Considered one of the best NFL players, Brett Favre, the 3-time NFL MVP is a retired quarterback. Professional from 1991 to 2010, Favre played for Green Bay Packers in majority; he spent 16 out of his 20 entire NFL seasons with team.

Starting career with the NFL franchise Atlanta Falcons in 1991, Brett retired in 2011 after playing for Minnesota Vikings (2009- 2010).

With a career spanning almost 2 decades he amassed the jaw dropping net worth from his wages, endorsements, advertisements, and his goodwill.

Net Worth Of Brett Favre In 2020: Income Sources & Salary

With 20 NFL seasons, the Gulfport, Mississippi-born quarterback made $137.829 million in career earnings, by the time of retirement in 2011.

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Brett Favre has a net worth of $100 million as of July 2022.

His fortune is often compared with other former NFL players like Tony Romo ($70 million), Michael Strahan ($65 million) and Rob Gronkowski ($40 million).

The University of Southern Mississippi alum, Favre played for the college’s football team Southern Miss Golden Eagles and was later drafted by NFL’s Atlanta Falcons as the 33rd overall pick in the 1991 NFL Draft.

From then on he went on to lead a stellar career on the field. He also became a household name for Americans in the process.

Career Contracts & Earnings: Career High Base Salary Was $12 Million-A-Year

The Atlanta Falcons drafted him on April 21, 1991, & later signed him a 3-year contract worth $1.38 million on July 19, 1991. 

After a season with the Falcons, Brett Favre was traded to Green Bay Packers on February 11, 1992, where he would play until 16 season until his trade to New York Jets in 2008.

After a season, Favre signed with Minnesota Vikings & played for 2 seasons until his retirement on January 2, 2011.

Brett Favre
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As for a fact, while in the Vikings, the now-retired NFL player made the highest base salary of $12 million in 2009 season. Moreover, during the 2010 Season, Brett’s career earnings in a single reached $16 million (highest-ever) thanks to $11.6 million salary & $4.4 million signing bonus.

Contracts Signed:

Team Contract Contract Value
Atlanta Falcons 3-year contract (on July 19, 1991) $1.38 million
Traded to Green Bay Packers on February 11, 1992
Green Bay Packers 5-year contract (on July 15, 1994) $19 million
7-year contract (July 29, 1997) $47.25 million
10-year contract (March 1, 2001) $101.5 million
Traded to New York Jets on August 7, 2008 & was released on May 1, 2009
Minnesota Timberwolves 2-year contract (August 18, 2009) $25 million
Restructured 1-year deal (on August 20, 2010) $16 million

Here is the list of his earnings & notable events:

Year Earnings Notable Events
1991 $710,000 NFL debut with Atlanta Falcons
1992 $310,000 Made waves in the NFL as a quarterback.
1993 $757,000 Played for Green Bay Packers
1994 $4.675 million (includes $1.6 million salary)
1995 $2.9 million Won his first AP MVP award
1996 $3.6 million Was hospitalized for a seizure
1997 $13.6 million ($1.6 million salary & $12 million signing bonus) Associated Press Most Valuable Player award
1998 $3.1 million Was NFL passing yards leader
1999 $4.3 million Daughter Breleigh was born
2000 $5.35 million Did not play in playoffs
2001 $11.447 million ($447,000 was salary) Minor controversy when he was tackled by NY Giants Player Michael Strahan
2002 $2.15 million
2003 $5.9 million His father passed away following a stroke
2004 $8.5 million Brother-in-law died in an all-terrain vehicle accident
2005 $9.5 million
2006 $10 million
2007 $11 million
2008 $12 million Left the Packers and joined the New York Jets
2009 $12 million (only salary) Joined the Minnesota Vikings
2010 $16 million ($11.6 million salary & $4.4 million bonus) Was his last NFL season & retired in 2011

Revenue From Endorsements & Business Venture

Favre’s net worth increased exponentially over the years and is still earning a lot from endorsement deals and advertisements.

In fact, he earned $7 Million from endorsements of Wrangler Jeans, Snappers, Remington as well as by working in advertisements of Nike, Starter, Smart Car, Prilosec, and MasterCard.

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Apart from this, he also earns from the sales of his book which along with his investments in businesses like NASCAR. He also listed his Wisconsin home in the market for around $475,000.

Celebrities of this caliber earn around $25,000 – $50,000 per speaking event.

Lifestyle, Expenses, Properties & Insurance

Along with earning huge sum from his career, he also spends large amount on his lifestyle. Along with owning expensive houses, he also splurges on cars of his choice. Let’s check it out all.

Owns Many Houses Including In Minnesota 

Being rich has its perks, like readily buying a house in Minnesota where the median cost of a house is $234,200. To add to this, he has lavish estates scattered around America. The home whose price has not been revealed is spread over 460 acres.

As he is an athlete he also has insurance, most of his health and body. As NFL players suffer from a concussion too, he was also provided with health insurance by his team.

A controversial photo can go a long way in costing someone and a controversy involving sexual reputation which harassment can really damage someone’s goodwill which will inter cost them endorsement deals and advertisements.

After reports of him sexually harassing a co-worker in 2008 came to light his image took a serious hit and could cost him his endorsement deals which could cost him around $10 million annually. He also pays a huge amount of income tax and tax on his property worth more than $100 million.


Brett earns million dollars in salary every and his wealth has proportionally supported his lavish lifestyle.

The champion is fond of cars. In the past he owned a Ford F-150, that has an estimated price value of $29.1K.

Donations & Charity Works

In 1996, Favre founded Brett Favre Fourward Foundation and has also association with Deanna Favre Hope Foundation and Make a Wish Foundation.

As reported, his foundation has made a donation of $2 million to various charities in his home state of Mississippi.

Brett Favre’s Personal Life: Age, Height, Family, Daughters- Who Is His Wife?

Brett Favre was born on October 10, 1969, in Gulfport, Mississippi, the USA. He is white by ethnicity and is an American by nationality.

Favre was born to parents Bonita Ann and Irvin Ernest Favre and grew up in the small town of Kiln.

As of August 2019, Favre is married to Deanna Tynes, exchanged vows on July 14, 1996.

Together the couple has two children together, daughters: Brittany and Breleigh in 1989 and in 1999 respectively.

Brett Favre Age & Height

As of July 2022, Favre’s age is 53 and has a height of 6 ft. 2 inches (188 cm).