Cindy McCain is an American entrepreneur, perhaps best known as the widow of politician John McCain. Additionally, she is also the daughter of the late business tycoon Jim Hensley. She inherited her father’s stake in his company Hensley & Co. after his death in 2000.

McCain is also a famous philanthropist who has been involved in various charitable activities and organizations for decades.

What Is Cindy McCain’s Net Worth In 2020?

McCain has a net worth of around $300 million as of March 2020. Similarly, some other sources claim that her riches are in the $100 million range in 2020.

McCain is worth $300 million in 2020
McCain is worth $300 million in 2020

Source: McCain Institute

Her husband, on the other hand, was worth around $14.8 million to 16 million at the time of his death according to various online sources.

She inherited the majority of her worth from her father and his beverage distribution company Hensley & Co after he passed away.

Earnings And Taxes 

McCain earns in the millions and has made her self one of the highest-earning women in Arizona. In 2006 as part of her husband’s presidential campaign, Cindy released her tax documents.

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According to the documents, she earned $6,066,431 in 2006, and paid around $2,042,564 in taxes on $5,496,694 taxable income. She was also given a tax refund of $296,119.


According to a report from Businessinsider, not even John McCain knew how many houses he and his family-owned.

Cindy's $2.8 million Phoenix home
Cindy’s $2.8 million Phoenix home

Source: Architectural Digest

McCain’s Phoenix home is also one that she bought in 2020 for around $2.8 million. They primarily resided in a house in Phoenix, they bought a $4.67 million apartment in 2006 and later expanded by buying the unit below for $830,000.

Another property they owned in Phoenix was at Biltmore Lofts. They bought the property in 2007 for around $700,000 and later listed it for $730,000.

Similarly, they also have a 15-acre ranch in Sedona, Arizona, the USA, which has a reported value of around $1 million.

The family also owned three beachfront pads in California, USA. They sold all of the properties later on.

Their property in San Diego was sold for $1.3 million, and they sold the other two for $2.1 million and $2.6 million.

Cindy McCain’s childhood home is also an extravagant property, which was sold for $3.2 million by the McCain family to an investor.


The family also owned a lot of cars according to one of their releases for the presidential campaign. The list of their four-wheelers listed in the release and their cost is below:

Car Price (Approx..)
2004 Cadillac CTS $30,650
2005 Volkswagen N/A
1960 Willys Jeep More Than $5,000
2008 Jeep Wrangler $35,000
2000 Lincoln $43,330
2001 GMC SUV $32,450 – $46,150

Keating Five Scandal

In 1989, John McCain, along with 4 other senators were accused of corruption. John McCain was cleared of all charges for what the Senate Ethics Committee deemed minimal involvement in the illegal intervention of the Federal Home Loan Bank Board investigation of Lincoln Savings and Loan Association.

Charity And Donations

Cindy is a passionate philanthropist, and she was even more active in charity with her husband, John McCain. The pair gave huge donations to private schools; in fact, they gave out $500,000 to their children’s private schools between 2001 and 2006.

Similarly, they also donated $210,000 to the US Naval Academy Foundation. Their foundation, the John and Cindy McCain Foundation, also regularly gives out smaller donations to various causes.

After the failed 2008 presidential campaign, they donated the leftover $9 million to McCain Institute Foundation.

Controversy Of The American Voluntary Medical Team And Cindy McCain’s Prescription Drug Addiction

Cindy McCain was inspired to establish a medical mission to help the less privileged after visiting the ill-equipped and ill-staffed medical facilities of Truk Lagoon. She founded the American Voluntary Medical Team on December 27, 2005.

McCain’s foundation went on a lot of charitable medical missions all around the world, utilizing the volunteer doctors.

She was embroiled in controversy after it was found that she used a volunteer physician to write illegal prescriptions in the name of AVMT employees without their knowledge, for her Vicodin and Percocet addiction.

The businesswoman later claimed that she took the pills to ease the pain of her spinal surgeries and ruptured discs. Also, she said that the stress from the Keating Five scandal also made her use pills.

Short Biography

Cindy McCain was born Cindy Lou Hensley on May 20, 1954, in Phoenix, Arizona, the U.S. to Jim Hensley and Marguerite Hensley. She attended Central High School and was named the best dressed as a senior. After graduating, she went to the University of Southern California.

The McCain power couple
The McCain power couple

Source: Harper’s Bazaar

She graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in education in 1976 from the University of SoCal. The heiress later got a master’s degree in special education in 1978.

Cindy met John in April 1979, and they immediately hit it off, the pair tied the knot on May 17, 1980. They gave birth to 4 children named Meghan McCain, Jimmy McCain, Jack McCain, and Bridget McCain.

John McCain Death And Funeral 

Sen. John McCain died of aggressive brain cancer on August 25, 2018, shortly after his family announced he would no longer receive treatment for the disease.

John McCain was a war veteran who made Captain in the US Navy before retiring. He served in the army from 1958–1981 and received a full military funeral after his death.