Giorgio Armani is a world-famous Italian fashion designer who is widely known for his company, Armani, which he founded in 1975. The brand is one of the most successful designer brands of Italian origin. The living legend in the fashion world is now a billionaire.

Giorgio Armani’s Net Worth In 2020

Upon fulfilling military service, the 85 years old first started his designing profession working as a window dresser at Milan’s department store, La Rinascente, back in 1957. His friend Sergio Galeotti encourage him to start doing freelance design for other companies.

Giorgio left working for Nino Cerruti and later launched his line in the mid-1970s, the main reason behind him being a billionaire today.

Giorgio Armani is one of the most wealthiest fashion designers in the world
Giorgio Armani is one of the most wealthiest fashion designers in the world


As of 2020, Giorgio Armani’s net worth is around $8.3 billion. However, there is still a conflict in the exact figure of his worth; as Bloomberg estimates his net worth at around $6.60 billion, and as per Forbes, his personal fortune is worth around $11 billion.

His luxury brand makes $2.3 billion in revenue per year. He is the creative director of Emporio and Giorgio Armani labels and is also the chairman and CEO of Armani Group.

Sources Of Income; Restaurants, Cafes, Jet, And Superyacht

The designer not only made such a huge cash from fashion, instead all thanks to his investments on restaurants, real estate, interior designs, chocolates, make-up, perfumes, and sportswear.

The fashion designer is the sole owner of Italian fashion-house Giorgio Armani SpA. Back in 2005, he launched Armani Hotels and Resorts; the business now operates extravagant luxury hotels in Milan and Dubai. In 2016, the Dubai location was listed as the most luxurious hotel in the globe.

Do you know, Armani Hotel of Dubai is located in Burj Khalifa? His hotels are widely known for their fantastic services like a spa, three restaurants, nightclubs, and Armani retail stores.

Armani Hotel Dubai
Armani Hotel Dubai

SOURCE: B Static

Not only this, his hotel even hosted fashion events like Vogue Fashion Dubai Experience gala back in 2015. As per the records of December 2019, the cheapest room available to the book was $463.

Armani opened Armani Hotel Milano back in November 2011. Many high-profile celebrities like Isabelle Huppert, Peter Sarsgaard, Maggie Gyllenhaal, Jessica Alba, among others, attended the opening celebration.

He also operates restaurants in a different part of the world like Armani/Ristorante on New York City. Well, besides restaurants, he also has expanded his investment on cafes in Cannes, France, Qatar, and many other places.

Do you know, the fashion designer is also the owner of the luxury furnishing and interior design brand, Armani Casa?

Well, it’s not only clothing and interior design skills, he even has showcased his designing talent on vehicles as well. Back in 2003, he collaborated with Mercedes-Benz in order to design a sleek sports car, Mercedes-Benz CLK. During the time, they were able to sell around 100 cars.

The interior designer uses his private jet to travel to different parts of the world for fashion shows and events relating to his brands. As per sources, for the 2008 Met Gala, George Clooney, David Beckham, and Victoria Beckham, got a chance to ride on his jet.

Armani also owns a jet-black 213-foot superyacht named Main. Italian company Codecasa built the superyacht. However, he designed the interior on his own.