Iowa native Chris Fehn is best known as the former percussionist for the band Slipknot. In addition to this, he also used to give backup vocals for the band. He also became instantly infamous his legal dispute with the band.

In addition to this, he has also worked with Will Haven. Similarly, he also has a lot of acting credits to his name. Struggling as an electrician before making it big as a musician, Fehn’s journey to stardom and becoming a millionaire is an absorbing one.

What Is The Net Worth And Income Sources Of Chris Fehn?

Chris Fehn is a musician who has amassed a net worth of $8 million as of February 2020.

Fehn performing with Slipknot
Fehn performing with Slipknot

Source: Loudwire

He started his professional journey as a musician in July 1998 when he joined Slipknot. After this, his fame and fortune increased exponentially.

Fehn’s salary and earnings are not available in the media and tabloid sources but he must be one of the highest-earning drummers in the world.

Art Collection

The drummer has a lavish art collection that he displayed for audiences in 2014. The star made the art by using neon-coloured drumsticks and using them in the dark.

He also uses various techniques to capture himself at the moment and he published the art titled in a compilation titled ‘Through the Darkness’.

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Fehn used the iconic Pinocchio mask while with Slipknot, the mask also has a zipper along the mouth that is surrounded by buttons in some variations.

The mask usually goes for over $100 and in some cases more than $200 in their merchandise store.

Merchandise Dispute And Lawsuit

After joining the band in July 1998, the star worked with them for over 20 years before eventually falling out with them and getting fired in 2019.

The dispute began over the unequal splitting of revenue from the merchandise sales.

Fehn filed a lawsuit against Slipknot
Fehn filed a lawsuit against Slipknot
Source: Scene Four

According to Chris, he claimed that the band and their management had kept money from him. He blamed members Shawn Crahan, Craig Jones, Corey Taylor, Joey Jordison, Sid Wilson, Jim Root, among others.

Furthermore, other current members of the band include Alessandro Venturella (2014- Present) and Jay Weinberg (2014- Present).

After this, Fehn filed a lawsuit against the band and their management. Click here to read the 15-page lawsuit.

The lawsuit has not been settled as of January 2020 and according to some reports, the drummer will not win the suit.

In fact, according to some online sources, the judge might dismiss the lawsuit completely.

Slipknot’s manager said publicly that, Fehn was a hired gun and never an actual part of the band which further messed up the relations between them.

Earnings From Record Sales

The star has also earned a lot of money from his former band out of which some record sales are listed below

Earnings Album/Record
$2,490,000 Slipknot
$1,000,000 Welcome to Our Neighborhood
$1,485,000 Iowa
$4,100,000 Disasterpieces
$1,678,000 Vol. 3: (The Subliminal Verses)
$500,000 9.0: Live
$1,000,000 Voliminal: Inside the Nine
$1,423,000 All Hope Is Gone
$1,000,000 (sic)nesses
$16,000 Antennas to Hell
$177,500 5: The Gray Chapter

After this, the band also earned from various tours and concerts but as he left the band in 2019, he does not earn from them. On the other hand, he might earn from royalties from former songs.

Short Biography

Chris Fehn was born Christopher Michael Fehn on February 24, 1973, in Des Moines, Iowa, U. S. He is aged 47 as of February 2020 and is 6 feet 1 inch (185 cm) tall.

Chris with his son
Chris with his son
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He grew up in Ankeny, Iowa and went to Wayne State University. The drummer has Scandinavian descent.

Fehn is married to Melissa Fehn as of February 2020. The couple dated for a while before exchanging vows on 19th June 2010. Together, they share a son named Jaxon Atari Fehn, born on March 23, 2012.