Françoise Yip, born as Françoise Fong-Wa Yip, is a Canadian actress known for her roles in movies like How to Meet the Lucky Stars, Black Mask, and many others.

Well, from her career, Yip has also amassed a decent amount of net worth. Let’s discuss her finance, career, earnings, and professional accomplishments about her life.

What is Françoise Yip’s Net Worth?

As of 2020, Francoise owns a net worth of around $1 million, as per sources. Needless to mention, Yip primarily earns money from her career as an actress.

Francoise owns a net worth of $1 million
Francoise owns a net worth of $1 million

In fact, Françoise Yip has been the part of some of the most successful movies and TV series which have paid her well in terms of salary.

Let’s discuss all her movies and TV works she has appeared.

Françoise Yip’sMovies and TV series

Francoise began her career in 1992 appearing in Ghost Punting, where she portrayed the character of a Policewoman subordinate.

In 1995, she appeared in five projects Fighting for My Daughter, Rumble in the Bronx, Nie Lian, Two Impossible Films, which all proved to be successful.

In 1996, she was the part of How to Meet the Lucky Stars, which is also considered one of the successful movies she has appeared in. Well, she portrayed a character named Francoise in this film.

This was followed by some of her successful portrayals like Black Mask, Futuresport, Romeo Must Die, Mindstorm, and many others.

Her last film appearance was in The Predator, where she portrayed a character named Cullen.

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TV series

Yip made her TV debut in 1998 with Millennium. This was followed by her role as Beverly Wu in Earth: Final Conflict.

In the year 2000, she appeared in Secret Agent Man and Seven Days, where she played Felicia and Li Mai respectively.

Francoise recently appears in The Order
Francoise recently appears in The Order

Following this, he appeared in on some of the successful TV series like These Arms of Mine, RoboCop: Prime Directives, Smallville, Stephen King’s Dead Zone.

From 2018 to 2019, he appeared in 4 episodes of Shadowhunters, where she played Jia Penhallow.

The last TV series he appeared in was in The Order, where he played Kepler. The series also stars actors like Katharine Isabelle, Max Martini, Matt Frewer, Jewel Staite, Ty Wood, and many others.

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Short Bio

Françoise Yip was born on September 4, 1972, in North Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Talking about her parents, her father is a Canadian of Chinese descent and her mother is French-Canadian.