Erin Moran, a late American actress is famous for her role Joanie Cunningham in the TV sitcom Happy Days and its spin-off Joanie Loves Chachi. Professional since 1966, Moran was actively working as an actress until 2012 and later died in 2017.

Well, Moran indeed earned massive fame alongside monetary benefit from her career, making her net worth $50,000. Get details on Erin Moran’s net worth, asset, earnings, salary, and personal life.

Erin Moran’s Net Worth Sits At Just $50,000: Income Source, Earnings & Salary

Even if Moran has left the world, her contribution to acting will always be remembered.

With her professional career of over 16 years, the late actress until her retirement in 2012, earned notable acting credits. Erin Moran had an estimated net worth of $50,000.

The main source of her income was her acting career and made numerous appearances in TV series and movies.

Well, the root to her fame and earnings proved to be the TV sitcom Happy Days (1974-1984) and it’s spin-off Joanie Loves Chachi (1982-1983).

Happy Days starred actors like Ron Howard, Henry Winkler and many other in the lead.

Besides this, Moran also made many other TV appearances in My Three Sons (1960), Daktari (1966), Family Affair (1966), and The Waltons (1971) while her movie credit includes How Sweet It Is! (1968), 80 Steps to Jonah (1969) and Watermelon Man (1970).

Happy Days Salary Payment

As per sources, from Happy Days, Erin Moran earned the salary of $650 per episode in Season 1, $750 per episode in Season 2 and $900 for each episode in Season 3.

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Since the TV sitcom released 11 Seasons with 225 episodes, Moran’s total earnings from Happy Days was estimated to be around $200,000.

Even if she earned acting credits in numerous TV series and movie, the detail on her payroll never came out. Certainly, Erin Moran made hundreds of thousand dollars annual salary while active and alive.

Well, the average salary of a TV actress in the United States is around $50,000.

Massive Company From Lawsuit

Back on April 11, 2011, alongside her Happy Days’ co-star Don Most, Anson Williams, and late Marion Ross, Erin Moran filed a $10 million lawsuit against CBS, who owns the show.

The petition stated that they were not paid merchandising revenues owed under their contracts, while the CBS claim they owed only $8.500-$9,000 for each. Then in July 2012, Erin Moran and other co-stars’ settlement with CBS earned $65,000 to each.

Did Erin Moran Have Any Endorsement Deals?

No, it seems. Erin Moran never was reported to have any massive endorsement details or sponsorships.
Maybe, she did had small endorsements that couldn’t grab the limelight, though could have earned her some bucks.

Erin Moran
Source: YouTube

Asset, Lifestyle, And Expenses

Until 2012 Erin Moran lived in Los Angeles, California, and later moved to California mountains after her acting retirement. With massive fortune, Moran lived a lavish lifestyle and had hard-partying ways.

However, later in 2010, her California house was foreclosed. Probably, Moran had a luxury car collection, but never disclosed the detail.

Fond of costly clothes and travels, Moran had massive expenses while active in her career, but later became broke. Besides her daily expenses, Erin Moran also made bills for tax payments too.

Erin Moran’s Personal Details: Family, Married Life & Death

Born on October 18, 1960, in Burbank, California, the U.S, Moran’s full name is Erin Marie Moran. She was an American by nationality and was of white ethnicity.

The late actress was the second youngest of six children of Sharon and Edward Moran. Two of her actors: John Moran and Tony Moran are both actors.

She Was Married Twice In Her Life

Well, Erin Moran was married twice in her life. She first married her first husband Rocky Ferguson in 1987 and divorced after 6 years in 1993. Well, the exact reason for their divorce never made it to the media.

Then on November 23, 1993, she again exchanged vows with Steven Fleischmann, her second husband until her death, Moran lived with her second husband.

Besides the information on her husbands, there are no information available about her children, also she never spoke any thing about motherhood or children.

Cause Of Death

Erin Moran was spotted dead in Corydon, Indiana, on April 22, 2017. She died at the age of 56. Well, the cause of her death was the stage-four squamous cell carcinoma of the throat.