Eric Roberts is not the most popular of the Roberts siblings — which in and of itself sounds ridiculous considering he has more than 571 acting credits!

But that is to be expected when your younger sister is one of the most famous actresses of all time: Julia Roberts. Nonetheless, Roberts has been an actor since 1977, and throughout that time, he has racked up an impressive catalog of awards and accolades.

He is also the father of Emma Roberts — an actress in her own right.

In this article, we look at the net worth of one of the most prolific actors in history, Eric Roberts.

What Is The Net Worth And Salary Of Eric Roberts?

As of April 2020, Eric Roberts’ net worth is $8 million. As per the reports, he earns $31k-$81k as a salary on average. Eric made his professional debut in 1977 in the NBC daytime soap opera Another World.  

His stock quickly skyrocketed when he landed acclaimed lead roles in such movies as King of the Gypsies (1978) and Star 80 (1983), both of which garnered him Golden Globe Award nominations.

He was also nominated for his first Academy Award and third Golden Globe Award nomination for his role as an escaped convict, Buck McGeehy, in the 1985 indie-action-thriller Runaway Train.

Roberts racked up an impressive catalog of movies and TV roles throughout the years.

From such blockbuster movies as The Dark Knight and The Expendables to such small-budget indie projects as La Cucaracha and A Talking Cat!?!; from such comedies as The Coca-Cola Kid and Nobody’s Fool to such dramas as Final Analysis and The Specialist, Eric Roberts is considered the most prolific actor in history.

On the small screens, Eric has appeared in countless TV shows, miniseries, and animated series.

Most notably, he played the villainous Master in the 1996 TV film based on the eponymous TV show, Doctor Who. He also appeared in TV series like Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, CSI: Miami, Entourage, and The Young and the Restless.

Roberts’ voice was also as distinguished as his on-screen charisma, and he has lent his voice to the Justice League animated series, Justice League Unlimited, and Nickelodeon‘s Danny Phantom, to name a few

Early Life And Childhood

Eric Roberts was born Eric Anthony Roberts on April 18, 1956, the oldest of three born to actors and playwrights Walter Grady Roberts and Betty Lou Bredemus. Born and raised in Biloxi, Mississippi, Eric’s parents found menial jobs when their acting career didn’t pan out. His two younger sisters are Julia Roberts and Lisa Roberts Gillan, both of whom grew up to be actors. 

When his father died, Eric’s mother remarried and had another daughter, Nancy Motes, who died at 37 of an apparent overdose.

Personal Life, Relationships, Marriage, And Children

Roberts had live-in relationships with actress Sandy Dennis and Kelly Cunningham — the result of his relationship with the latter being daughter Emma Roberts.

Emma was born on February 10, 1991, and is Roberts’ only child. Emma followed in her father and her aunts’ footsteps and became an actress.  

Since August 16, 1992, Eric has been married to actress Eliza Rayfiel. He plays stepfather to Eliza’s children from her previous marriage to film producer James Smith, Morgan, and Keaton Simmons.

Controversies And Drug Addiction

Eric would be the first one to admit that he has an alcohol problem. He has gotten in trouble with the law and with those closest to him due to his drinking problem.

In 1987, Roberts got in trouble with the law when he was found with cocaine and marijuana on his person. When the police tried to arrest him, he resisted arrest and assaulted one of them. He spent 36 hours in jail before charges were dropped.

Besides legal troubles, Eric’s addiction also caused a rift between him and his sisters, Julia and Lisa, both of whom became estranged when he couldn’t forego his vices.

He did reconcile with Julia over the birth of her twin boy and girl in November 2004.

Roberts also had a violent altercation with his stepson Keaton, and they had been estranged for 16 years, but they reconciled in 2010 in an episode of Dr. Phil — which Eric had appeared on to discuss his marijuana addiction.