Bobby Maze, an American former college basketball player played for the University of Tennessee from 2008 to 2010. In 2014, he developed B. Maze Elite, the East Tennessee-based AAU basketball program.

Aside from his basketball career, Maze came to huge limelight with her relationship with then-girlfriend K. Michelle, an American singer & Love & Hip Hop star.

Bobby Maze’s Net Worth In 2020: Career In College Basketball

As of May 2020, the 33-year-old former collegiate basketball point guard has a net worth of $500,000. Throughout his senior-class playing days at the University of Tennessee (2008- 2010), Bobby made a total of 71 (played as a starter in 64 of those).

After joining as a member of Tennessee Volunteers men’s basketball in 2008, Maze averaged 8.2 points, 2.4 rebounds & 3.2 assists during his rookie season.

Throughout 2009-2010, the Washington DC. born made appeared in 37 games (as a starter in 36) averaging 9.4 points, 2.4 rebounds & 3.1 assists.

Bobby Maze, the former college basketball player for Tennessee, has $500,000 net worth in 2020
Bobby Maze, the former college basketball player for Tennessee, has $500,000 net worth in 2020

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In overall, Bobby Maze’s career average read:

  1. 9.4 points
  2. 2.4 rebounds
  3. 3.1 assists
  4. 0.4% Field Goal

During his younger days, he played with current NBA players like Kevin Durant and Ty Lawson.

Even if the former Volunteers, a 2009-10 senior, never opened up about his salary, he probably made tens of thousand dollars.

On average, the NCAA salary for College Basketball Player is $41, 479 per year.

What Is He Doing Currently & His Residence?

Currently, Maze lives in Maryland, the USA & now oversees the B. Maze Elite AAU, a nationally ranked AAU basketball program & Under Armour affiliate.

He founded the self-titled AAU program in 2014, which has become an elite collection of talent including Jordan Bowden, Drew Pember, and Jaden Springer.

Relationship With K. Michelle: Secrets Revealed After Break-Up

Back in 2014, Bobby Maze began dating K. Michelle, the Can’t Raise a Man singer & star of VH1’s Love & Hip Hop franchise. The duo even was engaged & remained together for a year but broke up quietly in 2015.

It was after their break-up, the couple’s controversies & secrets surface as Michelle came up forth with those topics.

In January 2016, in an episode of the VH1 spin-off series K.Michelle: My Life, she revealed that Maze was already father to 4 babies but didn’t tell her earlier.

Furthermore, the Love & Hip Hop star stated Bobby’s infidelity as the reason for their break-up; reportedly, he was seeing another woman at that time.

Bobby Maze and his ex-girlfriend K. Michelle
Bobby Maze and his ex-girlfriend K. Michelle

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Thereafter, during an episode of her spin-off series My Life in February 2016, she went to a gemologist & tested all the jewelry given by Bobby Maze.

As it turned out, the diamond engagement ring along with watches and necklaces proved to be fake ones.

Is Maze Dating Now?

Meanwhile, no report on Bobby Maze’s relationship status is out. After the break-up with K. Michelle, the former college basketball player is low-key about his dating story & girlfriends.

He is allegedly single at the moment.

Short-Bio: Family Background, Education & Height

Bobby Cornell Maze was born on July 23, 1986, in Washington DC, the USA. An American by nationality, Maze hails from a black ethnic background. His parents’ names are Renee Moten and Bobby Maze Sr.

He has a brother named Kofi Maze, who is a former B. Maze Elite AAU member.

After attending high schools in North Carolina and Maryland, he enrolled at the University of Tennessee in 2006. There he played in the junior team throughout 2006- 2007 & then as a senior from 2008 to 2010.

The former #3 point guard of Tennessee Volunteers men’s basketball stands 6 ft. 3 inches tall.