According to various verified sources, cash is one of the dirtiest things we use as it changes hands constantly.

The average lifespan of a bill can be 4 to 15 years, according to the US Federal Reserve, so most bills of cash are a festering ground for viruses.

Money changes hands regularly and can contain a lot of pathogens, but can the coronavirus be transferred via cash?

Does COVID-19 Transfer Via Cash?

While cash is infamous for changing hands and having a plethora of germs, no official source has confirmed that the virus can be spread via cash.

The WHO has not officially released how long the virus can survive on cash surface
The WHO has not officially released how long the virus can survive on cash surface

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WHO officials have said that using cashless methods might be equally contagious if we do not properly wash our hands after using our phone.

Assistant professor of medicine, Michael Knight at the George Washington School of Medicine and Health Sciences, has said that the virus does not penetrate via the skin but enters our body through eyes, nose, or mouth.

So even if a contaminated piece of paper is touched then, washing hands and not touching our face helps prevent the infection.

The WHO has recommended washing hands with soap for at least 20 seconds or using a sanitizer made up of 60% alcohol.

Similarly, they have also outlined some guidelines for the public to follow. Even in normal conditions, cash can carry a lot of pathogens, and in the midst of this pandemic, it is better to maintain only the necessary amount of human contact.

While using cash contact with another person is imminent, but this can be minimized using cashless methods. The lifespan of the virus on the cash surface has also not been officially released.

The WHO has also said that handshakes should be avoided at all costs, as our hands can carry a lot of germs. Exchanging cash from hands can also cause infections, so it is best to avoid the exchange of such things from hands.

One of the major causes of the spread of this virus is through respiratory droplets and close contact with a contaminated host. The virus jumped from an animal to humans, so there is a huge risk while coming in to contact with animals too.

Even tigers have been diagnosed with the disease as a case of a tiger getting the disease that emerged from the Bronx zoo in New York.

Global Effect Of COVID-19

The whole world is struggling to deal with the COVID-19 pandemic, and as the number of infected people increases, day to day whole counties have been placed in lockdown. The USA is the worst affected country in April 2020 as the country has over 560,000 cases of the virus.

Health officials using PPE as they tackle an overwhelmed health system
Health officials using PPE as they tackle an overwhelmed health system 

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The US also has the highest number of deaths, with over 22,000 reported deaths as of April 13, 2020. In a bid to control the spread of the disease, 80% of the USA has been placed under lockdown. Similarly, US celebs have also stepped up and donated to help fight the virus.

Hollywood has also shut down, and various films have pushed back their release date. TV shows have also halted production for the time being.