, The Walt Disney, and Barbara Schneeweiss seeking a total of $10 million. In the like manner, a mystery woman filed a lawsuit against Harvey seeking around $365,000 for the damages, personal injury, and loss.

Opposing Harvey Weinstein, many figures spoke out including Barack Obama, Benedict Cumberbatch, Leonardo DiCaprio, Jennifer Lawrence, Jeffrey Katzenberg, James Corden, and many others.

In 2018, he surrendered to the New York police under the charges of rape, criminal sex act, sex abuse and sexual misconduct for incidents involving two separate women. Later, he was released with the bail of $1 million and was liable to wear an ankle monitor. Furthermore, he handed over his passport to the police.

As of 2019, Weinstein’s settlement to resolve the civil lawsuits and compensations to the victims has reached around $44 million.

Assets, Houses, Cars, Expenses, Taxes, Insurances

Harvey Weinstein owned several houses across the world. He and his ex-wife owned Connecticut house valued at $8.5 million to $7 million respectively. He also had a Long Island home which was sold for $12.4 million in 2017. Actually, the house was listed for $13.5 million originally and later reduced to $12.8 million.

He also purchased a townhouse in New York City for $15 million, Beverley Grove cottage for $1.5 million, and Westport house for $1.65 million.

He also owns four cars listing Mercedes Benz ($40,250), Volvo s90 ($41,500), Audi ($49,700), and Lexus ($75,000).

Taxes And Insurance-Weinstein Tax 

After the #MeToo movement gained strength, the government passed the Weinstein tax with tax codes:

Similarly, a reliable site reported that a person with sexual allegation has to pay around 40 % of the tax to their lawyers on the net charges. The provision also made Harvey pay the settlements of around $80,000 to $150,000 to 8 victims over the year.

Well, Harvey Weinstein had insurance from five insurance companies; Federal Insurance Company, Chubb Indemnity Insurance Company, Vigilant Insurance Company, Pacific Indemnity Company, and Great Northern Insurance Company.

The five companies later said that they won’t cover more than 80 sexual assault Lawsuits against Weinstein. The companies claimed that the insurance policies only cover the damages from offense, accident, or occurrence.

The companies also stated that they were under no obligations to cover Weinstein as his actions were ongoing and pervasive, and allegedly criminal, acts of premeditated, forcible, non- consensual sexual and physical assault, physical threats and abuse.

In response, Weinstein proposed a new deal in which insurance policies would cover $44 million if the agreement of selling the Weinstein Company’s assets to an investor group would be finalized.

Charity Works

A source reported that he has made around $1 million donations to the political parties.

Moreover, he is also active in charity events and campaigns like AIDS Charity, Stand Up 2 Cancer and many others.

Harvey Weinstein Personal Life- Age, Married, Wife, Divorce, Childre, Daughter, Son, Past Affairs, Girlfriend, Height, Weight

Harvey Weinstein was born on 19 March 1952 in New York City, New York, the United States. He was born in an American Family to parents; father Max Weinstein and mother Miriam Weinstein and was raised in his hometown with younger brother Bob Weinstein.

As of 2019, Harvey Weinstein is 67 years old. He holds American Nationality and belongs to the white ethnicity.

Coming to his personal life, Harvey Weinstein is currently single. He, however, has been married twice. Previously, he tied the knot to Georgina Chapman in 2007 and divorced on 10 October 2017 stating the sexual allegations as the reason for divorce. The estranged couple is blessed with two children; daughter India Pearl and son Dashiell.

Prior to Chapman, he was in a marital relationship with Eve Chilton for 13 years from 1987 to 2004. The then-husband and wife are blessed with three daughters; Remy (previously Lily), Emma and Ruth.

Regarding his past affairs, he had relationships with Paz de la Huerta, Asia Argento, Hope Exiner d’Amore, Mimi Haleyi, Annabella Sciorra, Lucia Evans, Rose McGowen, and Jennifer Lawrence.

Height And Weight 

Harvey Weinstein stands at the height of 6 feet 0 inches (183 cm) and weighs around 112 kg (246.9 pounds).