So-Called Freelancer Eamonn Holmes End Up With Unpaid Tax Bills Of £250 Thousand ($323 Thousand)

  1. Eamonn Holmes reported himself to be a freelancer. 
  2. HM Revenue and Customs say Mr. Holmes owes £250 thousand to the government.
  3. Eamonn himself vehemently denied that he is excusing taxes. 

On 24 February morning, after being accused of tax fraud, Eamonn Holmes claimed that he was a freelancer and gets the paychecks from his private limited.

A verified source claimed, despite being lower taxes made by HM Revenue and Customs, This Morning host owes around £250 thousand ($323 thousand) in tax payments.

According to the spokesperson of the star, he always considered himself a self-employed freelancer and has never knowingly avoided paying taxes.

Added, Mr. Holmes was seeking to comprehend what this means and wished for clarity and consistency across the guidelines, so others do not suffer the same confusion over the rulings.

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Eamonn himself vehemently denied that he is excusing taxes. He filed a case against the taxmen-lost the case and now ended up with the bill of up to $323 thousand.

Eamonn Holmes Is Due To Pay £250k Tax-Accuses HMRC of 'reinventing the rules'Image Source: BBC
Eamonn Holmes Is Due To Pay £250k Tax-Accuses HMRC of ‘reinventing the rules’

Image Source: BBC

In response to the lawsuit, HMRC said, our job is to make sure employees pay “employment taxes” even if they were working through their own company.

On the other hand, Mr. Holmes stated

I was in a court in central London for a week in June. I’ve been freelance for 28 years, and that’s been okay. Now they’ve said it’s not okay. They have reinvented the rules in the past couple of years. There is nobody more freelance than me, but they are trying to prove our jobs are regular and guaranteed. They could go at any moment.

As a matter of fact, Holmes’s fight with tax chiefs ranges back from 2018 when they started chasing him for unpaid taxes. HRMC has demanded to pay up to 45% tax instead of the 19% corporation tax.

How Much Is Eamonn Holmes Worth?

Eamonn Holmes is an Irish journalist and broadcaster estimated to have a net worth of $5 million as of 2020.