DanTDM-Net Worth 2022, Salary, House, Books, Wife, Children, Height

Daniel Robert Middleton, publicly known by DanTDM is a British Youtube personality, professional gamer and author with a net worth of $35 million. He is best known for his Minecraft videos on his youtube channel that is named one of the top youtube channels of the UK. He also released a novel named Trayaurus and the Enchanted Crystal in 2016. The book reached the top in the list of the bestselling books of the world and also spent some time on the spot of New York’s Best Seller.

Vanoss Gaming-Net Worth 2022, Salary, YouTube, Charity, Tax, Bio, Family

VanossGaming is a Canadian internet personality and video game commentator, best known for his compilation videos of him and other Youtubers playing many video games. He has a net worth of $25 million as of May 2020. Besides gaming, he also produces music under the name Rynx and served as a creative director for the video game, Dead Realm.

How Much Is Epic Games Worth In 2020-Establishment, Revenue, Profit

Epic Games is one of the biggest platforms for buying games, additionally, it is also a prominent game developer whose Unreal engine is one of the most widely used game development tools in the world.The engine is used by many companies involved in game development as well as Epic Games themselves who used the engine for games like Unreal, Gears of War and Infinity Blade.

Matthew Haag-Family, Girlfriend, Height, House, Game, Age, Net Worth

Matthew Haag is an American former-competitive-gamer-turned-entrepreneur. Best known by his pseudonym, “Nadeshot” or “NaDeSHoT”, he was one of the best Call of Duty players, taking home the 2014 eSports Player of the Year distinction, as well as an MLG X Games 2014 gold medalist, and a Call of Duty XP World Champion. He is the founder and CEO of 100 Thieves, an eSport gaming company that spawned an apparel brand in its namesake.
As of April 2020, Matthew Haag is worth $10 million.

J.R. Smith-Net Worth, Professional Life, Dating, Age, Games, Family

J.R. Smith, an American NBA player turned professional in 2004 as the draft of New Orleans Pelicans (then Hornets) & has played other NBA teams: Denver Nuggets, New York Knicks & Cleveland Cavaliers. Currently, a free agent after waiver from the Cavaliers, Smith played a total of 16 NBA seasons so far & made career earnings of $87.091 million. As of May 2020, Smith has $20 million net worth & lives in New Jersey with his wife & 3 daughters.

Mark Spitz-Professional Life, Net Worth, Height, Age, Parents

Mark Spitz is a retired American competitive swimmer. One of the most decorated Olympians in history and the most decorated Olympian of his generation, Spitz held the record for the most Olympic gold medals in one event (seven) for 36 years before being dethroned by fellow American swimmer, Michael Phelps(eight).
As of June 2020, Mark Spitz holds a net worth of $20 million.

Nyjah Huston-Net Worth, Age, Height, Parents, Salary, Life

Nyjah Huston is an American professional skateboarder. Considered one of the best skateboarders of his generation, perhaps the best, in terms of the total prize money earned. He currently holds the crown of the highest-paid skateboarders in the world and is a 5-time world champion. As of June 2020, Nyjah Huston’s net worth is $6 million.