Megan Fox’s hubby Brian Austin Green is best known for his role as David Silver on ‘Beverly Hills, 90210’ but he has also done a lot of popular work on other TV shows like Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, Freddie, Wedding Band, Knots Landing, Anger Management, etc.

In addition to his TV career, he also made a name for himself as a big-screen actor by playing roles in films like Fish Without a Bicycle, Laws of Deception, She Fought Alone among others.

What Is The Net Worth Of Brian Austin Green?

Brian Austin Green has a net worth of around $10 million as of May 2020. He made this net worth primarily by working as an actor.

Brian Austin Green's fortune in 2020 is around $10 Million
Brian Austin Green’s fortune in 2020 is around $10 Million
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He started his career in showbiz back in 1985 and has since earned millions as salary and compensation.

Salary From BH90210

As part of the main cast of the show from 1990 to 2000, he earned a salary of $70,000 per episode. By comparison, his co-star on the show Jennie Garth and Tori Spelling also receive an extra $15,000 per-episode fee for co-creating the show.

The star had a main role on BH90210
The star had a main role on BH90210
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According to various online sources, he earns a salary of around $673,333 per year which is $56,111.11 per month.


Brian and his wife, Megan had a house in Toluca Lake, California, US. The property was built in 1936, but later in 1943, the house caught fire that started from a Christmas-tree. The house had 20 rooms but was split after the fire.

The pair bought the house in 2014 for a fee of around $3.4 Million and later Meghan Trainor bought the house for $4.9 million.

Career Insight

His first TV appearance was in 1986’s The New Leave It to Beaver. The same year, he was cast in the show Knots Landing in a recurring role. In 1987, Highway to Heaven, Small Wonder, and ‘Good Morning, Miss Bliss’.

He was also featured in Baywatch’s unaired pilot in 1989. In 1990, he was cast in what would become his career-defining role in ‘Beverly Hills, 90210’. He was part of the main role and was nominated for a few awards.

After 1990, he made appearances in Growing Pains and Parker Lewis Can’t Lose. He also worked on two TV shows An American Summer and Kickboxer 2: The Road Back. She Fought Alone featured him as Ethan.

In 1996, in films like A Friend’s Betrayal and Touched by an Angel, he featured him in small roles. The same year, he also worked on the TV shows like MADtv, Biker Mice from Mars, Malibu Shores, and ‘Sabrina, the Teenage Witch’.

The star also had a voice role in Fantastic Four’s season 1 of the show. He also hosted Saturday Night Live in the same year. Another one of his recurring roles came in 2001 when he was cast in Stacey Stone.

Later, he was given his first main role of Chris in Freddie. He was also given the lead character in Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles. Likewise, he also appeared in small roles in CSI: Miami, Body Politic, and Saturday Night Live.

Some of his other popular TV shows are Desperate Housewives, Anger Management, etc.

Philanthropy And Charity

The star actor has been active as a philanthropist and has also started a Cameo app partnership via which he donates to charity. He also hosted a podcast for charity purposes which was attended by Ian Ziering.

Some of the charities he supports along with his wife are PATH, Racing for Kids, and Tony Hawk’s Foundation among others.

Short Biography

Brian Austin Green was born Brian Green on July 15, 1973, in Los Angeles County, California, U.S. to George Green and Joyce Green Musician. He went to Hamilton High School Academy of Music and later North Hollywood High School.

Green and Megan Fox are married as of 2020
Green and Megan Fox are married as of 2020
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Green is married to Megan Fox as of May 2020. The pair tied the knot on June 24, 2010. They have had a tumultuous relationship from the very beginning and Brain claims that he was hesitant to date Fox in the beginning. They have 3 sons together.