Ed Henry is an American television reporter who started his career as a host for the WMAL Morning News. He is famous as one of the hosts of Fox News Channel based in Washington, D.C. bureau.

Additionally, Ed was also a moderator of the CNN political talk show, Inside Politics. He covered the White House for the channel and later became the senior House correspondent in CNN News.

How Much Is The Net Worth Of Ed Henry?

American TV host Ed Henry has an estimated net worth of $3 million as of 2020.

As per some online sites, Ed earns a salary of $102,080 per year as an employee of Fox News. Generally, the reporters of Fox News earn $74,000, while CNN reporters gain $36,144 to $139,340 per year.

Professional Career

Ed Henry began his career providing political analysis in two local radio shows on WMAL, Washington for WMAL Morning News and The Chris Core Show. For eight years, he covered Roll Call writing at the Heard on the Hill column.

Similarly, the journalist also has been serving as editor at Washingtonian. Also, he was a member of his alma mater, Siena College’s Board of Associate Trustees, from 2011 to 2012.

Did He Leave CNN To Become Senior White House Correspondent In Fox News?  

Ed used to work as the moderator of the CNN political talk show, Inside Politics. Since March 2006, the host covered the White House and finally became the senior White House correspondent in December 2008.

On June 20, 2011, it was announced that CNN correspondent Ed was leaving the channel in order to become the Chief White House correspondent for Fox News on June 20, 2011. As per the CNN insiders, Henry was told that network management would not renew his contract.

America's Newsroom anchor Ed Henry
America’s Newsroom anchor Ed Henry

Image Source: Fox News

The journalist even said that he had no problem to leave CNN News in 2012. Additionally, he also stated that Fox News had been unfairly criticized in the news business, including few at CNN by the public.

Ed Henry served as one of the chief national correspondents and one of the anchors of Fox and Friends Weekend at FOX News. As of 2020, Henry has been hosting the TV show America’s Newsroom with his co-host, Sandra Smith.


CNN’s senior house correspondent won the Everest McKinley Dirksen Award for Distinguished Reporting of Congress from the National Press Foundation in 2005.

Ed gave breaking news for CNN’s “America Votes 2004”, and an exclusive interview with Jeb Bush regarding the Florida governor’s incapability to negotiate for Terri Schiavo.

The NPF judges stated:

Ed submitted five clips that took the story out of the committee room and into the living room. When reporting about Senator Frist’s support of stem cell research, he studied the Senator’s motivations not only from a political standpoint, but also as a scientist. It was a great piece of journalism that may have given us our first glimpse of Frist as his own man running for President.

Later, Ed Henry was presented with the Merriman Smith Award in the broadcast category by the White House Correspondents’ Association for presidential reporting under deadline pressure in 2008.

The award was for his February 14, 2007 news coverage of the Bush administration’s incompatible claim where Iranian officials were behind the permission of sending improvised explosive gadgets to Iraq.

During that time, panel judges also wrote Ed’s reports on CNN News became better with each developing update throughout the day.


Ed Henry was born on July 20, 1971, in Queens, New York, in 1971. Despite the fact, he has a sister named Colleen Henry; there is no information available regarding his parents and other family members.

Did You Know? Ed donated a part of his liver to his sister, who suffered from liver failure on July 10, 2019.

Ed Henry donating part of his liver to his sister Colleen Henry
Ed Henry donating part of his liver to his sister Colleen Henry

Image Source: Washington Post

Everett McKinley Dirksen Award winner attended Siena College and graduated with a bachelor’s degree in English.

Married To CNN Senior Producer

Ed Henry has been married to the CNN senior producer Shirley Hung since June 2010. The wedding took place in Las Vegas, where Mike Emanuel, Frank Pellegrino, and Oscar Goodman attended the marriage as a guest.

Moreover, the reception was held at Society Café Encore Las Vegas, where 22 layer chocolate cake with whipped cream frosting was a fancy replica of the White House, weighing 70 pounds.

Ed Henry and his wife Shirley Hung
Ed Henry and his wife Shirley Hung

Image Source: Flickr

Besides that, their pre-wedding dinner party was at Rao’s, where there was a performance of an Australian vocal group, Human Nature. The band had already entertained the duo after their February engagement.

As of January 2020, Ed lives in Chevy Chase, Maryland, along with his wife and children, Mila Henry and Patrick Henry.

Extra-Marital Affair

In 2016, the Las Vegas hostess and stripper named Lima made an allegation that Ed first became friendly with her, and they started having confidential conversation since 2015’s spring.

Sources claimed that Lima and Ed began spending nights at the Wynn, the place where Henry shared the wedding rings with wife Shirley. According to Lima, the correspondent never informed her about his wedding life, and the duo had ten months affair.

After that, Ed lost the position of White House correspondent and went back to Fox News as a chief national correspondent in late August 2016. In the end, the reporter dropped all contact with Lima in February as per some online sites.