Drew Brees, an American football quarterback currently plays for the NFL team New Orleans Saints since 2006, was the 2001 NFL Draft of the Los Angeles Chargers & moved to the Saints after 5 seasons.

The jersey number #9 player won the Super Bowl XLIV (2009 season) with the Saints and became the Super Bowl MVP. Currently, on the 2-year deal worth $50 million with the Saints, Brees will become a free agent after the 2019 season, if he is opted out of deals.

With 19 seasons in NFL, Drew’s total earning from on-field is $244,710,422 and is considered one of the highest-earning NFL players.

How Much Is The Net Worth Of Drew Bress?

According to Celebrity Net Worth, the 40-year-old NFL player owns the net worth of $120 million as of January 2020. His annual salary is stated at $22 million.

The NFL contracts worth millions of dollars worth and endorsement deals are the main sources of his income. Moreover, Drew collects a massive sum of money through investments in restaurant businesses.

Since his NFL draft in 2001, Drew Brees has played 18 seasons with the Chargers and the Saints and totals $244.71 million in on-field earnings.

In 2019, the NFL player earned the base salary of $6.8 million along with a restructured bonus of $16.2 million.

As per Business Insider, the 13-time Pro Bowl winner Drew ranks #3 among the highest-earning players in NFL franchise, behind the Eli Manning ($252.3 million) and Peyton Manning ($248.7 million).

Similarly, some other most-earning NFL figures are Tom Brady (#4, $235.2 million), Ben Roethlisberger (#5, $232.3 million), Matt Ryan (#6, $223.5 million) and Aaron Rodgers (#7, $219 million).

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Contracts In NFL Career

While attending Purdue University, Drew became a 2-time Big Ten Offensive Player of the Year and later graduated in 2001 with a degree in industrial management.

Thereafter, Brees was drafted by Los Angeles Chargers (formerly known as San Diego Chargers) in the first-round draft pick in the 2001 NFL Draft.

Brees, the 2001 NFL Draft by the Chargers signed with the Saints in 2006
Brees, the 2001 NFL Draft by the Chargers signed with the Saints in 2006  Source: Cheat Sheet

The Austin, Texas-born played for the Chargers for 5 seasons and later inked a contract with New Orleans Saints on March 14, 2006, & extended the deal until the 2019 Season.

Date Contract Value
August 7, 2001 4-year contract with the Chargers $3.6 million
March 4, 2005 1-year franchise tag with the Chargers $8.078 million
March 14, 2006 6-year deal with the Saints $60 million
March 3, 2012 1-year franchise tag with the Saints $16.371 million
July 13, 2012 Inked 5-year contract $100 million
September 7, 2016 Extended 1-year contract $24.25 million
March 13, 2018 2-year contract $50 million

Did you know? Drew’s 5-year contract worth $100 million signed in 2012 had the largest amount of guaranteed money in NFL history, was $60 million.

Salary From NFL Teams: ‘Los Angeles Chargers’ and ‘New Orleans Saints’

The NFL player has played for 2 NFL teams so far; currently, on 2-year-deal with the Saints (signed in 2018), Drew’s contract expires after the 2019 season.

If he doesn’t get a deal, Brees will be a free agent.

Salary & Bonuses From The Chargers:

Year Salary Bonus
2001 $320,000 $1.845 million (signing bonus)
2002 $400,000
2003 $980,000
2004 $1.56 million
2005 $8.078 million

Salary & Bonuses From The Saints:

        Year         Salary              Bonus
2006 $1.9 million $8 million (signing bonus), $12 million (option bonus), $100,000 (workout bonus)
2007 $2.8 million $200,000 (workout bonus)
2008 $4.8 million $200,000 (workout bonus)
2009 $4.487 million $200,000 (workout bonus), $5.001 (restructure bonus), $3.301 million (option bonus)
2010 $6.489 million $200,000 (workout bonus)
2011 $7.393 million $200,000 (workout bonus)
2012 $3 million $37 million (signing bonus)
2013 $9.75 million $250,000 (workout bonus)
2014 $10.75 million $250,000 (workout bonus)
2015 $13.55 million $250,000 (workout bonus), $5.2 million (restructure bonus), $5.422 (incentive)
2016 $1 million $30 million (signing bonus), $250,000 (workout bonus)
2017 $13 million
2018 $10.2 million $13.5 million (signing bonus), $3.3 million (roster bonus)
2019 $6.8 million $16.2 million (roster bonus)

On September 30, 2015, he converted the $5.2 million salary of 2015 into bonus to create $2.6 million in cap space for New Orleans Saints.

Brees, again, on March 14, 2019, the NFL player converted his  $4.25 million of salary & an $11.95 million roster bonus into signing bonus to clear cap space.

Promotional Deals & Business Venture: Owns 9 Jimmy John’s Store

An avid user of Instagram (1.4 million followers) and Twitter (3.2 million followers as of January 2020), the American football quarterback promotes Microsoft, Nike, PepsiCo, Wrangler, and Procter & Gamble through social media.

As per Opendorse, Drew makes $13,000 per sponsored post via Twitter. According to Forbes’ report of July 10, 2019, Bress made $16 million through endorsements.

The Richest report that in 2013, 2014 and 2015, the NFL star earned $11 million each. In 2018, his endorsement revenue was $13 million.

Moreover, Drew Brees has an investment in restaurant businesses, owns 9 Jimmy John’s stores, a Sandwich fast-food franchise and has invested in the Dunkin franchise.

The NFL star also purchased a 25% stake of the sports bar Walk-On’s Bistreaux & Bar in Baton Rouge in May 2015. 

In partnership with Brandon Landry, the co-founder of Walk-On’s, Brees opened a new restaurant in March 2019.

Lives In New Orleans & Drives Bugatti Veyron

Currently, the 6 ft. tall NFL star lives in his house in New Orleans, Lousiana, with his wife Brittany Dudchenko and 4 children. Brees bought the 4,944 square foot home in May 2006 for $1.575 million; the property features 4 bedrooms, 3 and 2-half bathrooms along with a fireplace, wine cellar, and a swimming pool.

Moreover, the quarterback owns a vacation home in Kauai, bought in 2006 for $1.761 million. He and his wife put the property for sale in 2015 asking $1.7 million, though they are to yet find a buyer.

Formerly, Drew Brees had a 2-story house in San Diego, California, spread on 6,000 square feet and featuring 5 bedrooms & 5.5 bathrooms.

Brees sold the property in 2012 for $2.4 million, making a profit of $200,000 over the original purchase price of $2.2 million in 2003.

The Super Bowl XLIV MVP is also often in the limelight for his interest in luxury cars. Reportedly, Brees owns a car collection worth $4.2 million, including a Bugatti Veyron (costs approx. $2 million).

As for a fact, the simple oil change for Veyron can cost up to $25,000.

Some other collections of his rides are 1967 Ford Mustang,
2012 BMW, Tesla Model S and 1967 butternut-yellow Chevy Camaro.

Founded ‘Brees Dream Foundation’: Charity Works & Donations

In 2003, Drew along with his wife Brittany founded the Brees Dream Foundation which aims to provide care and opportunities for cancer patients, children, and families in need.

His foundation also actively worked for the relief program of the Hurricane Katrina victims.

Brees also has associations with Make-A-Wish Foundation, National Wildlife Federation, PeyBack Foundation and United Service Organization.

As per Forbes, Drew Brees has donated over $25 million to charity causes & academic institutions across New Orleans, San Diego and West Lafayette/Purdue communities.

In July 2019, he gave $250,000 to aid the building of the KIPP Believe,  a charter school in Gentill and donated $1 million to Purdue football program in 2015.

Did you know? The then-President Barack Obama appointed Drew Brees as co-chair of President’s Council on Fitness, Sports and Nutrition alongside Olympic gymnast Dominique Dawes in June 2010.

Family Background & Education

Drew Brees was born on January 15, 1979, in Austin, Texas, the United States of America. His father Eugene Wilson Brees II, a trial lawyer who formerly played for the Texas A&M Aggies men’s basketball team while mother Mina Ruth, an attorney was a former all-state in three sports in high school.

After his parents divorced, Brees, then-7 years old, along with his younger brother Reid (born in 1981) divided time with their parents. Drew also has a half-sister Audrey from the father’s side.

He attended Andrew’s Episcopal School where actor Ben McKenzie also studied; and later, went to Purdue University where he obtained a degree in industrial management in 2001.

Is Father of 4 Children

Drew Brees enjoys a marital relationship with his wife of 16 years, Brittany Brees. The couple exchanged vows on February 8, 2003, and is together ever since.

Drew Brees and his wife Brittany are married for 16 years and shares 4 children
Drew Brees and his wife Brittany are married for 16 years and shares 4 children  Source: Just Richest

Together, they are parents to 4 children; 3 sons: Baylen Robert Brees (born in January 2009), Bowen Christopher (October 2010) & Callen Christian (August 2012) and daughter Rylen Judith (born in August 2014).

The happy family of 6 lives in New Orleans.

Did you know? Drew won the lawsuit against a San Diego jeweler and got $6 million on June 21, 2019. He and Brittany had filed the case in April 2018 stating they paid $15 million for investment-grade diamonds that an independent appraiser valued at only $6 million.