How Much Is Chevy Chase’s Net Worth?

The 3 times Primetime Emmy Award winner Chevy Chase is an American actor, comedian, and writer. Professional since 1967, Chase initially used to work in National Lampoon, before landing into Saturday Night Live (1978-1997) and acting career prominence.

With his successful career of over 5 decades, the American actor earned massive fame and fortune alongside accolades. As of 2022, Chevy owns the net worth of around $50 million.

After appearing in the first ever film (short-film) in Walk… Don’t Walk (1968), he made numerous appearances in many movies but the breakthrough proved to be Foul Play (1978) that earned him 2 Golden Globe nomination. Some notable movie appearances of Chevy Chase are National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation, Cops and Robbersons, and Vegas Vacation.

Net Worth Details: Income Sources & Earnings

Following the graduation, Chevy Chase began to work as a member of an early underground comedy ensemble Channel One, co-founded in 1967. Later in 1973, he began to work for The National Lampoon Radio Hour as a writer and cast member.

His career gained a notable call after Chevy joined as a writer for Saturday Night Live from 1975 to 1976 for 30 episodes.

And later, Chase became a cast in Saturday Night Live till 1997; other celebrities like Jimmy Fallon, Kenan Thompson, and David Spade have also worked in the show.

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Chevy Chase owns the net worth of around $50 million as of June 2022. Alongside comedy career, the major source of his income is acting.

Having appeared in small roles in many movies, Chase’s acting career took a huge turn after he played Tony Carlson in the 1978 movie Foul Play.  Along with a gross collection of $45 million, the film earned him 2 Emmy Award nomination.

During the 80s, Chevy career reached its pinnacle and he earned a salary of $7 million per film on average.

Some of his most acclaimed film credits are Caddyshack (1980), Seems Like Old Times (1980), Spies Like Us (1985), Three Amigos (1986), National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation (1989), Memoirs of an Invisible Man (1992), Orange County (2002) and Hot Tub Time Machine (2010).

Also, The Chevy Chase Show (1993) host Chevy Chase appeared in the NBC TV series Community (2009-2014).

Fun Fact: His net worth equal to the worth of comedian Steve Carell and actress Mariska Hargitay.

Salary From Movies

Here is the list of Chevy Chase’s paycheck for movies:

  1. National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation (1989) as Clark “Sparky” Griswold- $6 million
  2. Memoirs of an Invisible Man (1992) as Nick Halloway- $6 million
  3. Cops and Robbersons (1994) as Norman Robberson- $4 million
  4. Man of the House (1995) as Jack Sturgess- $2 million
  5. Vegas Vacation (1997) as Clark Griswold- $4 million

In addition to that, while working on Saturday Night Live, Chase used to earn $750 per week.

Upcoming Movie

In 2020, Chevy will appear in The Very Excellent Mr. Dundee. The film is set to release on April 30, 2020, and stars Paul Hogan, John Cleese, Olivia, and Newton-John in the lead.

Endorements & Charity Works

At the moment, the details on Chevy’s earnings from endorsements is not out. During his career height, Chase certainly pocketed hundreds of thousand dollars from sponsorships.

Reportedly, he endorsed Aflac, Cola Turka, Doritos and DORITOS Frito-Lay. Unlike other celebrities, Chevy Chase is not active on Instagram which has become a medium for endorsements. But, he does use Twitter where his followers count 70K.

Apart from endorsements, Chase is also an active charity fundraiser and environmentalist.

Well, he has associations with many non-profit organizations like Amnesty International, Andre Agassi Foundation for Education, Captain Planet Foundation, Celebrity Fight Night Foundation and Centre For Environmental Education.

Reportedly, he raised money for the Presidental Elections for Bill Clinton in the 1990s and for John Kerry in 2004.

Chevy Currently Resides In $1 Million House in Mount Kisco

Surely as the owner of massive multi-million dollars fortune, Chevy Chase lives a lavish lifestyle and owns a jaw-dropping asset collection.

Well, Chase prefers to keep his property empire low-key as possible but is reported to be living in his house in Mount Kisco, New York, the USA, estimated to be hundreds of thousand dollars’ worth.

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The average house price in Mount Kisco, New York is $622,600 along with a yearly insurance premium of $1,287.

He Sold His $10 Million House In New York

Not long ago, Chevy owned a house in Hampton, New York, which he sold for a hefty $10 million.

The house that spread in 12,000 square meter featured ten bedroom, six bathrooms, a spacious kitchen, with a living room and a outdoor swimming pool.

Chevy’s Car Collection Include Many Luxury Cars

Sources cite that the American actor has a collection of luxurious cars like Mercedes-Benz SL550 (starts at $113,550), Mercedes Benz SL65 ($218,475) and Chevrolet.

Apart from expenses on daily life luxury and assets, Chevy also spends on costly suits, travels, and tax payments.

Tax Expenses

Since Chevy lives and owns a property in New York, he is liable to the state’s tax policy. Like all others, Chevy Chase’s house in New York costs him 1.925% of its assessed value as property tax.

Also, upon the annual revenue of $1 million, the actor has to pay $466,000 as income tax, inclusive of 33.12% Federal tax, 2.97% FICA, 6.68% State tax and 3.83% Local tax.

Chevy Chase’s Personal Life: Age, Height, Family, Spouse, Children & Relationship

Born on October 8, 1943, in New York City, New York, the USA, Chevy Chase’s birth name is Cornelius Crane Chase. His father Edward Tinsley “Ned” Chase (1919-2005) was Manhattan book editor and magazine writer while mother Cathalene Parker (died in 2005) was a concert pianist and librettist.

For a fact, Chase’s parents divorced when he was 4 years old; his mother married twice. In a 2007 biography, the actor stated that Chevy was physically abused by his mother and step-mother when he was a child.

Well, Chevy has a brother named Edward Chase Jr. and a sister named Cynthia, and 2 half-siblings: Pamela Cederquist and John Cederquist.

He was expelled from Riverdale Country School, so later, attended and graduated from Stockbridge School. Thereafter, Chevy enrolled at Haverford College but transferred to Bard College in Annandale-on-Hudson, New York and graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in English in 1967.

Chase holds American nationality and is of mixed ethnicity (English, Scottish, Irish, Danish, Dutch and German descent). As of July 2019, Chevy Chase’s age is 75 and has a height of 6 ft. 3.5 inches (192 cm).

Close Call With Death & Addiction

Back in 1980, while filming the movie Modern Problems, Chevy nearly escaped death after a shock of electric current.

Well, Chase’s character had to wear “landing lights” as he would dream that he was in an airplane, however, it malfunctioned that led Chevy encounter with electric current for real.

Even though he survived the incident, the near-death experience triggered a period of deep depression, which he felt after divorcing second wife Jacqueline, whom Chevy divorced that year.

Moreover, his famous personal issues include addiction to prescription painkillers and alcohol.

As reported, after experiencing back pain while working on Saturday Night Live, Chase began to take prescription painkillers, however, its addiction led him to admit into the Betty Ford Clinic for treatment in 1986.

Moreover, in September 2016, he entered Minnesota’s Hazelden Clinic for alcohol issues treatment.

Married Life, Wife & Children

Well, Chevy Chase has been married thrice in his life and divorced with two. Currently, Chase lives with his third wife Jayni Chase, the duo married on June 19, 1982, in Pacific Palisades, Los Angeles.

Together, the couple shares 3 children: Cydney Cathalene Chase (born on January 4, 1983), Caley Leigh Chase (born January 19, 1985) and Emily Evelyn Chase (born on September 29, 1988).

As reported, Chase also has a son named Bryan Perkins who was born on October 24, 1979, though the detail on the mother’s identity is yet to be out.

Prior to Jayni, he had been married twice. First, Chevy was in a marital relationship with Susan Hewitt from February 23, 1973, to February 1, 1976.

Later, the actor exchanged vows with second wife Jacqueline Carlin, an American actress, on December 4, 1976. However, nearly after 4 years, they divorced on November 14, 1980.