Bill Murray is one of the most respected and popular actors in the world, he is especially known for his deadpan comic delivery which has made him a household name in the world.

His numerous film credits including Lost in Translation, Ghostbusters, Meatballs, etc. have landed him the title of comedic genius.

Similarly, he was also a prominent name on TV, in fact, he first started gaining popularity for his work on Saturday Night Live. Since then, the Golden Globe-nominated actor has established himself as a Hollywood A-Lister.

What Is The Net Worth Of The Iconic Bill Murray?

Bill Murray’s net worth as of April 2020 is around $140 million. The bulk of his net worth is thanks to his career as an actor that has spanned over 47 years.

Murray's fortune in 2020 is $140 million
Murray’s fortune in 2020 is $140 million

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Murray is also one of the highest-earning comedians in the world who takes home a huge salary for his work.

Earnings And Salary

The actor is a Hollywood A-lister and earns a hefty amount of money for roles, but he once only earned $9,000 for a film role on ‘Rushmore’, a Wes Anderson project. Here is a list of some of his salaries.

Year Salary Work
1991 $8,000,000 What About Bob?
1993 $10,000,000 Groundhog Day

Box Office Collection

The actor has also worked in a lot of box office hits, in fact, most of his movies have grossed over $50 million. Here is a list of his movies and their box office collection.

Year Box Office Collection Film
1984 $241,188,755 Ghostbusters
1982 $177,200,000 Tootsie
2000 $125,305,545 Charlie’s Angels
1989 $112,494,738 Ghostbusters II
1981 $85,297,000 Stripes
2014 $78,031,620 The Monuments Men
2004 $75,369,589 Garfield: The Movie
1993 $70,906,973 Groundhog Day
1991 $63,707,829 What About Bob?
1988 $60,328,558 Scrooged
2014 $59,076,019 The Grand Budapest Hotel
2001 $52,364,010 The Royal Tenenbaums
2012 $45,512,466 Moonrise Kingdom
2003 $44,585,453 Lost In Translation
1979 $43,046,003 Meatballs
1980 $39,846,344 Caddyshack
1998 $30,147,739 Wild Things
2006 $28,426,747 Garfield: A Tail Of Two Kitties
1996 $25,023,434 Kingpin
2004 $24,020,403 The Life Aquatic With Steve Zissou
1998 $17,105,219 Rushmore
1990 $15,260,154 Quick Change
2005 $13,744,960 Broken Flowers
1997  $13,717,039 The Man Who Knew Too Little
2001 $13,596,911 Osmosis Jones

He is one of the highest-grossing actors and comedians in the world. He has also made guest appearances in movies like Zombieland which grossed over $75,590,286

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Houses And Estates

The star has a lot of properties in the USA, in 2013, he rented out one of his properties that are located in Manhattan, New York, USA. The penthouse duplex was but for rent with Murray asking $14,500 but the rent was dropped just 3 weeks later to $12,500.

The Palisades property owned by Bill Murray
The Palisades property owned by Bill Murray 

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He had another property in Martha’s Vineyard just off the coast of Massachusetts. A lot of SNL alums frequented the island in the past.

Another property he used to own is a house in the Palisades in Rockland County. The estate is located in a community of houses with unusual names like Ding Dong House and The Big House. Many other celebrities have also lived in the area.

Interesting: The Hollywood mansion shown in Zombieland where Bill Murray’s character resides (Murray does not actually own the property) was put on the market for $19.9 million.

Philanthropy And Charity

Murray supports a lot of charities and is outspoken for his support for poverty alleviation and heling at risk-children. Among the charities he has supported are Augie’s Quest, Casey Lee Ball Foundation, Guardian Catholic Schools, Small Steps Project, St. Vincent’s HealthCare, etc.

He also organizes a charity golfing event in which participants can caddie for the star and later attend a dinner after the charity tournament is over.

Fans can contribute to the campaign by donating $10 to $4,500 that can buy them from entries, personalized emails to a guitar.

Bill also donated a huge amount of money to Nathalie Salmon House, which is a foundation that builds houses for low-income elders.

Controversies And Fights

Bill Murray has a reputation for being somewhat difficult to work with. Many stars have been outspoken in their feuds with Murray.

Murray and Scarlett Johansson were opposite leads on Lost In Translation
Murray and Scarlett Johansson were opposite leads on Lost In Translation

Image Source: Howard Stern

The comedian got into an argument with Chevy Chase that eventually turned physical. They eventually reconciled and even worked together.

Similarly, Sofia Coppola also said that he and Lost in Translation co-star Scarlett Johansson were not getting along during a shoot so, Coppola, the director had to call off shooting for that day.

He also did not get along with director Richard Donner whom he worked with on Scrooged. As per Den of Geek, he also got into an argument with Sean Young while filming Stripes.

One of his more infamous incidents occurred while he worked with producer Laura Ziskin on What About Bob? He tossed Ziskin into a lake and also yelled at him while drunk saying “Everyone hates you! You are tolerated!”.

Perhaps, one of Murray’s best-known films, Groundhog Day also its fair share of his mood swings, and he feuded with Harold Ramis. They would note reconcile for another 20 years and Murray finally made amends with the director just before he died in February 2014.

He was once arrested for trying to smuggle 10 lbs. (4.5 kg) of pot at Chicago’s O’Hare Airport on his 20th birthday. He had also joked about packing a bomb in his luggage to a fellow passenger. He was never jailed but was put on probation.

Business Ventures

Bill co-owns Murray Bros. Caddy Shack with his brothers, the restaurant is responsible for hosting the charity golf event. In addition to this, he owns a baseball team in Saint Paul, the St. Paul Saints.

An avid supporter of baseball, he has also invested in many minor leagues and was inducted into the South Atlantic League Hall of Fame.

Doesn’t Have An Agent

Unlike other megastars, Murray doesn’t use an agent and uses a voicemail and a number to get gigs, this has caused him to miss many job opportunities like Who Framed Roger Rabbit, Monsters, Inc.

Despite this fact, he is one of the most sought-after actors in Hollywood and has worked in a plethora of worldwide blockbusters.

Short Biography

Bill Murray was born William James Murray on September 21, 1950, in Evanston, Illinois, U.S. to Edward J. Murray II and Lucille Murray. Murray was one of 9 children of his parents.

Bill with ex-wife Jennifer Butler
Bill with ex-wife Jennifer Butler

Image Source: LA Times 

After going to St. Joseph’s grade school, he attended Loyola Academy. He had to work as a caddie to pay for his schooling at Jesuit high school. He went to Regis University after graduating from high school, dropping out early on.

Regarding his relationships, he is possibly single as of April 2020 but has dated some high-profile names in the past. He has even been married twice. He was first married to Margaret Kelly, they tied the knot on January 25, 1981.

Later, Murray’s affair with Jennifer Butler was made public and Kelly divorced him. Their divorce was finalized in 1996.

After this, Murray married Jennifer Butler in 1997 and got divorced on May 12, 2008, following Butler’s accusations of domestic violence, cheating, and substance abuse to Murray.

Selena Gomez once sent the internet on overdrive by posting that she and Murray were getting married but it turned out to be a practical joke on her followers.