How Much Is Arin Hanson’s Net Worth? 

Arin Hanson, better known with the Internet pseudonym Egoraptor, is an American Internet personality. Besides internet animations, Hanson is also famous for his prominence as an animator, cartoonist, comedian, voice actor, rapper, singer, songwriter, and YouTuber.

Professional since 2006, the Internet personality has won the hearts of many and has successfully accumulated a huge fortune. As of 2022, Arin Hanson has an estimated net worth of around $2 million.

The Game Grumps voice actor has also made appeared in numerous web series and TV series such as Rick and Morty, Good Game, Mighty Magiswords, and many more. Furthermore, he owns a YouTube channel Egoraptor with over 2.8 million subscribers.

Arin Hanson’s Net Worth: Income Sources & Earnings

With the professional career journey of over a decade, Arin has named himself in the list of versatile personality. Either be it acting, animation, singing or YouTubing, it seems Hanson has got a firm root in all.

Famous as the co-founder and co-star of the popular YouTube Let’s Play web series Game Grumps, Arin Hanson has earned a huge fortune. According to Taddlr, he owns the net worth of around $2 million as of June 2022.

As reported, back in 2016, the Internet personality was worth $0.6 million.

Well, the major source of his income is the successful career as an animator, actor, and YouTuber. But also, Arin has collected a considerable sum with his musical career.

Along with Game Grumps manager Brent Lilley, he co-founded tour management company Real Good Touring which aids in the additional revenue to his fortune.

Mainly, most of his work is associated with YouTube where he collaborates with famous faces Dan Avidan and Brian Wecht.

Meanwhile, his YouTube channel Egoraptor (created on March 11, 2006) has over 2.8 million subscribers and a total of 491.775 million views. As per Socialblade, Arin Hanson can earn in the range of $17.4K – $278.8K per year, which comes to be $1.5K – $23.2K per month.

Though it is low in comparison to the famous YouTubers like Shane Dawson and Markiplier who earn in the million dollars figure, Hanson’s rising fame is certainly a promise to huge earnings in the future.

Career Insight: TV Series & Music

Beginning his career after joining Newgrounds under the name “Egoraptor” on September 16, 2001, Arin Hanson came to fame after uploading comedic video game-related animation. Then in 2006, he also landed in voice acting as he voiced Bruce Banner in the video game Marvel: Ultimate Alliance.

Well, Hanson has also earned major credit with TV series and web series as well. His notable TV voiceovers are Rick and Morty (2015) as Cyborg Photographer and Mighty Magiswords (2016-Present) as Gateaux.

Arin Hanson
Source: YouTube

Since 2012, he has been serving as the co-host and co-creator of Game Grumps, a web series, while other web series contributions include:

  1. The Tester (2012)
  2. Did You Know Gaming? (2012-2016)
  3. KittyKatGaming (2015-Present)
  4. Good Game (2017)

Even if the earnings from his voice acting is not out, sources cite that he makes around the average salary of the voice actor which is $40,000 per year.

Also, he has formed a band Starbomb in coordination with Ninja Sex Party singer-songwriter Dan Avidan and instrumentalist Brian Wecht. They have released 2 albums so far: Starbomb (in December 2013) and Player Select (December 2014).

Endorsement, Instagram Earnings & Charity

Arin Hanson has not disclosed his endorsement details and earnings but is estimated to make a huge sum from sponsorships. Also, his Instagram account with over 557K followers has the potential of making around $1,663 – $2,772 per sponsored post.

Well, he has over 1.05 million followers on Twitter.

Besides his professional career, Hanson is also active in charity and philanthropy works. Well, his web series Game Grumps has been raising funds for the charitable cause through Twitch live streams.

In 2015, it raised the donation of $70,000 which rose up to $155,000 by 2016.

Also, he has marathoned charity streams in the past to help support the Healing Horse Therapy Center, a non-profit organization founded by his mother Maurette.

Assets, Lifestyle & Expenses

Currently, Arin Hanson lives in his house in Glendale, California with his wife Suzzy. The purchase detail of his house is not disclosed but is estimated to be worth hundreds of thousand dollars

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The median house vale in Glendale is $850,500 which comes up with the additional house insurance premium of $1,100 per year.

Surely, owning to the net worth of million dollars, Hanson lives a lavish lifestyle and owns an impressive property empire including luxurious cars.

The American Internet personality seems fond of travels and luxury, and does have huge expenses. The list of his expenditure mainly includes costly clothes, accommodations, and tax payments.

Tax Expenses

Like all other residents in the United States, Hanson also has to follow tax policies: property tax and income tax.

His house in Glendale, CA, seeks around 0.793% of the asset’s assessed value as property tax while the yearly income of $100,000 snatches away $19,650 as income tax including 8.74% Federal tax, 7.65% FICA and 3.26% State tax.

Arin Hanson’s Personal Details: Age, Family, Education, Height, & Wife

Born on January 6, 1987, in Margate, Florida, the United States, Arin Hanson’s birth name is Arin Joseph Hanson, but is famous for his pseudonym Egoraptor. He holds American nationality and is of white ethnicity.

His father Lloyd Hanson is a musician while mother Maurette Hanson founded Healing Horse Therapy Center, a non-profit organization. He grew up alongside elder brother Nate Hanson, who has served in the Air Force and was deployed in Iraq.

Sources report that Hanson attended Wellington High School for 2 years, however, didn’t complete his schooling. Rather he moved to Los Angeles to pursue his career in acting and animation.

As of May 2019, Arin Hanson’s age is 32 and has a height of 6 ft. 2 inches (188 cm).

Married Life & Wife

Well, Arin Hanson is a happily married man and enjoys blissful married life with his now-wife Suzy Berhow, a model, and fellow YouTuber. Reportedly, the couple met at a convention and started dating in 2002.

After years of their relationship, Hanson and Berhow engaged in 2011 and later married on October 25, 2013. The wedding ceremony took place at the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County.

Since their marriage, the duo is living as an idol husband-wife without any mishaps of divorce. However, they are yet to share children of their own.