Angelique Kenney, a multi-talented artist who is an actress, model, surfer as well as a poly athlete. Famous with the nickname Killshot, Kenney transition from surfer to acting blessed with wide fame; she appeared in TV shows such as Shooter, The Twin, Twin Peaks, Baywatch among others, recording over 40 acting credits.

Even though, the France-born took acting hiatus, she currently works as fitness model and appears for magazines covers as well as a cosplay model.

According to online sources, Angelique has a net worth of $1.5 million as of early 2020.

Was Initially A Teen Surfer

Raised in France, Angelique used to surfed in her hometown beach & later, her surfing prominence gained her attention of Casio-Baby G, a surfboard company & cast her in commercials by the age of 13.

Thereafter, she became a few face of the teenage professional surfers, following her move to Honolulu, Hawaii.

Car Accident Changed Her Life: Opened Doors To Modeling & Acting

Angelique Kenny’s career took a big turn after she had a serious car accident in 2012; however, she didn’t lose hope and started working on body rehabilitation- focusing on all-natural fitness.

The gluten, dairy & grain free athlete later became a fitness coach & made career comeback after winning Miss Carlsbad USA 2016.

Angelique Kenny Has $1.5 million fortune

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Soon after, Kenny became a focus of Hollywood directors & producers that showers her offers in many TV series.

Acting Credits: Any Career Update?

With over 5 years in the acting industry, Kenny already records over 40 acting credits & is working on her upcoming projects.

She made her first TV appearance in 2015 with her role in a short video, Smoking Hot Vixens as a model.

With roles as an FBI agent in the TV series Shooter (2016), Twin Peaks (2016) and in the films Traded (2016) and The Twin (2017), the actress got career breakthrough with the comedy-film Baywatch (2017)

The 2017 movie featuring Alexandra Daddario, Dwayne Johnson, and Zac Efron made $177.9 million upon the budget of $65- $69 million.

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Some of her other notable movies and TV series work include You Can Count on Me,  Kingdom, Major Crimes, Lethal Weapon, The Twin, Anatomy of an Antihero 2, Unbelievable!!!!!, Anatomy of An Antihero 4 Redemption.

Upcoming Projects

  • A Mini Movie (completed)
  • Mr. Blue Shirt: The Inspiration (post-production)
  • Pole Magic (TV Series) (post-production)
  • Conspiracy Child (pre-production)

Apart from her aforementioned career, she has also tried her hands in writing, producing, and directing.

How Did She Overcame Life-Threatening Accident?

In 2012, Angelique Kenney went through a life-Threatening car accident but luckily she survived. The accident left her severely injured which also led her fans to think that her career is over.

However, Angelique didn’t give up and went through several therapy sessions.

Angelique Kenney faced life-threatening accident 

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After four years of the incident, she came back in her career with more dedication and determination. She participated in several fitness competitions and got recognization as all-natural fitness competitor & champion.

Personal Life: What Is Relationship Status Of Angelique Kenney?

Angelique Kenney is single at the moment and seems to be focused on her career. But previously she was married. However, the details on marriage is still unknown to the public.

As per some sources, her husband divorced her following her accident.