Coronavirus Can Transfer Via Cash-Rumor Or Truth? Global Effect Of COVID-19

According to various verified sources, cash is one of the dirtiest things we use as it changes hands constantly. The average lifespan of a bill can be 4 to 15 years according to the US Federal Reserve so most bills of cash are a festering ground for viruses. Money changes hands regularly and can contain a lot of pathogens but can the coronavirus be transferred via cash?

As COVID-19 Wreaks Havoc, Some Acts That Will Restore Your Faith in Humanity


At a time when it is getting increasingly difficult to stay optimistic as the COVID-19 death toll exceeds 114,000, people all over the world are sharing stories of good samaritans who stand as a beacon of hope for people in this time of crisis. They do not have millions of dollars in their bank accounts, nor do they have millions of followers; they are normal people with the courage and the generosity to contribute in any way they can.
Here are some instances of people who have restored our faith in humanity amidst the horrors of COVID-19.

Rihanna And Jack Dorsey Pledge $4.2M, Domestic Violence Victims Amid Coronavirus Pandemic


Singer Rihanna Has Joined Forces With Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey To Help Domestic Violence Victims As COVID-19 Forces People To Stay Indoors. The lockdown and quarantine placed on various countries in a bid to control the spread of the COVID-19 virus have caused an increased number of domestic violence cases, especially in the USA. In addition to this, the victims are being turned away from shelters as they are already full or afraid of the pandemic. Domestic violence victims have been stuck inside their homes resulting in a sharp increase in the number of these cases.

Rick Pitino Sells 300-acre Indian Creek Island Bungalow For $17 Million

Rick Pitino

The basketball coach of Beleaguered College, Rick Pitino spent $5.4 million to his 300-acre Indian Creek Island estate in 1999. The villa covers 12,000 square feet living area features 8 bedrooms and 12 bathrooms with facilities like a home office, private elevator, expansive gym, and waterfront dock. The mansion was listed in 2017 with an asking price of $29 million which was later reduced to $23.9 million. In April 2020, Rick Pitino sold his waterfront Miami property for $17 million.

Late Rapper XXXTentacion-Estate Is Worth Millions Of Dollars


Late American rapper XXXTentacion was shot dead at the age of 20, in 2018. At the time of death, Tentacion owned $2 million net worth. Currently, XXXTentacion’s estate is managed by his mother Cleopatra; the estate’s worth rose to $5 million in December 2019 through posthumous albums & royalties earnings.

Harvey Weinstein-Downfall How Built His Million-Dollar Empire, Bio

Harvey Weinstein

The higher they rise, the harder they fall and that’s exactly what happened to American former film producer Harvey Weinstein. The Academy Award-winning film producer gained world-wide recognition for his work in hit films like Piranha 3DD, Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom, Shakespeare in Love, and many more. So what exactly is meant by the Hollywood god’s downfall? What caused Harvey Weinstein’s fall? Will he still wield his fame, fortune, and influence as a social weapon?

Oprah Winfrey: Car Collection Details Here

Oprah Winfrey

The TV and movie star and publisher Oprah Winfrey seem to be better known for her cars giveaway than for those she drives herself. Oprah Winfrey is one of the undisputed queens of the daytime TV talk shows. Besides that, Winfrey is known for driving great cars and also loves to give cars away to audience members at their shows!

Power Couple Jennifer Lopez And Alex Rodriguez List Malibu House For $8 Million

Jennifer Lopez And Alex Rodriguez Are Qutting On Their Malibu Property Lopez and Rodriguez listed their Malibu house for $7.99 million on 28 July 2020. Carl Gambino of Compass holds the listing of power couple’s home. J-Lo and her fiance purchased the house for $6.6 million from Entrogue actor Jeremy Piven in early 2019.